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Publication numberUS169099 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 26, 1875
Filing dateJul 27, 1875
Publication numberUS 169099 A, US 169099A, US-A-169099, US169099 A, US169099A
InventorsAsahel J. Goodwin
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Improvement in invalid-bedsteads
US 169099 A
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. ZShB G tS ShBGIZ; J. GDUDWIN. lnyalid-Beds tead.

Patented Oct. 26,1875



Specification forming part of Letters'Patent No. 169,099, dated October 26, 1875; application filed July 27, 1875.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, ASAHEL J. GOODWIN, of Brookline, of the county of Norfolk and State of Massachusetts, have invented anew and useful Improvement in Bedsteads; and do hereby declare the same to be fully described in the following specification and represented in the accompanying drawings, of which- Figure 1 is a top view, Fig. 2 a bottom view, Fig. 3 a longitudinal section, and Fig. 4 a transverse section, of a bedstead provided with my invention. Fig. 5 is a top view, and Fig. 6 a transverse section, of one of the series of mattress-sopporting slats.

In carrying out myinvention I combine with the bedstead a frame movable horizontally and laterally out of it, like a drawer in its case, such frame being to support a mattress or bed separate from another like it sustained directly by the bedstead.

In the drawings, A denotes a bedstead, and B the frame arranged therein to slide lateraliy out and in relatively to the bedstead. This frame, at or near its middle, is provided with a rail, 0, extending longitudinally across it, and there is also to the bedstead another such rail, D, placed at or near its middle. The rail G, with the outer rail a of the frame B, is to support ,a series of slats, b b M), extending from one to the other, and for sustaining a mattress or bed. The rail D and the rail d of the bedstead are also for sustaining another such series of slats, which, in turn, are to support another such mattress or bed. Furthermore, there are applied to the bedstead A and the movable'frame B two sets of toggles, E E, connected to a lever, F, by pitmen G G, the lever being pivoted. to the bedstead, and all being arranged as represented.

By means of such lever, toggles, and their connections the'frame B may be moved outward, in order to increase the distance between the two beds, or inward to bring them into, or nearly into, contact, so that, when their separate bed-clothes may be covered by a single spread or coverlet, the whole may have the appearance of a single bed.

The improvement is designed to enable two persons to sleep on separate beds in one bedstead, each bed having its own bed-clothing distinct from that of the other, the sanitary and other advantages of which will be easily understood.

Furthermore, there projects from the bedstead below the level of the rail 0, and in other respects as shown, a short arm or bracket, G, upon 'which and the rail 0 is placed a movable perforated seat, H, for supporting a chamher-pot or bed-vessel. The two rails O D are provided on theirinner sides with ledges d d, upon which the seat may be run or pushed toward the middle of the bedstead, in order that a pot or bed-vessel, when in the seat, may be used by a sick person lying diagonally or transversely-across the two beds. There is also pivoted to the bedstead, between its rails D d, an adjustable back rest or frame. L, whose medial cross-bar rests on the periphery of a notched cam, I, fixed to a shaft, K, a side view of said cam being given in Fig. 7. By means of the cam the frame L-may be raised to any desirable inclination, such frame having its sidebars e 6 provided with notches ff, to receive some of the slats that support the mattress or bed. With the frame L and its cam and shaft a person may have that portion of the bed which may be-beneath his back elevated to an inclined position. The outer rail of the frame B may be beveled, as shown at g, the next contiguous end of each slat b being correspondingly beveled, as shown at h. This enables the slats to move endwise a little should the bedclothes of the two beds be forced into such close contact as to prevent the frame B from being run completely into place in the bedstead.

l have contemplated providing the bedstead with two frames to draw out in oppositedirections therefrom and supportseparate beds.

By having the frame B movable, as described, the two bed-foundations may be separated, so as to enable a person to get in between them to properly make up or prepare the bed-clothing, or for any other purpose. To facilitate such the foot-board of the bedstead may be applied so as to be removed from the rest of the bedstead, or turned down or laterally.

A bedstead with appliances as above described is admirably calculated for an invalid, as it will admit of his being moved from one to the other of the beds, or using the bed v ssel or of taking areclinin position, as cirm, 'i F 1. The combinzi tion of the slide-frame or bed- 3 supporter B with the bedstead A, provided with'means of supporting an additional bed,

as stated. 1 1 i 9 2. The combination of the toggles E E E E, lever F, and their connections G G with the bedstead A and the slide-frame" B; all being applied as set forth. V

3. The combination of the arm G with the bedstea slide-frame 2B, and their reds use with theslats, beveled ettheir outer ends,

fied. t J. GOODWIH. Witnesses: 9 R. H. EDDY,


hithe bedstead A, the armlG,audthe movable traimeli. I 1 i t 5. The frame B,beve1ed as shown at g, for

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