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Publication numberUS1691213 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 13, 1928
Filing dateFeb 14, 1927
Priority dateFeb 14, 1927
Publication numberUS 1691213 A, US 1691213A, US-A-1691213, US1691213 A, US1691213A
InventorsSmith George W
Original AssigneeSmith George W
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Telephone support
US 1691213 A
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Nov. 13, 1928. 1,691,213 G. W. SMITH TELEPHONE SUPPORT Filed Feb. 14, 192'! 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 2 jwam Nov. 13, 1928.

G. W. SMITH TELEPHONE SUPPORT Fi1e Feb. 14, 1927 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 rATENT- oFFIc GEORGE w.,s1urrir, or onrcaoo, ILLINOIS.

' TELEPHONE sorron'r.

Application filed February 14, 1927. Serial No.168 020 This invention'relates to improvements in telephone supports and its prime ob ect is to provide a device of this class that is simple in construction, ellicient and durable in use and cheap to manufacture;

IVith the foregoing and other objects inview the invention consists in the combination and arrangement of parts to be hereinafter fully described, particularly pointed out in the claim' and illustrated in the drawing which forms a part of this application and in which 1 is a top plan view of the support attached to a table or flat top desk.

Fig. 2 is a view of Fig. 1 in side elevation,

the dotted lines denoting the telephone instrument.

Fig. 3 is a rear View of Fig. 2.

Fig. lis a top plan view of a slightly modified form of the telephone support;

Fig. 5 is a View of Fig. i in side elevation.

Fig. 6 is a rear view of 7 Like reference characters denote correspondingparts throughout the several views.

The telephone instrument as now provided in oflices, homes, public places etc. etc. is subjected to considerable abuse. It usually stands unsecured upon small tables, shelves, desks and similar supporting mediums and being frequently moved about in use and of ten, after use, being placed too near the edge of the support it is liable, and frequently does, fall to the floor with the result that it may be damaged. It is the purpose of the present invention to remedy this condition and to provide means for supporting the telephone securely in position where it may be handy to those having use for it and out of the way when not in use.

This telephone support is preferably of one-piece formation thereby enabling it to be manufactured economically. It aifordsa firm supporting medium for the telephone instrument. Its base or upturned flange may serve as an advertising medium, the advertising matter being printed or stamped thereon or labels carrying the advertisement may be ap plied thereto.

. The telephone support comprises a base 1 which may be substantially round in shape, or it may be somewhat oblong with one projecting rounded edge 2, toreceive the base of the telephone instrument. If desired this base may be provided upon its under side with a soft pad of felt 3, or like material, to prevent it from marring the surface to which it may be secured. To facilitate the securingof the base to the table top, desk or other surface 1 the base is formed with two spaced marginal downwardly extending prongs 4 adapt ed to receive the screws 5 that fasten it direct to its supportand between said prongs with the upstanding flange or stop lug 6 and 90 degrees removed from said lug the base is formed with the opposed marginal inwardly curved tongues or clips 7, the base being formed preferably opposite each tongue 7 with a small round perforation 8 to receive a small screw to further secure it to the supporting surface. This latter means of fastening thebase to itssupport is seldom resorted to unless the nature of the support is such as to make such auxiliary fastening nieans desirable. The foregoing description has been. in main, directed to the form of device shown in Figs. 1 to 3 inclusive.

p In Figs. 4; to 6 inclusive a slightly modified form of the invention is shown. The oblong base 1 is formed along its edge opposite the lip 2 with an upstanding flange 9 disposed at right angles to the base and from the base and flange the downwardly extending tongue slightly therefrom and contiguous to the lip 2 the upwardly extending inwardly curved marginal tongues 13 are formed. This type of support may be applied to the end of a roll top desk, the flange and tongue 9, 10 being secured to one end of the desk withthe wings 12 bracing against this end, orthe tips of the wings may rest upon that portion of the table of the desk that projects beyond the sides; or the support may be secured to a par tition rail in an ofiice or to any upright support 1*" as shown.

In placing the telephone instrument upon the support the base of the transmitter is disposed upon the base 1 and moved into contact with the flange 9 or stop lug 6. At this time thetongues 7 or 13 will engage with the base of the instrument. The height of the top edge of the flange 9 above the base is such that it will not contact with the telephone receiver when it is in position upon the telephonehook.

What is claimed is In a one-piece support for telephone instru- 5 upon the base opposite said edge and disposed at rightangles thereto, downturned parallel prongs formed laterally of said base and contiguous to said flange, a tongue struck from said base and flange jointly and in the 10 common direction of said prongs and disposed between the same and at right, angles to said base, and oppositely disposed twin curved tongues extending upwardly from said base contiguous to said rounded edge, all of the before-mentionedelements being permanently fixed with relation to each other,

substantially as and for the purpose set forth.

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U.S. Classification248/310, 211/90.1, D07/396.6, 24/457, 24/561
International ClassificationH04M1/11
Cooperative ClassificationH04M1/11
European ClassificationH04M1/11