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Publication numberUS169382 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 2, 1875
Filing dateMar 8, 1875
Publication numberUS 169382 A, US 169382A, US-A-169382, US169382 A, US169382A
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Improvement in adjustable brackets
US 169382 A
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ADJUSTABLE BRACKET. I vl\]0.-1\6-938-Z Patented Nov. 2,1875.




Specification forming part of Letters Patent N o. l 69,382, dated November 2, `11'375 application filed March 8, 1875.

To all whom it may concern: l

Be it known that I, ELI T. STARR, of the city and county of Philadelphia, in the State of Pennsylvania, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Adjustable Brackets, of which the following is a specitication:

Myinvention relates to that class of brackets capable of both vertical and lateral adjustment; and its objects are'to maintain the tray or table supported by the bracket always in a horizontal position, to render the tray adj ustable on the bracket, and to render the bracket self-locking in any position to which it may be adjusted vertically. Y

In the accompanying drawings, Figure 1 represents a View of my improved bracket and table, partly in elevation and partly in section o n the line .1: w of Fig. 2.' Fig. 2 represents a plan or top view of the saine, with a portion ofthe top of the table broken away, and some of the drawers of the table drawn out, tovshow their construction; and Fig. 3 a view, on an enlarged scale, of the locking device of the bracket.

To a back-plate or crane, A, pivoted to swing horizontally in suitable bearings a a, affixed to the wall or some permanent structure, two parallel arms or radius-bars, B B', are pin-jointed at b b', while their opposite ends are, in like manner, pin-jointed at c c to a horizontal arm or frame, G, thus forming a parallel-rule joint, which keeps' the bar or frame C always level while capable of moving freely vertically, The bracket is held at an y desired elevation by means of a locking-bar, D, hinged on the lower pivot c of the horizontal bar, and extending across to the rear joint of the upper bar B. The free end of the v locking-bar is provided with ratchet-teeth,

and is capable of sliding endwise through a loop, D', secured upon the upper radius-bar B. A spring, d, serves to keep the ratchetteeth engaged with lthe loop.

The ratchet-teeth of the locking-bar, it will be observed, are shown as arranged in a direction the reverse of the obvious one, or the one that would most naturally suggest itself. This is done, however, for the purpose ofsustaining the bracket at any desired elevation by a pulling-strain on the locking-bar, instead ofa thrusting one, as the pulling-strain in practice has been found to hold the bracket more steadily and securely. A tray or table,

the ease in which the drawers may be opened and shut, I am enabled to secure a central` space in the table, iu which a lamp,F, or other object, may be inserted without interfering with the drawers, and yet be securely held without the necessityof employing clamps or fastenings.

The operation of my improved apparatus will readily be understood from the foregoing description. As the table is lifted the locking-bar slides endw'ise through the loop, and its teeth hold the bracket at any height to which it may be adjusted. The bracket can be lowered simply by lifting the teeth of the locking-bar out of contact with the loop when it draws out endwise. This can readily be done by the operator applying his hand to that portion of the locking-bar nearest the table, and obviates ythe necessity of the operator moving his position while adjusting the bracket.

Iclainil. The hereinbeibre-described adjustable bracket, consisting of `the combination of the horizontally-swinging crane, the parallel radius-bars pivoted thereto, the horizontal frame, to which the radius-bars are alsopivoted, the ratcheted locking-bar pivoted to the horizontal frame, the loop secured on the upper radius-bar, and Ithrough which the lookingstructed and operating substantially as hereinbarslides, and the holding sprving these ybefore set'for-th. u members being constructed-and.operatingfin yIn testimony whereof I-have hereunto subeombination substantially as hereinbefore set scribed my name.


2. The combination of the crane, the ra- ELI T. STARR. dius-,bars,1;herhprizonialjframe,helooking Witnesses: v bar, and the swinging tab1e,pvoted by one J A. B. WILLIAMS,

corner to said frame, these members being con f S.- T.' JONES.

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