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Publication numberUS1692394 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 20, 1928
Filing dateOct 29, 1925
Priority dateOct 29, 1925
Publication numberUS 1692394 A, US 1692394A, US-A-1692394, US1692394 A, US1692394A
InventorsSundh August
Original AssigneeSundh August
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Flash light
US 1692394 A
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Nov. 20, 1928. 1,692,394

A. SUNDH I FLASH LIGHT Filed Oct. 29, 1925 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 i 0 1 5 rmammz INVENTOR AT-IORNEY 5 Nov. 20, 1928. 1,692,394

7 A. SUNDH FLASH LIGHT I Filed Oct. 29, 1925 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 INVENTOR BY MW A'I T'ORNEYS';

dented Nov. 20, 1928.




Application filed October 29, 1925. Serial No 65,545.

My invention relates to an improvement.

in portableelectric devices known commercially as flashlights, and one of the objects thereof is theprovision of a device so constructed and arranged that the same may be conveniently employed for lighting various places which ordinarily are inaccessible, such as in and around and underneath various parts of machines. For example, the flashlight of the present'invention is well adapted for use in and around machinery i and other inaccessible places where atthe present time, with the usual flashlight, it is either necessary to insert a hand or arm into the machine, which is dangerous, of course, while in many instances it is impossibliz to throw a light on the desired object at a The device of the present invention is well adapted for uses such as above referred to, the same being provided with a self-supporting, self-sustaining extension conductor to which the light bulb is attached, this extension in turn being attached to the main part or enclosure of the flashlight, enabling the lamp to be extended for some distance and thereby permitting the light 'bulb to be inserted in any place desired. The extension is so constructed and arranged, as above noted, as to enable the same to support itself in any adjusted position. In other words, the device of the present invention is provided with an extension of such acharactor that the same may be withdrawn from the enclosure to any length desired, bent into any desired shape so as to throw the light upon a desired. object, and sustain it self in such adjusted position.

Another object of m invention is to provide a flashlight in which the parts are so constructed and so arranged 'as to enable the entire apparatus to be incorporated in a compact, commercially practicable unit, the extension above referred to being of such a character that when it is not desired to use the same, the extension may be drawn into the. enclosure forming a part of the flashlight, and then the light may be used in the usual way as an ordinary flashlight.

A still further object of my invention is the provision of a flashlight provided with an extension, the same being adapted and arranged to be wound upon a reel carried within the structure of the flashlight but operable from the exterior thereof, means being provided whereby this reel may be rotated to draw the extension into the enclosure of the flashlight, the extensionbeing drawn outwardly from the structure of the flashlight by hand. I

A still further object of my invention, is the provision of a flashlight in which a part of the contact mechanismfor controlling the circuit to the light bulb is carried by and moves with the reel above referred to, this contact mechanism being so located that the light will remain lighted during manipulation of the reel.

A still further object of the invention, as briefly indicated above, is to provide a flash-- light structure in which the extension therefor is so constructed as not only to be selfsustaining and self-supporting when in extended position, but sufliciently flexible and small enough in diameter to permit of the same to be readily reeled up within the enclosure of the flashlight without increasing the size, that is to say the diameter, of the reel beyond commercial size.

In the accompanying drawings I have illustrated one embodiment of my invention- Figure 1 showing my improved flashlight with the extension thereof in extended position;

Fig. 2 showing the structure of Fig. 1' with the casing or enclosure thereof in open position; 1

Fig. 3 being a section through the device of Fig. 1; i

Fig. 4 a part sectional view of the extension; and v Fig. 5 showing the construction of the ex tension in detai Referring to the drawin s in detail, 1

and 2 designate the two sections of the sectional enclosure or casing constituting a part of my improved flashlight. The section 1 of 'this casing is adapted to receive and to hold a battery 3, which supplies ower for operating the device. Mounted or movement ldn itudinally of the casing section 1 is a switc 1 4, operable by means of a button 5 from the exterior of the casing to close a circuit to the flashlight when the casing sec t'ions are in closed position.

Secured to the inside of the casing section 1 is a leaf contact 6, which is insulated from the body of thecasing by a, strip of insulation .7; This contact is adapted to be engaged constantly by one of the contacts 8 of the battery 3, and incidentally, the contact 6 also clamps the battery 3 against movement in the casing section.

