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Publication numberUS1693472 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 27, 1928
Filing dateOct 27, 1925
Priority dateOct 27, 1925
Publication numberUS 1693472 A, US 1693472A, US-A-1693472, US1693472 A, US1693472A
InventorsBatty William H
Original AssigneeBatty William H
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Hand snowplow
US 1693472 A
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Nov. 27, 1928.


Patented'Nov. 2?, 1928. i

wIL'Liar/r H. BATTY, or ELMIRA, new YORK.

' HAND snowrnow.

l -..App licati01i li1ed October 27, 1925. Serial No. 65249.

This inventionrelates to. i1nprovements in hand plow.

implements for handling. snow and more particularly to a device for facilitating the re m'ovalof snow. from road-ways and the like.

The inventionhas; forjts object to provide a. shovel-like implement acting in a'manner similar to plow andalso handled or operated in a similar manner which, contrary to the'usual practice, may be moved backward and forward over the area to be cleaned and in so doing removesthesnow from the ground surface and displaces it to the side of the path of the moving plow.

A further object is to so construct the snow plow which in lifting and diverting the snow to the side of the plow will bank it in such manner as to' prevent the snow from falling back into the cleared space.

, Further objects consist in such structural details as tend to improve the strength and rigidity of the implement without, however, involving highcost of manufacture, and also to provide replaceable lugs located at a point adjacent the front edge of the plow which, moving over the surface of the areato be cleaned prevent engagement of the plow edge with obstructions. V

In the accompanying drawing wherein an approved embodiment of the invention is illustrated. i

Fig. 1' is a front elevation of the improved Fig. 2 is arear elevation thereof.

Fig. 3 is a side elevation of the plow illustrating the approximate position of the latter with respect to a horizontal surface. 7

V Fig. l is a fragmentary rear elevation of the hand plow showing the handle turned back out of operative position.

Fig. 5 is an enlarged detail. section on the line 55 of Fig. 1.

Referring to the details in the drawing, the

. plow is indicated, generally at/6 and is provided with a handle 7. The front edge 8 of the plow lies at right angles to the handle 7 and also to the path of movement of the plow during operation while the sides 9 and 10 diverge rearwardly from the front edge 8 while curved surface thereof is deflected to the right and to the side of the space cleared; The plow .6 presents, in vertical section, throughout the entire width thereof, aseries of constantly diminishing curves. The greater length of the side 90f the plow is designed to ensure against the snow falling rearwardly overthe top edge 11 and tocause it to bedeflectedin its entirety in the side of the plow. i V p The shovel6 consists of a body plate 12 re inforced along its side edges Sand 10 and its top edgell by metallic strips 13, 14. and 15, respectively. The front edge 8 of the plow is constituted by a blade like member 16 extending entirely across the front edge of the body plate 16 and secured thereto by rivets or equivalent fastening devices 17 Rivets 17 are also employed for securing the body plate to the several strips 13, 14, and 15.

the back of the body plate 12 intermediate the. strip 15 and the plate 16 is provided with spaced supporting brackets 22 receiving a pivot pin 23 to which the attaching member 24 of the handle 7 is pivotally secured. The

attaching member 24 is secured to the end of the handle by removable bolts 25.

As a matter of convenience in transporting or storing the hand plow, the position of the handle 7 may be reversed as suggested in Fig. 4 during which operation the bolt-s 25 are removed.

The handle 7 is pro-vided at its extremity with a hand hold 26 for use in moving the plow through the snow and an auxiliary hand hold 27 is secured by means of a bolt 28 or the like to the handle at a point intermediate its ends. The handle 27 is of a great advantage in handling the plow and in regulating the position of the blade 16. In order to permit of the. adjustment of the handle 27 several apertures 29 selectively engageable by the bolt 28 are preferably provided for the handle 7. u

A hand snow plow constructed in accordanoe with the present invention is extremely easy'to'handle and is effective in use and in operation it has been found most convenient to move the plow back and forth first in one direction and then in the other over the area to be cleaned, beginning at a point adjacent the center of the area.

What I claim is:

1. A hand snow plow including a plow element having the front face thereof curved from front to rear throughoutits entire area, the curvature of one side of the face being greater than that of the other and the medial portion presenting in vertical section throughout the width thereof, a series of consta-ntly diminishing curves, whereby to cause the snow to be deflected to the side of the plow element, a plurality of independently removable and replaceable spacing lugs carried by the ground engaging portions of the plow element, and a handle carried by said plow element.

2. A hand snow plow including aplow element having the front face thereof curved from front to rear throughout its entire area, the curvature of one side of the face being greater than that of the other and the medial portion presenting in vertical section throughout the width thereof, a series of constantly diminishing curves, whereby to cause the snow to be deflected to the side of the p-lo-w element, a body plate, marginal and intermediate reenfor'cing strips secured to the body plate a removable blade secured to the front edge of the body plate, and a handle carried bysaid plow element.

In testimony whereof I hereunto affix my signature.


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