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Publication numberUS1693141 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 27, 1928
Filing dateJun 15, 1927
Publication numberUS 1693141 A, US 1693141A, US-A-1693141, US1693141 A, US1693141A
InventorsH. H. Ducat
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US 1693141 A
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H. H. DUCAT HosIERY Nov. 27, 1928. 11,693,114H

Filed June l5, 1927 g/f/ros 1'@ 5W/efe y@ WMC/77.

Patented Nov. 27, i928.

'narran rrosimw.- l

vApplica.tion filed June 15., 1927. Serial No.

My invention relates to improvements in hosiery and has for its principal objects, the provision of relatively simple, practical and inexpensive means for retaining the upper portions of hose, Stockings and the like, upon the limbs of the Wearers, to provide hosiery supporting means tliat'is carried by and forms a part of thc hose and stockings, thereby doing away With the separatergarters and hose supporters ordinarily employed for retaining the upper portions of hose and stockings in proper position and further, to

provide hose supporting means that is adjustable, in order that said supporting means may be snugly and conveniently fitted on to the Wearers limbs. y j A further object of my invention is to proide an ornamental attachment in the nature of a rosette or thelilre, that may be detachably secured to and combined With a part of the `hosiery 'supporting means contemplated by my invention.

With the foregoing and other objects in view, my inventionconsistsin certain novel features of construction and arrangement of parts thatvvill hereinafter be more fully described and claimed and illustrated in the accompanying drawing, in which 1- Y Fig. 1 is a4 perspective'vieiv of a stocking that is equipped with the supporting means contemplated by my invention.

lFig. 2 is a perspective view of the upper portion of a stocking provided ivith'the supporting means and showing the latter in closed or attached position.` n

Fig. 3 is Van enlarged horizontal section Y tekenen the un@ sa of rig. e,

Fig. 4 is a perspective view-olf the outer end of the supporting strap forming a part of my invention and showing the clip that serves as a point of attachment for the decorative member yof the support.

- Fig. `5 is an elevational vievv of therear side of the detachable Idecorative member.

Fig. Sis a perspective view of a modified form of the hose supporting means.

Fig. 'l' is a perspective vvievv of a` further modified form of the krhose support.

i Fig. 8 is a perspective view ofthe upper portion of modified form of hosiery, having my improved supporting means associated therewith. y p f Y 1 9 is a. perspectivel View of a further modified form of the hosiery support.

Fig. 10 is a detail elevational vievv show- `complementary snap fastener ing a mouified form of the strap and the opening in the' upper portion of the hose through which sait strap projects.

Referring by numeral. to tl e accompanying drawings and particularly to the form of osiery supporting means, illustrated in Figs. to 3 inclusive, 10 designates the body of hose or stocking, that may be of the usual knitted texture and the upper end of thel body of said hose or stocking, terminatesk in a hem 11. 1

Located at a suitable point on the yhem 11 is a vertically disposed opening 12, the edge of which is finished in any suitable manner, but preferably after the fashion of an ordinary outton hole.

ln some instances, the edge of this opening may be finished with an eyelet-13 of relatively tbn metal, cellnloid or the like, as illustrated in i 3. ie.

Positioned Within the hem 11, is a band or strap 14- of flexible material, preferably fabric, and said band or strap may be elastic or non-elastic as desired. C'ne end of this band or strap is secured in any Asuitable manner to the Walls of the hem and the other end of Ysaid band or strap extends outwardly through the eyelet or opening 12.

Secured on the inner face of the projecting end of the strap or band are tivo or more snap fastener members 15, preferably the stud members, and secured on the outer face of the hem i' the stocking and overlying the opposite end of the elastic band 11i are. the members 16,

1 il l preferably socket members.

