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Publication numberUS1691872 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 13, 1928
Filing dateJan 7, 1928
Priority dateJan 7, 1928
Publication numberUS 1691872 A, US 1691872A, US-A-1691872, US1691872 A, US1691872A
InventorsSims Abraham Melvin
Original AssigneeSims Abraham Melvin
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Hand bag and similar article of luggage
US 1691872 A
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New., g

A. M. SIMS HANDBAG AND ,SIMILAR ARTICLE` oF `LUGGAGE Filed Jan, 7, 1928' VENT l JWM: y OR www . Patented Nov. 13, 19.2.8.

UNITEDl STATES i 1,691,872 [huisnr OFFICE.



Application led January 7, 1928. Serial No. 245,660.

This invention relates to improvements in handbags and similar articles-of luggage and more particularly inthe detail of handbags known as handbag pullers.

A particular object of the) invention is Ito.

provide a handbag Idevice or puller which can be u sed inthe same fashion as the handbag pullers now in use, but which will at the same time provide a convenient receptacle for change or currency.

Aiurther object of the invention is the A provision of a device on the outside of a bag puller partly in 'dotted lines showing the` coins placed'therein.

Fig. 4 is a side elevation partly in dotted lines showing a coin being removed from the receptacle.'

Fig.l 5 is a cross sectional View along they line 5-5 of Fig. 3.

Fig. 6 is an end view of a handbag equipped l. with my improved device.

opening 17 `through which a series of coins Nearlyevery ladys hand bag is provided with a pullerlO attached to the bag by the hinge 18whichis used to openthe bag when the clasp has been unloosened. Such pullers .are generally made of pieces of leather or similar materials but maybe made of ornamental metal -or any other material desired.

In this particular instance I make my improvedv dev ice of thin sheet metal which inay be ornament-ed or covered withfany suitable fabric.

In Fig. 1 there is shown a view. of my improved handbag puller in normal posltion,

it being understo d that the operative parts l of the device, by ns of which coins can be -extracted therefrom, would be on the underside of the puller rather than exposed to view. -11 and 12 indicate the opposite edges of the maybe extracted as shown 'in Fig..4:

13 is a trigger pivoted at 16 having aspring 15 pivoted at 14.

- The coin in position be removed,

rests on the trigger 13 butl it should be noted that the edge-12 of the body of the puller is slightly higher than the upper edge of the trigger 13 so as tosecurely confine the coin C- 60' w1th1n the puller 'until pressure on the spring 15 is exerted. The coin is removed by a horizontal thrust toward the opening of the puller by wh1ch a downward pressure at .one edge of the trigger 13 is exerted and t-he coin re- 05 leased,`as clearly shown in Fig. 4.

Itis evident that the coins may be introduced into the device by operation similar to that by which they are removed.

In-this way, I have provided a practical 7o and easily accessible device on theexterior of a handbag and forming a part thereof which can be readily used for holding a number of the most necessary coins required in traveling.

Having fully describedmy invention, what I claim is: 1. vThe combination of a body of a handbag, a puller hinged to saidl body, said puller ,having a hollow body, a seriesof coins in said hollow body and means by which said coms maybe successively removed.

Q. A combination of a handbag body, a puller"hinged. thereto, said puller having a hollow body, an opening in said puller normally unexposed to view when the handbag .1s carrled and means by wh1ch a seriesv of colns may be abstracted from said puller.

`3. In combination, a handbagbody, ahand bag puller hinged thereto, said handY bag puller .being tubular in charactera seriesof coins located within said handbag puller and spring actuated'means by which each of said coins may be successively abstracted from said puller. J'

4. In combination, a handbag body, a 9 5l puller attached to said body, said puller hav- Aing a tubular body, an opening in said puller and spring actuated means attached wit-hin the said pnllerby which a series of coins are retained or may be abstracted from said puller.

5. In a handbag, a puller attached thereto,

said puller having a tubular body, an opening in. said body onthe side normally unexposed by which a series of coins may be in 105 troduced to or .extracted from said body, a trigger positioned in the bottom of said body C by which said'coins are normally held within said body and 'spring means by which said coins may .be released from said body. In testimony whereof I aixmye-si ature.


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U.S. Classification150/117, 453/39, 206/.81
International ClassificationA45C1/02
Cooperative ClassificationA45C1/04, A45C2001/105, A45C1/024
European ClassificationA45C1/02C