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Publication numberUS1692504 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 20, 1928
Filing dateSep 3, 1926
Priority dateSep 3, 1926
Publication numberUS 1692504 A, US 1692504A, US-A-1692504, US1692504 A, US1692504A
InventorsHayden Robert P
Original AssigneeJohnson & Johnson
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Packaging surgical napkins
US 1692504 A
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Nov 20, 1928.

R. P. HAYDEN PACI'KAGINQ.l SURGICAL NAPKINS Filed Sept. 3, 1926 atm neq Patented Nov. 20, 1928.




Application filed September 3, 1926. Serial No. 133,395,

Sanitary napkins of the commercial type are manufactured in accordance with substantially fixed or standard specifications as to length, width and thickness of the pad or filling element. This is a source of ann-oyance and embarrassment to many persons who prefer to regulate the dimensions of the pad to suit their individual requirements, that is to say, to employ a fairly heavy pad under conditions when the flow is copious or profuse and to taper down the thickness towards the end of the period when the flow is more or less sca-nt, o1' alternatively the reverse of such conditions.

Hence, it is the object of my invention to provide for packaging the essentials in unassembled state and in such form as readily to admit of their being assembled to suit individual needs.

scope of the invention will more readily be understood from the following description taken in connection with accompanying draw ing, forming a part hereof, wherein,-

Figure l is a view of the package opened to display the nature and general disposition of the contents.

Fig. 2 is a view of the elements in detached relation.

According to my invention, I provide a plurality, for example, a dozen, filling or pad elements 5 which are stowed in a state of compression in a carton or container 6 substantially the length and width of the pads. The

pads, by preference, are of the laminated sheet The nature, characteristic features and type so that they may be modiiied'as to thickness to suit the fancy or requirements of the user. While the pads completely lill the box crosswise of the ends thereof, there is suiicient stowage space laterally of the pads to accommodate the other essential, to wit: the gauze or muslin 7 for carrying purposes. The gauze or muslin elements, by preference, are folded strips corresponding in number to the number of pads, and each capable of accommodating any number of pads or pad fractions', such as may be necessary or 'desirable to meet the eXigency.

Having described my invention, I claim:

1. As an article of manufacture, means to admit of fabrication of sanitary napkins to suit the fancy or requirements of the individual, comprising a. package containing a plurality of absorbent pads in a raw or blank state whereby they are capable of facile individual or collective modification, and a supply of gauze or muslin sufficient to accommodate the pads.

2. A package of sanitary napkin make up materials, comprising a container, pad or filling material stowed in unit fashion and capable of selective withdrawal as units or part units in order to provide for modification of units by the user, and folded strips of gauze, one for each unit, flanking said units, the arrangement being such that pad material or gauze material may be withdrawn without removing the entire contents.

In testimony whereof I atiiX my signature.


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U.S. Classification206/570, 206/526, 206/38, 206/440
International ClassificationB65D85/16
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European ClassificationB65D85/16