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Publication numberUS1691467 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 13, 1928
Filing dateJan 6, 1927
Priority dateJan 6, 1927
Publication numberUS 1691467 A, US 1691467A, US-A-1691467, US1691467 A, US1691467A
InventorsCarver George W
Original AssigneeCarver George W
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Package handle
US 1691467 A
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N03). 13, 1928. 1,691,467 G. W. CARVER PACKAGE HANDLE Filed Jan. 1927 INVENTOR Nov. 13, 1928.



Application filedJanuary 6, 1827. Serial No. 159,495

The, invention relates in general to detachable handles of the character which includes wire book ends designed to be so cured quickly to thebinding cord of parcels so that they may be conveniently carried from place to place.

Such handles heretofore; constructed have usually been made of wood or metal generally of cylindrical form and in either case requiring a certain amount of machining, and a material amount of labor in constructing the same all of which has rendered such articles too expensive to meet 1 resent market demands for an extremely cheap article.

The primary object of the invention is to provide a simple form of package carrier which will have all the advantages in so far as rigidity and lightness of weight is concerned, as characterizes present forms of such devices and at the same time to provide a cheaper construction thanv is known at present and which would not necessitate any material amount of machining or labor in its construction.

Broadly the invention contemplates the forming of the handle of scrap pieces of cardboard or other sheet material which need not necessarily have therequisite degree of rigidity and designing the usual hook end wire to function as arcinforcement to-the handle and coact therewith to provide the requisite rigidity in addition to its usual function of providing hook ends.

Another object of the invention is toprovide a form of package carrier'the sides of the handle portion of which can be designed so as to have advertising or other matter printed thereon prior to bending the handle forming material to shape.

Various other objects and advantages 0 the invention will be in part obvious from an inspection of the accompanying drawings and in part will be more fully set forthin the following particular description of one form of device embodying the invention. and the invention also consists in certain new and novel features of construction and combination of parts hereinafter set forth and claimed.

In the accompanying drawing:

Fig. 1 is a perspective view showing a preferred embodiment of the invention;

Fig. 2 is a vertical sectional View taken axially and longitudinally through thesh0wing in Fig. l and taken on the line 22 of Fig.3;

F ig. 3 is a view in end elevation of the structure shown in Figs. 1 and 2 looking at the same from the plane indicated by the line 3-3 of Fig. 2; and

Fig. 4 is aperspective view of the end portion of a modified form of holder.

In the form of the invention shown in Figs. 13, there is disclosed a handle portion 10 through which extends a single length of wire 11 terminating in hook ends 12 and in general resembling conventional forms of su h structures. The handle portion 10 is formed from a rectangular blank, or strip comprising one or more layers of cardboard preferably of the corrugated typeshown in Fig. 3. This corrugated cardboard form of handle is cut from scraps of cardboard which at present can be purchased cheaply from box factories and other plants using this type of cardboard. This scrap material comes flat and has both sides defined by paper surfaces 13 and 14 which are sufli ciently smooth to form an easily retained grip when shaped into the form of the handle.

It is proposed to use one or both upstand ing sides of the handle to accommodate advertising matter and this printed matter can be most conx' eniently added to the handle while in the fiat blank form and before it is formed into the handle. The advertisements may be printed dire'ctlythereon as shown-at 15 in Fig. 4 or may be on paper label 16 as shown in Fig. 1 and the label secured as by gluing to the cardboard blank. It is thus easy to print any desired charac ter on the handle blank. It would be almost impossible to print too sides of the handle after is formed especially where the sides are curved as indicated at 17, i

In this case the element which gives rigidity and strength to the structure considered asa whole is the wire 11.; The portion contained within the handle is designed for this purpose and provided with a plurality of corrugations l8'disposed with the hook ends 12- in a vertical plane so as to give maximum strength in the plane of pull on the handle caused by the weighted package which it supports. The blank strip of cardboard is simply wrapped about the corruga d ntermediate p rtion f h Wi e and the upper ends 19-20 pressed together to include the upper turns 21 of the corrugations therebetweon. The parts are permanently fastened in position, preferably by glue.

In the showing in Fig. 4 the handle 22 1s intended to represent a material other than the corrugated paper featured in'the preceding figures, and may be considered as formed of wood, or preferably a composition, the rigidity of which is enhanced by the presence therein of the corrugated wire shown in dotted outline. The wire insert may be embedded in the composition and the handle moulded about the wire, or, in the case of a preformec. handle, the wire may be inserted in a slot 3 and secured either by the resiliency of the material or in any other conventional manner.

In either case, the wire reinforcement coacts with the covering forming the handle grip to provide a rigid structure capable of withstanding the distorting strains to which such articles are subjected while in use.

In place of the glue fastening as recited for the torn shown in Fig. 2, wire staples 24 may be used to secure the ends l9-2O either with or without the gluing. In the form shown in Fig. l it is suggested that a pin or tack 25 may be used to secure the sides on opposite sides of the slot23. In both cases the fasteners 24 or 25 function to prevent accidental displacement ot the wire 18 and preferably extend between a pair of adjacent bends 26 of the wire. It i: particularly true of the hand when formed by cardboard illustated that the structure is light in weight, is cool to the hand and is designed to lit the hand comfortably without necessity of anymore shaping opera tions than simply bending the blank about the wire and pressing the free ends together.

While I have shown and described, and have pointed out in the annexed claims, certain novel features of my invention, it will be understood that various omissions, substitutions and changes in the form and details intern'iediate body portion posi of the device illustrated and in its operation may be made by those skilled in the art withoutdeparting' from the spirit of the invention.

Having thus described my invention, 1 claim: I

-1. A package carrier con'iprisinga handle portion of sheet material, having a wire provided with hooked ends and an ned within the outlines of the handle pornon, said-intermediate portion of I the wire including laterally extending parts constituting a relatively wide wirereinforcement for the handle and coasting therewith to provide a relatively rigid package carrier.

2A. package carri comprising a paper handle portion havii'ig greaterdepth than width and having a smooth rounded underone-piece side, and a vertically disposed metallic re-' inl orcement within the paper handle, said reinforcement provided exteriorly ot the handle with hooks.

3. A. package carrier comprising a cardboard handle portion and a wire reinforcement positioned within the cardboard portion and disposed in a vertical plane, opposite ends of the wire projecting beyond the A package carrier comprising a handleportion having a rounded bottom and upstanding sides, a single length of wire eX- tending longitudinally of the handle portion, projecting beyond opposite ends and with its projecting ends forming hooks, the portion 01 the Wire within the outlines of the handle portion formed into a plurality of corrugations disposed in a vertical plane.

7. A package'carrier including a wire having its, ends bent into hook form, a stripof corrugated cardboard encircling the portion 01'' the wire between the hook ends with the corrugations extending lengthwise of the encircled portion-of the Wire, said cardboard having its outer side smooth and providing a handle having a rounded underside and ne'ans for securing'together opposite endsot'the cardboard strip. i

8. A package. carrier including a wire having its ends bent into hook form, a strip of corrugated cardboard encircling the portion of the wire between the hook ends and providing a handle having a rounded underside, and the upper edges of the cardboard strip glued together, i

9. A package carrier comprising a wire 7 Y 1 1 r uaving hooked ends, a hand grip lormed or,

and fastening means engaging the gripbetween ad 'ent corrugations.

vl'ligned New York in the county of New 7- V v i' i orl: agdbtate or New York this f fteenth day or December, A51); 1926. 1

- enonen" W. canvas.

positioned within the it). A package carrier comprising a. corrugated Wlle, a hand grip enclosing said wire

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