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Publication numberUS1693961 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 4, 1928
Filing dateAug 5, 1926
Publication numberUS 1693961 A, US 1693961A, US-A-1693961, US1693961 A, US1693961A
InventorsO. Risch
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US 1693961 A
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Dec. 4, 1928. 1,693,961

0. RISCH I HmlA'cYTouETER coum'me CHAMBER Filed Aug. 5. 1926 & W-

mvENTok Osmqe ,Q/sch/ &1, Wk ATTORNEYS Patented Dec. 4, 1928.





Application filed August 5, 1926. Serial No. 127,461.

My invention relates to the type of microscope slides known as hzemacyton'ieter counting chambers, which are employed for the purpose of counting blood corpusclcs. These counting chambers consist of a slide do of and provided on one of its surfaces in practice that under the microscope, tl

line. of such network or ruling appear wl or colorless, so that it is diilicult to see them and effect a proper'count of tie corpuscles. The object of my inventionis to overcome this difficulty anu cause the lines of the network or ruling to stand out more prominently, or be darkened. as it were, so that they are readily visible under the microscope.

For this purpose, I provided any optical or other means that will produce the darkening or visibility-increasing effect above mentioned. The preferred way of carrying out my invention consists in substitutin for the plane reverse surface of the slide em-- ployed hitherto, a formation that will by refraction or internal reflection cause the lines of the ruling or grating to appear dark or at least more prominent than with the former construe ion re red to above.

lieference is be had to the accompany ing drawn g, in which Fig. lies a f- 1 view of a hzciuacytometer slide or count: chamber en'ibodving my invention, F 2 1S cross section on line 2-2 of Fig. l, and Fig. 3 is y a face view of the slide or mounting chamber, looking at'the side opposite to that shown in 1. It will be understood that the drawing simply illustrates an example of my invention, and that other constructions may be employed without departing from the nature duced in the said surface and crossing each other. Any of the well-known styles of ruling may be employed. The opposite l wer) surface or reverse of the body A was hitherto made smooth or plane, but in the form of my invention illustrated herein such r verse surface is provided, in registry with the rulings or gratings B, with a formation which will cause a refraction or internal redaction of light such as will cause the lines of the gratings to appear more prominently than heretofore. This formation may consist. as illustrated, of concave surfaces or sockets C in register with the respective tings B and acting to produce a lense elfect. These sockets are preferably produced by grinding, a cylindrical curvature (of circular arc-shape in cross-section) be ing indicated in Figs. 2 and 3.

Instead of providing the reverse surface lenses, cylindrically or otherwise, I may employ any other formation or any other device, which will cause the lines of the gratin or ruling to stand out more prominently. A stated a; the beginning of this specification, I do not wish to restrict myself to optical means or processes for obtaining the darkening or visibility-mereasing effect hereinhcfore explained.

It will be understood that generally a slide or counting chamber of the type herein referred to. is placed in a microscope having arrangements for throwing light against the lower surface or reverse ofthc slide and through such shoe and the blood deposited on its upper surface.

I claim r l. A haimacytometer slide or I counting chambe pnvicled with ruling on one side and with a visibility-increasing formation on the opposite side.

In testimony whereof I have hereuntoset my hand.


,J. A hoeinacytoin'etor Slide or counting

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International ClassificationA61B5/145
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