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Publication numberUS1693305 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 27, 1928
Filing dateMay 4, 1927
Priority dateMay 4, 1927
Publication numberUS 1693305 A, US 1693305A, US-A-1693305, US1693305 A, US1693305A
InventorsAlexander Macdonald
Original AssigneeAlexander Macdonald
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Shoe-cleaning device for use on motor cars
US 1693305 A
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Nov. 27, 1928.


Nov. 27, 1928. 1,693,305


Patented Nov. 27, 1923.




Application filed May 4,

The object of this invention is to enable a person about to enter a motor car, to remove from his shoes adhering matter so that dirt or mud is not carried into the car.

The invention consists in a device including a shoe scraper and a brush housed with in a neat compact box provided with means for attaching it to the running b ard of a car, and having a hinged raisable hollow lid and drop bottom or shutter together with certain catches and a soring of the nature ant for the various mrposes hereinafter set forth.

The box is formed with a flange or lugs designed to bear upon and be fastened to the surface of the running board of acar, while.

the lower portion of the box registers with an aperture cut in said running board. The'box,

drop bottom, scraper and brush or brushes are so constructed and arranged that on the raising of the lid the scraper blade is exposed for use and the drop bottom falls by its own weight, while the brush hinged within the lid and retained therein by a releasable detent catch, is raised with it until required for use. Vhen a shoe is scraped on the scraper mud removed thereby falls through the now open bottom of the box on to the road beneath. If it is desired to further clean the shoes by wiping their soles on the brush. the brushdetent catch is released and the brush falls to a. horizontal position its surface being at a higher level than the scraper. hen the cleaning operation is completed, the lid is closed down against the tension of aspring tending to open it, this movement also closing the drop bottom, and the lid is secured by a snap catch thus neatly boxing the whole outfit.

To more fully describe my invention I will now refer to the accompanying drawings which depict an embodiment of my invention and in which Fig. 1 is a fragmentary view showing portion of the running board of a car and my device (closed) mounted thereon.

Fig. 2 is a perspective view of the device with lid and contained brush raised and drop bottom open, 1

Fig. 3 is a similar view but with the brush in horizontal position ready for use,

Fig. 4 is a cross sectional elevation of the 1927. Serial No. 138 801.

i a flange about the upper part of the box and having holes for the reception of screws whereby it is secured to the running board, and 5 the drop bottom or shutter.

The lid 3 is hinged to the flange 4 by a hinge pin'6 about which is a coiled spring 7 arranged in known manner and tending to raise the lid 3. The brush 8 is also hinged on pin 6 and normally lies within the lid 3 being releasably retained therein by a detent spring catch 9 having a finger-push 9 projecting through the front of the lid. Pressure on this push 9 releases the catch 9 and allows the brush to fall to horizontal position as shown in Figs. 3 and 4, the end of the brush remote from the hinge bearing upon the top of flange 4. The brush is formed with a slot 8 to'accommodate the scraper 10 when the brush is horizontal.

The scraper 10 consisting of a metal blade extendsacross the box in such position as to register with the slot 8 in the brush.

The drop bottom 5 is hinged at 5 a short distance from its rear edge, that portion between the hinge and its rear edge constituting a tail piece 5 On the closure of lid 3 this tail piece is contacted by the ends of fingers 11, 11 fixed in the lid 3 and operating to press it downwardly and raise the major portion of the drop bottom 5 thus closing it completely. On opening the lid these fingers 11, 11 are raised, thus permitting the drop bottom 5 to open by gravity.

The lid 3, and consequently the drop bottom. 5, is retained in closed position by a spring catch 12, the detent of which takes in the'aperture 13 in the front of the lid. The closure of the lid also effects engagement of the catch 9 with the brush 8 so that the parts of the whole device are again lockedby manipulation of the simple catches, and

is easily closedup by merely pressing down the lid. 1

Vhat I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent is t- 1. A shoe cleaning device for use on motor cars, comprising, in combination, a box having a hinged drop bottom and a hinged lid, means connected to the lid for permitting the opening and efiecting the closing of the drop bottom synchronously with the 11d, a shoe cleaning brush within the box, means for'mounting the box on the running board ing of a motor car and means for releasably holding the lid, together With the drop bottom, in closed position. 7

2. A shoe cleaning device toruse on motor cars, comprising, in combination a box having a flange extending laterally from its up per edge, a hinged drop bottom and a hinged lid, means connected With and actuated by the movementof the lid in opening and closit for permitting the opening and eii'ectthe closing'of the drop bottom, means for releasably holding the lid and With it the dropbottomin closed position, and a shoe cleaning brush fitted in said box.

3. A shoe cleaning device for use on motor cars,-co1nprising, in combination, a box having a flange extending laterally from its upper edge, a hollow lid hinged to'said flange a catch for releasably retaining the lid in closed position, a scraper blade disposed transversely in the boX, a hinged drop bottom in" the box, means connected with and actuated by the movement of the lid in opening and closing it for permitting the opening and eiiecting the closing of the drop bottom, and ashoe cleaning brush hinged in said lid and normally retained therein by a releasable catch but movable to horizontal position on release of ea} 1 c-ch.

4. In a shoe cleaning device aecordin claim 3, a spring tending to raise the hinged lid. v r

Signed at Sydney, New Sonthivales, Aus tralia, this twenty-first day of March, A. D. 1927.


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