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Publication numberUS1693289 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 27, 1928
Filing dateDec 15, 1927
Priority dateDec 15, 1927
Publication numberUS 1693289 A, US 1693289A, US-A-1693289, US1693289 A, US1693289A
InventorsWarren Roscoe F
Original AssigneeWarren Roscoe F
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Rifle-stock-butt cartridge belt and countersunk rifle-sling loop
US 1693289 A
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Nov. 27, 1928.

R. F. WARREN RIFLE STOCK BUTT CARTRIDGE BELT AND GOUNTERSUNK RIFLE SLINGLOOP Filed Dec. 15', 1927 nrsnn-sioom-Bnrn'cnnrninen' 3 1; ts

cartridge belt and :mm1 er;sunki .jrifle sling zloopst'i l An' object 'j atena r oscoe orj'nosgan v i i ':""-f .j' 1ielati iffileriiiieeemberli5l H a My'invention pertains to ajrifie 'stock butt j sertedi of; dvantage thegf ba vi e rela v y *loops of somewhat softer leather. The bas 7 :of the rifle, and alsoinwhich theslingloops In 7 constructing to which'the strapslings are attached may,

when hunting.

in the rifle. The counter-sunk sling loops are preferably pivotally mounted on block I and these blocks are inserted'in recesses in drawings, iniwhich;

' Figure 1 is a side elevation of a rifle show3- ing the butt cartridgefbelt and Sling loops in their extended position. Fig; 2 is a perspective view of-theibutt i cartridge belt partly broken away tof s'how,

the manner of attaching);

Fig. 3 is afaceview fDne the fsling loops- 1 r 'Fi 4 im sectional view bf. lSIihg'aIb taken onthe line of Fig.3.

Fig-5 is a BP r vie-wof'the blo k' holding the loop c I In the drawings, the rifle stock dicated generally by thenumeral 11,-.andthis ]has a shallow recess12 on-one side. "ln th-is recess is'jfitted a base 13,'such-bas e having a series of loops 14 preferably 'formed' of leather and secured tolthebase by stitches 15 at the edge and stitches 16, between the loops, thereby leaving asser'ieis of parallel pockets 17 in which cartridges may be in- V of'my invention is attachrnents to a rifle whereby a reserve stock Ofainmiimftion nay be carried on the sideg'of the butt theloops ;having:thepocketsirigidlysecured:

when the straps are detached therefrom, he -jpoints- Ito-wards the 'muzzle {of theyrifle. housed in a countersunk 11151111161"Oll'thebutt and the hand guard, .wheireby'there isf'no danger of these loopscatching the rifle when drawing it froinla holster for'use, and no danger of these catchingcvon' obstructions and; quickly extracted from the 'POCkGliS: and

b the holderiforcartridges on the butt I preferably form a series of: belt loops such as'fu sed on cartridge1belts," these loops being attached to suitable bajseand this base is attached-tov the 'butt' of the rifle. Therefore, when'this additional butt belt. is filled with cartridges, the'hunterfalways has ready at hand ,an additional supply of cartridges which may be quickly insertedina'y-jihave' his rifle unios eaiana her fore;

"shotfand, as thecartridges are -so v conven fandihe stock butth ave afrectilinear' reeess 21, -"'f i-I 1.Cl in this recess there is -insertedfa 23; fThe block has a transverse opening 24' therethroilgh to; which is secured a loop '25 by' ajpivot pin 26, On each side oft-heblock in the stocl; buttand'in. the hand guard there I =posite sides 'of theblock 22and, inthe-block." 1 there is a transverse groove :28 whichgfjoins" the-grooves 27 The; loop may,- Ltherefore ,fi

when housedinf such position leaves a Tfiush iard, leather L and; the i to the stock butt. The 'ca rtridges 18.! are; preferably. inserted as illu'strated with the construction that cartridges may? be readily,"

inserted -;in the "rifieffor shooting, andzthei 'liunter'could ddthis'in'uchmore rapidly tharr I} 7 he "could draw the cartridges .froIn-aQbe1t3' 'This, i'nladdition, alsoaffords as'afernanner of; carrying thecartiidgeswhileghunting, as byjthis constructionfif desired,- the hunter;

there ould be; danger offaprematur to the cha1nber,"this v latter-canbeEquickly loaded; n 1 The :sling 1o0psjand1-theirl:attach nerit is V iently'l-placed l in regard j nn-lg; 1 the hand .guard i'sd1gi1ae 1ty the: numeral 20 and both {the hand guard bloc'k 22, being retained }therein, by' screws are a pair of grooves 27 adj acent thei-opa T be pressed "into theigrooves} 27 and. 28; and:

surface at the han'd guard, and 'atthe 'lower'f edge. of the *stock' but't; preventing the loop 7 frornf catching 'on the-fih'olster when with-.1

drawing the rifletherefrorni-orpfroin"catcher ing on: obstacles when hunting; it being; off.

. cou rse,' un der'stood that whenthe loops are housed in. the manner 1 above described that] i the 'sti apj 2910f, the sling isren oved;.i";,,-

q i In the construction of the 1 coun'ter sunk. I l :rifle-Esling'doops it is desirable 11;}.1gw th have ya certain frictional] motion ""in regard etoth'e pivot pin 26st) that whenfthe loop is properly housed in the gro'ovesr2 7. amaze 'itdofes not tend-'to' 'shift outlof,the groove 1" intq the position s'hown' in Figs. 3,1 and" StOCk' bHttI cartridgeyblfith hunteiggwhile V imnoftzinfi ftnre Qf fl11'st0k f bntt czu hridge' belt is that when ffohe 1* gun: is put away' in camp there is always the" pa'rtigular -2imm11nition which 'fibs ths gun alWaysHWithQ the gun; so that it. is r eady i011 practically, instant use. In addition"fidthisgiithzisbeen found that big game, hunfing fatalities; V

and accidents usually hippen'by' thh unterl 1 in his excitement emptying the-im agazinsqf g -stitched fio thglgzafihgi base and said material ca'ftridges, and: consequently whenxzpttackedq 15y dangerous ga'nmTdosnothafi su'fiiaientammunition to save hin1se1f.: -But with .i a'he kseping the nf1a-g'az'inefn11, cian use the; rifle 'as a singlelbade'r, taking theca'rtridgs fIjQIII, the stock belt son chat in cases of emergency 1w. has the full magazine towel-y on v :phgngss' ma y ,be; madei infthe 1' pl inclples of mysinventioii withoupdeparfg-fthe th reof as set forth in the descriptiqn, drawing and c l air n.

I k B05003, EE ARRENJ ,befiween' indjacent lnops being stitched' to isaid .bass ths; 'loqps in the; base fprm i ng a' {series of jlparallel open "ndedn pb ckets adaptedgtovhold cartridgesgand sai dhv base :beingi inserted" rin ths recesshand' secured 'wher of I [have signed 1 'shrib'ed; gnu having a stock V 25 material. formed intgr a series of parallel

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International ClassificationF41C23/22, F41C23/02, F41C23/00
Cooperative ClassificationF41C23/22, F41C23/02
European ClassificationF41C23/02, F41C23/22