By providing aplurality of the fastening devices ou the projecting end of the strap 1a and on the hem 11, provision is made for adjusting the size of the upper end of the body ofthe hose or stocking, thereby permitting the latter to be conveniently and. comfortably adjusted upon the wearers limb.V

ln order to cover and hide from vieiv. the greater' portion of the projecting end of the strap or band 14, said projeetingend may carry a decorative member, such a rosette orA an artificial flower. This decorative member, which is illustrated in TEig. 5 and designated by the numeral 17,'may be permanently secured to the projecting end of strap 1st, or it may be detachably 'mounted thereon, and vvli'ere the latter arrangement is carried out, a small loop or eyelet 18 of metal,

fabric or celluloid, is attached to the outer .or non-elastic strap or band 2() project `through eyelets or oilieningis 21, `formed inthe outer =wall of the hem ofthe hose oi' stocking and both projecting,` ends of said strap or band, carry fastening devices 22 that are adapted to engage complementary fastening,r devices QSWthatare seciiredon the outer face of the hem. rI`his construction permits a wide arrangement ofadjustnient inthe upper portion of the body of the hoseor stocking.

v'In Fig. 7, I have shown a further modified construction, wherein the hem is provided with a slit or opening.;- 223, which latter exftends a short distance downward into the body of the hose or stocking, thus providing a .substantially V-shape vent and one end of the strap 24 that occupies the hem, projects fromthe end thereofon one side of the vent .and carries suitable 'fastening devices 25 that are adaptable to engage complementary fastening devices 2G that are secuiedzto the hem onzthe opposite side ofthe vent 23.

`In Fig. 8, I have illustrated a modified form of the hose or stocking, wherein a portion of the body ofthe hose or stocking,` on

.the rear side thereof, justbelow the hem, is

removed or `cut away to provide a substantially U-shape opening` and vthus when this formof stocking is onthe limb,.that portion of the latter, just behind 0r below the knee,

.is-uncovered and exposed. In order that'the upper rear portion of this form of stocking or hose may fit properly on the limb, a relatively narrow, fleXible band 27, .may be veX- /tended from the rear portion of the bodyof the stocking),- below the cut-away portion, to

Vthe lower edge of the `rear portion ofthe hein.

In Fig. 9, I have `illustrated a modified Vconstruction wherein the upper portionofthe body of the hose or stocking is provided with a hem 28 and arranged therein, iis astrap or tape 29, preferablyelastic.

In order to `provide a finish ,for the end of the projecting portion of the strap or band that occupies the hem, the end Vof said projecting` y*portion may be provided with a linvishingv member 30 of metal, celluloid .or the like.

While -my improved supporting means is lutilized in connection with ladies hosiery,

the length of the hosiery is such that the upper ends thereof, when properly placed on the wearers limbs, ,terminate ,just above or below the knees and when the projecting ends of the straps 14 havel been properly se cured by the fastening devices 15' and 1G to the hem, the upper end of the hose is comfortably lfitted upon the wearers limb and said hose will be properly supported, due to the fact that the encircling strap or band performs Athe `functions of agarter, especially if said strapoi band is formed of elastic material.

Fui-ther, the upper-end of v.the body of Ithe l `stocking,presents a neat and finished appearance and the decorative member 17, positioned on the projectingend of the strap, partly or wholly hides the same and adds to the .appearance ofthehose.

If desired, the .material vforming-the hem 11 may be `distinctly .colored .relative `to rthe imaterial forming the bodyof the stocking,.or `to add to the appearance of the hose, said vheinmaybe wovenvor knitted witlra distinct pattern, preferably a patternembodyingr different colors. y v f The rfievible member 14, .thatoccupies the hem at the upper endofrthebodyof the stockf ing, functions as a garter, particularly where said` band or strap is formed of lelastic material and as the projecting endof saidstrap maybe readily disconnectedor detached from the hem, the opening at the upper endof the hose or stockinginaybe enlargedthereby .enabling the hose yor stocking yto be readily drawn on to or removed from the kwearers limb. V

Obviously my improved hosiery support ing meansunaybeutilized in connection with the longer forms of hosiery, ,generally worn by ladies and children or with the shorter forms of hose generally worn by men and boys.

It will lbe readily .understood that minor `changes inthe size, form and construction ofthe various partsofmy improved hosiery :supporting means may be made and substituted for those herein shown `and described withoutdepartingfrom the spirit of my invention, the scope of which is set forth in vthe appendedclaim.

I claimas my invention:

The combination `with a hose or stocking,r providedat the upperzendot its body with a hem, of a flexible straparranged within said ihein, one end of which-iiexiblestrap,.projects through an' opening in said hein, the other -end of said strap .terminating within said hem immediately adjacent to vthe opening through which the opposite end of-said strap .projects and means vrfor detachably connectling the pi'qjecting-endof said strap to said

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