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Publication numberUS1692156 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 20, 1928
Filing dateMar 13, 1926
Priority dateMar 13, 1926
Publication numberUS 1692156 A, US 1692156A, US-A-1692156, US1692156 A, US1692156A
InventorsGeorge Carruthers
Original AssigneeGeorge Carruthers
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Cabinet for dispensing folded-paper sheets
US 1692156 A
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Nov. 20, 1928.

G. CARRUTHERS CABINET FOR DISPENSING FOLDED PAPER SHEETS Filed March 15, 1926 V In ventol'. Geo/ e Cafru/fiers.

Patented Nov. 20, 1928.



Application filed March 13, 1926. Serial No. 94,585

The objects of the invention are to provide a cabinet for dispensingfolded paper towels and similarly folded paper sheets-which will be very neat in appearance, may be very easily refilled and will not project an undesirable distance from the wall on which it is placed.

The principal features of the invention consists in the novel construction of the cabinet 1 with a pair of dispensing slots in the front 7 In the construction herein shown the bot tom 1 is formed of sheet metal with a downturned flange 2 around the edge.

The body of the cabinet is formed of a flat metal sheet 8 having the side panels 4 bent at right angles and thefront portions 5 bent at right angles to the sides, the bottom edges fitting snugly to the flange 2 of the bottom and being preferably welded thereto.

The vertical edges of the sheet 3 are bent outwardly to form the beads 6.

A flat metal sheet 7 having beaded vertical edges 8 is arrangedbetween the beaded edges 6 of the main body sheet 3 and the beads 8 and 6 are spaced apart to form the vertical slots 9 which are open at the top.

The sheet 7 is welded to the front flange 2 of the bottom 1 and it is rigidly supported inposition by a partition 10 extending vertically of the cabinet, said partition having flanged edges 11 at the back and front which are preferably spot welded to the back sheet 3 and front sheet 7.

The corners of the cabinet may be reinforced with sheet metal brackets 12 which are suitably secured,preferably by spot welding.

The cabinet thus constructed is very strong and rigid and it provides two compartments for holding the towels or other folded paper sheets which stand vertically therein and have their free edge projected through the verti cal slot. The slots being open at the top enable the very ready placing of the inter folded paper sheets as the free edge of the outer, sheet may he slipped into the slot and it will not be necessary to thread the sheet through the dispensing opening, as is the case in the cabinets at present in use.

A cover 13 formed from a metal sheet is secured to the back sheet 3 by hinges 14 and is provided with edge flanges 15 which overlap the top edges of the cabinet.

The paper sheets are heldtoward the front of the cabinet by the fiat sheet metal tongues 16 which are secured to the back sheet 3 by the hinges 17. The tongues are offset toward the back at their upper ends and V-shaped wire springs 18 secured to the back of the tongues engage the back sheet and hold the tongues in tension against the sheets. The offset ends 19 provide accommodation for the coil of the springs 18 between the tongue andth'e back sheet.

It'will be readily understood that a cabinet constructed as described may be made very cheaply and it will be very strong and will therefore give very efficient service.

What I claim as my invention-is 1. A cabinet having an open end and a pair of slots extending completely across the front wall and being open at the open end of the cabinet, and a partition dividing the interior of the cabinet and supporting the portion of the front wall arranged between the slots.

2. A cabinet, comprising a flanged sheet metal bottom, a single metal sheet bent to form the back, sides and portions of the front of'the cabinet and rigidly secured to said bottom, a metal sheet rigidly secured to said bottom between the ends of the aforesaid sheet and spaced therefrom to form two I spaced longitudinal slots open at the top, a partition rigidly connected centrally of the width of the central front sheet and secured to the back of the cabinet.

3. A cabinet, comprising a metal sheet bent to form the back, sides and part of the front and having beaded front edges, a bottom secured to said sheet, a sheet formed with head ed edges spaced between the beaded edges of the aforesaid sheet and forming slotsthe full 7 width of the cabinet, a partition supporting said central sheet, a cover hinged to the back of said cabinet and having downturned flanges bridging the upper ends of the slots formed by said spaced beads, said cover closing the open top of the cabinet, and means secured t0 the back adjacent the upper end of the cabinet for holding the paper sheets placed in the cabinet toward the-slotted front.

4. A cabinet for dispensing it'oided paper sheets having the front wall slotted longitudinally from end to end, a tongue hinged directly to the back wall at the upper edge thereof and having its upper end beveiled inwardly, and a spring secured to the back of said tongue and engaging the rear Wall of the cabinet.


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