Section 2 of the casing or enclosure for my improved flashlight is hinged to the section 1 and is adapted to be held inclosed position with respect to the section 1 by a catch 9. This section of the enclosure or casing is conveniently provided with a member 10, which is set into the wallof the easing 2 to provide a passageway irom the exterior of the casing to the inter1or thereof. This member 10 is substantially central erence to of the edge of the casing and is moreor less of the same shape as a bulbreceiving socket 11 with which my device is equipped, and which socket is adapted to receive a light bulb 12.- As will appear from'Fig. 2, the shape of the member 10 permits of the lamp 12 and light socket 11 being compactly nested when the extension hereinafter referred to is not in use.

As heretofore pointed out, one of the objects of my invention is the provision of a flashlight equipped with an extension whereby the light bulb may be extended with refthe casing of the flashlight, so far as the relative positions of the bulb and casing are concerned, to enable a light to be thrown in places which otherwise would be inaccessible. To this end, therefore, I attach to the socket 11 a flexible self-sustaining extension conductor designated 13. As previously pointed out, one of the novel features of this invention is the rovision of an extension such as just re erred to, which is not only flexible but which is so constructed and arranged that the same will remain in adjusted position at all times. In other words, this extension will-be flexible enough to enable the same to be reeled or unreeled and to permit the same to be bent in any desired shape, and .is suiiiciently rigid-to sustain its own weight and that of the light bulb which it carries, so that even if the extension be withdrawn to its full extent, it will remain in adjusted position.

The details of construction of this extension are shown in Figs. 4 and 5.- Referring to these figures of the drawing, it will be seen that the-extension comprises a plurality of small conductors 14, wire about 3/64: of an inch in diameter, for instance, twisted together, this wire being tempered so that it will remain in any shape to which it may be bent, the three wires beingtwisted together in a long pitched spiral, which in practice l have found should be about five turns to the inch. It is to be understood,

however, that while I have mentioned three wires, more or less may be used. 0n the exterior oil this composite conductor l wind or otherwise apply an insulating covering of rubber and cotton, for example, which l[ have designated 15. On the exterior of this installation I spirally wind a conductor 16. This conductor is of soft steel or any suitable metal, and in cross-section is more or 17 about the insulation 15, this conductor being designated 17. The conductor 17 is of relatively high conductivity and may be copper, for example, and it is wound in a long pitched spiral about the insulation 15 beneath and in contact with the conductor high donductivity, is very small in diameter,

of an inch being good practice.

I have found that an extension constructed as above indicated is extremely well adapted for use in a device of the character of this invention, inasmuch as it permits of the extension being of small diameter and yet sufiiciently flexible for the purpose and at the same time self-sustaining or self-supporting, so that when the extension is bent, for example, as shown in Fig. 1, itwill remain in such position. In actual practice the extension will be from 18 to 24 inches long, and even when extended to its limit is selfisustaining, and yet at the same time sufficiently flexible to, permit of the entire extension to be reeled up within the enclosing casing.

The section 2 of the enclosing casing is constructed so as'to receive a reel heretofore referred to and which I have designated 18. This reel may be constructed of any suitable material, metal for example, and is made in two pieces or sections, an upper section it) and a lower section 20. This lower section .20 is in the form of a flat circular plate provided with a hub 21 and has attached to it a handle 22, which extends to the interior of the casing section 2, as indicated in Fig. 1. This construction permits of rotation oi the reel from the exterior cit the casing or enclosure when the sections 1 and 2 thereoi are in closed position. in superimposed relation to the section 20 of the reel is the upper half or upper section 19, this member being provided with a flange which is adapted to fit over the hub portion 2i oi the lower section 20. This flange 23 is provided with an ofl'set 24, indicated in 2, for example, this oflset being drilled to permit of the same time to coil or wind the extension in a true spiral upon the reel. The two parts of the reel may be attached to each other in any convenient manner, as by screws 25, as indicated.

The conductors 14 of the extension 13 are insulated from but attached to the reel by insulating strip 26 and contact s"r'ew 27 This contact mechanism is located at the center or at the axis of rotation of the reel 18, and is adapted, that is to say, the contact screw 27 is adapted to engage the contact 6 in the section 1 of the casing when the casing is in closed position, and being at the axis of rotation of the reel, will remain in engagement with this contact 6 when the reel is being rotated to either wind or tounwind the extension.

