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Publication numberUS1691359 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 13, 1928
Filing dateJul 25, 1927
Publication numberUS 1691359 A, US 1691359A, US-A-1691359, US1691359 A, US1691359A
InventorsWilliam E. Ptjlkinghoen
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of los angeles
US 1691359 A
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Nov. A13, 1928. 1,691,359

W. R. PULKINGHORN SANITARY DEVICE Fi1ed July g5, 1927 .n. 'Ag

N v 9519 @w99 90 4 o ooooofaumaw 1343250000,

Patented Nov. 13, 1928.



Application filed July 25,

' This invention relates more particularly toa device designed tobe connected in the flushing lines of toilet fixtures for chemicalizing the Water iioiving therethrough.

It is an important object vof my invention to provide a simple device that may be readily mounted in the Vfluid flushing lines of toilet fixtures to chemicalize the flushing Water, whereby to effectually destroy or neutralizel noxious odors ising from their use.

A further object is to provide a toilet sanitation device that will hold a relatively large quantity of a disinfecting chemical and arrangedl to deliver the `proper amount of disinfecting solution at each flushing operation. v

A still further object is to provide'a 'device that will not only chemicalize the flushing Water as used but impart a pleasant odor to the'same.

The above'and other. objects are accomplished byV means of the device'described herein and'illustrated infthe accompanying drawings, in Which; I Y f Fig. 1 is an elevation. of the device connected in the flushing lines 4of toilets.

Fig. 2 is an enlarged central vertical section through the device. y

It has heretofore been the usual practice in deodorizing and disinfecting toilet fixtures, to feed the disinfectants from containers to the toilet hoppers, urinals and the like in small minute quantities, a container .for each fixture. This method of deodorizing and disinfecting has proved ineffective at times due to faulty apparatus, and also eX- pensive as a larger amount of chemicals are required for the purpose than is necessary to effect the desired result.

In the device herein described a large number of toilet fixtures may be supplied from a single device in an extremely eilicient and economical manner as the flushing Water is chemicalized only during a flushing operation, thus economizing in the use of disinfectants. Further, as a deodorant is employed in connection With the device there will be no necessity of' employing a separate deodorant as is now generally the case.

Referringnow more particularly to the drawings Which illustrate one embodiment of the invention, 5 designates the device as 1927'.` serial No. 208,227.

a Whole consisting ofja cylindrical lchemical holderz. closed at its lower end and proif vided With a closure member 7 for its open upper end. This closure member has an inletopening 8 and a discharge outletl opening 9, both openings being connected. to the toilet flush line pipes 10 and 11.` v

`The chemical holder 6 is provided on its lower end With a nut 12 formed integrally therewith, andv its upper endfis eXteriora-lly threaded for engaging the circular flange 13 ofthe closure member When the device is in assembled condition. Preferably the holder is formed large enough'to receive a pound size chemical cartridge 14, as such quantity of ldisinfecting chemical will serve ak large number of fixtures for approximately sixty days Without. the necessity of renewal.

The top Wall 15 of the closure member is provided With a fluid passageway 16 Whose ends terminate in the inlet and outlet opens ings, and'just belowthe top wall-15 are f formed tivo minute. oppositely disposed openings 17, 18- in alinement with the inlet- 4and outlet openings that communicate with the interior of the chemical holder. By means of these openings the Water owing through fluid passagewaywill induce a flow4 through the upper portion of the chemical container into the fluid passing through the flush line pipes. As the openings 17 and 18 are very small it Will be apparent that the induced flow through the chemical container willl carry only a suflicient quant-ity of the chemicalized solution to impregnate the volume of Water used in a flushing operation.

In tests which I have made I have found that permangate of potassium is one of the best disinfectants, and as it is inexpensive the cost of operation of the device will be comparatively low. It will be understood that other disinfectants that are soluble in an exteriorly threaded annular flange 21 formed on the underface of the closure top wall 15, the flange being 'centrally disposed with respect vto the container therebelow. The wall 15 of the closure is provided with a central opening Q2`iii which is mounteda wicking Q3, the lower end being disposed in the liquid of the well 20 while its upper end projects into the fluid passageway of the closure member. F rom the above it will be apparent that the wick 23 will carry a small amount of liquid deodorant by capillaryattraction into the water flow in an amount sufficient to correct any unpleasant odor that might arise Vfrom the use of a disinfectant.

' 'The sanitary ldevice may be connected in the flushinglines that supply a large number of toilets, such as are found in hotels, apartment houses, or office buildings, vand it may be also successfully and economically employed in connection with single toilets withl equally satisfactory results.

In order that the chemical cartridge lll may be replaced by a fresh one'when it becomes exhausted, globe valves 25 and Y26 are mounted in the main flush line, a valve adjacent each inlet and outlet openings to control the flow of water therethrough, and in order to prevent the disinfectant solutiony from co-mingling with the fluid in the flush line before it enters the device especially when the toilets are out of operation, a check valve'Q? is disposed inthe flush line between the fluid -inlet and globe valve 25.

From the above it will be clear lthat I have provided an extremely simple device that may be advantageously' and economically oassavewa formed employed to disinfect toilet fixtures and cor-V passage, whereby the water flowing through Y the passage will be chemicalized.

2. A sanitary device for toilet fixtures' comprising a container for chemicals, a

closure for the Vupper end of said container having a fluid passage adapted for connection in a fluid supply line, said closure hav w ing yinlet and outlet openings communicat- 1 ing with the fluid passage, and a container for holding a deodorant connected to said closure, said container having an' opening communicating with the fluid passage. Y

3. A sanitary device for toilet fixtures comprising a chemical holder, a closure cap for said holder having a transversely disposed fluid passageway of uniform diameter formed thereabove, said passageway adapted to be connected to a fluid pressure line, said closure having relatively small fluid inlet and outlet openings leading to and vfrom said holder,said openings being disposed substantially in line with the fluid above said whereby a fluid flow will be .induced through the chemical holderto impregnate the Vfluid passing through' the fluid pressure line. l

In testimony whereof I affix my signature.



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