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Publication numberUS1691864 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 13, 1928
Filing dateSep 4, 1926
Priority dateSep 4, 1926
Publication numberUS 1691864 A, US 1691864A, US-A-1691864, US1691864 A, US1691864A
InventorsCarl Wicke
Original AssigneeCarl Wicke
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Radio aerial support
US 1691864 A
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Nov. 13, 1928.

a CLWICKE Filed Sept. 4, 1926 Patented Nov. 13, 1928. l

carin wrcnn, or newl Yoan, 1v. Y..

r ri c J nani()v Annina' 'aparcar'. e

Application led September This invention relates to Vsupporting vderices, and has particular reference tov an improved device for supporting the aerial or antenna Vof a radio receiving set ona ChimL ney or any othersuitabl'e element 'on the roof of a dwelling.

It has been iound thatlradio aerialsorV antennae are en p ported by makeshift vdevices which are usually independently constructedl by the users, and it isan olojectof the present invention to provide a neat, attractive,

and secure supporting means for this purpose. ,Y f x The* invention further comprehends an aerial supportl including a mast and a holder therefor whichv is particularly adapt-ed for lttachment toa chimney,`whi"ch holder is readily adjustable to chimneysof various sizes and which serves to securely 'support the. mast against accidental displacement.

The invention furthermorel aims to ,provide a radio aerial support'which 1s comparatively simple in r`its construction, inexpensive to manufacture and produce, and

which is highlyV eicient. in its purpose. With the above' recited and other objects in View, ,referencei's had to the" following` specification and A,-accompanying drawings in which there is exhibited one example or enrbodiment of the invention which is in no way intended as a limitation upon the-scope of' the appended claims as it is to be clearly understood that variations and modifications which properly fall within the scope of said claims may be resorted to when found eX- nedient. Y

In the drawings- A Figure 1 is a perspective view illustrating` the mast and holder in applied position to a chimney; Y

Fig. 2 is a horizontal sectional view;

Fig. 3 is an enlarged detail sectional view taken approximately on the line indicated at 3 3 in Fig. 2;

Fig. 4 is a fragmentary perspective view of one of the sections of the holder.

Referring to the drawings by 'characters of reference, 1 0 designates the mastwhich is preferably composed of a plurality of pipe sections detachably connected together an-d adapted to be separated to facilitate transportation thereof. The mast holder in which the mast is adapted to be stepped includes ak pair of strips or sections of strap metal 11 and 12, the outer ends of which are bent or` otherwise formed with right-angularly ldise. ieee. serial nojiaatesf posed substantially parallel laterally or rear? wardly projectingte'rminals 13 and lll, the `latter having an inwardly directed station ary anchoring spur-15 and the former having.- an vinwardly directed axially adjustable anchoring vspur 16 which bein the nature of va threaded; shank 17 threaded through the terminall and'provided with a manipulating head 18. The inner endsvofl the sections 11 and 12 are disposed infoverlapping relation and one of said inner ends isprovided with one or more pins 19 iwhi le the other 'end is formed .with a longitudinally space-d'series 'of keeper -openiligs 20, within whichl the pin kor pins 19 are -selectively engageable to obtain. relative longitudinal ad. just-mentsoffthe sections'lland 12 for increasing .or'decreasing their spacing ofthe provided with an aperture 23-of .a size to snugly, receive the mast 10. rlv`he' lapert1n'e is so arranged that its inner edge is disposedV flush with the outer surface of the outer sec- Y tion so that when the mast is in place within the holder, the same functions to prevent relative lateral separation of the overlapping portions 11 and 12 and consequent displacement ofthepins 19 from the keeper openings 20.

Under this construction andarrangement, it is obvious that a holder for a radio aerial supporting mast 10 has been devised, which rigidly and securely supports the mast from a chimney or other similar element. In p-ractice, it is preferable to employ 'alpairfof holders to afford a two-point support for the mast, the lower end of which is designed to rest directly upon the roof of the building. As shown, the spurs 15 and 16 of the terminals 14 and 13 are so spaced as to be'V disposed in aline-ment with the mortar betweenthe bricks of the chimney where a positive anchoring purchase maybe obtained. After the sections 11 and 12 have been relatively adjustedv to approximately the width ,of the chimney, the stationary spur 15 is engaged be- 1 action.

ktween the bricks and the adjustable spur .16 properly manipulated to set up a clamping The mast l0 is then stepped or engagedin the apertures 23 of the'ears 212 which positively and securely locks the sections ot the holders-against displacement while rigidiy supporting the mast in place. It will thus be seen Vthat a simple, inexpensivey and `efi'- cient vmeans has been devised for supporting y Ytion having a pair of outwardly projecting .t ears between which the outermost overlappingportion is positioned/. one f vsaid ears terminating flush. with the outer-'surface of .the outermost'overlapping portion, the other of sai d` earsextending therebeyond `and hav-V ing an aperture in which the mast'is adapted to snugly fit, the inner edge of the aperture being disposed inalinement withV the outer v surface'of 'the outermost overlapping portion,

one of said overlapping portions being provided with a series. of longitudinally spaced keeper openings and the other -of said over-` lappingportions having a pin adapted to-se-V lectivelyl engage one of the keeper openings for effecting relative adjustment of the strap sections and their terminals, the mast when positioned in the'apertured ear serving to re- Y tain the pin in the selected keeper opening.

2. A radio aerial mast support, including a pair of sections each Ahaving v a rearwardly extending angular-ly disposed arm at the outer end and having the inner ends overlapped, Y

the inner terminal ofthe innermost overother overlapped end is positioned, the said upper ear havlng an aperture snugly'receivj ing the mast, and interengaging means on the' overlapped ends of the sections engageableby relative movement of the sections towardeach other into parallel contact for retaining the sameagainst longitudinal or vertical--move ment,the said mastfserving whenY positioned in the apertured ear to prevent lateral relative separation of they overlapped ends of the sections `whereby yto vretain the kconnecting means in interengage'd relation. 'r

3. A radio aerial mast support includinga pair of reversely arranged substantially L- shaped sections presenting longitudinalY parallel arms overlapped at the innerVA ends and right-angularly disposed terminals at the'outer ends of'said arms projecting in the 'same direction for clampingly engaginga support, interengageable means on theA overlapped in" ner ends engageable by relativemove'ment o said ends toward each other into parallel conitact, and means on the innermost section pro'- j ecting outwardlyfrom the Ysu'pport'when thel device is engaged therewith `ttor-receiving the mast whereby the mastretains the overlapped ends ofsaid sections against relativeseparationf'andholds the interengaging means in a* locked condition.

"lapped end having upper 'and lower outwardly projecting ears between which the oAnLwICKn" i

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