The extension 13 is roperly guided on or oil the reel 18 by a guide 28, this guide being I in the form of a member soldered or otherwise attached to the casing section 2 and provided with an opening therein to permit of the pass e of'the extension 13 therethrough. This guide 28 is provided with a curved extension 29 functioning as a guard to prevent the extension 13 from slipping ofl' the reel when being reeled up, substantially concentric with the reel 18 but spaced from the periphery thereof so that the extension 13 lies between it and the periphery of the reel. In addition, the member 10, heretofore referred to, lies in line with the periphery oi the winding reel, so that the extension'is" properly guided from its entry to the enclosure to the reel. 7

As far as the electrical side of this invention is concerned, it will be understood that the conductor 16, and which has attached to it the conductor 17, is soldered or otherwise permanently attached to the lamp socket 11, the, other end of this conductor being in constant contact with the reel 18, which in turn is in contact constantl with the casing 2, and inasmuch as th casing 2 is of metal, and inasmuch-as the'contact 4 heretofore referred to in the section 1 is in engagem'ent with the metal of the casing and when in operative position in engagement with one of the terminals of the battery 3, and inasmuch as the conductors 14 are at one end in contact with the contact 6 through the contact screw 27, and inasmuch as the other ends of these conductors engage the bottom contact on the light bulb 12 in the usual manner, a circuit is established for the bulb.

It will be seen, therefore, from the foregoing that l have provided a flashlight structure in which I employ an extension whereby the bulb may be inserted and lighted in places which are inaccessible to the ordinary flash-light; It will be seen also that the extension. 13 is so constructed and arranged as to be self-sustaining in any posicasing'for the flashlight structure, to therejby'provide a compact, commercially practicable device.

It, is to be understood that chan'gesmay be made in the details of construction and arrangementof parts shown, within the parview of my invention.

What I claim is:

operate with said battery when the sections of the enclosure are in closed osition, 2. In a device of the class escribed, the combination of a sectional-enclosure, a battery in one of said sections and areel in another of said sections, contact mechanism carried by the reel adapted to co-operate with the battery when the sections of the enclosure are in'closed ositionfandmeans for operating said reel rom theexterior of the enclosure.

3. In a device of the class described, the combination of .a sectional enclosure, a batteryin one section of the'enclosure, a reel inanother section of the enclosure, contact mechanism carried by the-reel and adapted to co-operate with said battery when the sections of the enclosure are closed, an extension, a light bulb carried thereby, the circuit through said lightbulb being controlled by said contact mechanism, and guiding'means for said extension within the reel section of the enclosure.

4. In a device of the class described, the combination of a sectional enclosure, a battery in one section and a reel in another section, contact mechanism carried by the'reel andadapted to co-operate with said battery when the sections of the enclosure are closed, an extension conductor, a lamp socket carried thereby, and guiding mechanism receiving said lamp socket and in line with the peri hery of said reel to guide the extension con actor to the reel.

5. In a flashlight, the combination of an enclosure, a lamp socket, a reel, a self-supporting flexible extension conductor, one end of which is attached to said socket, its oppo site end being attached to said reel," and means to rotate the reel from the exterior of the enclosure to draw the extension within thel enclosure and wind the same upon said ree '6. In a device oi. the class described an enclosure or casing, a battery therein arranged to fit in one side of the enclosure, a reelwithin said enclosure su ported on and against the opposite side 0 the enclosure, contacts on said reel in electrical connection the extension at the exterior of the enclosureto Withdraw the extension from the reel.

8. In a device of the class described the combination of an enclosure, a hub or support provided on one Wall of said enclosure, a reel rotatably carried on said hub within the enclosure, a central opening in the Hub,

an extension conductor, and a handle for reeaeee the .reel Within the central opening of said hub to reel up said extension conductor from the exterior of the enclosure.

9. In a flashlight the combination of an enclosure, a battery Within said enclosure, an electric light bulb, an extension comprising a central conductor and an outside spiral conductor, insulation between said conductors, a reel for said extension, an insulated contact on the reel, the inside conductor and the outside spiral conductor carrying the currentto the bulb, and contact means to maintain a circuit from the reel to thebatterv at all times.

This specification signed this 28th day of October, 1925. 7


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International ClassificationF21L4/00, F21V27/00
Cooperative ClassificationF21L4/00, F21V27/005
European ClassificationF21L4/00, F21V27/00L