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Publication numberUS1694048 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 4, 1928
Filing dateFeb 23, 1928
Priority dateFeb 23, 1928
Publication numberUS 1694048 A, US 1694048A, US-A-1694048, US1694048 A, US1694048A
InventorsFred H White
Original AssigneeFred H White
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Indicator device
US 1694048 A
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gwuentor F H. WHITE INDICATOR DEVICE Filed Feb. 25, 1928 Dec. 4, 1928.

6160101 new Patented Dec. 4, 1928.



Application filed February 23, 1928 Serial No. 256,284.

This invention relates to a device for reminding drivers of automobiles when it will be necessaryfor the oil in the crank case to be changed, although broadly, the invention useful in connection with any motor driven vehicle utilizing a device for indicating the mileage traversed; and an object of the invention is to provide a simple and efiicient device of the above character having the new and improved features of construction and arrangement hereinafter described.

The invention is shown by way of illustration in the accompanying drawings, in which:

Fig.1 is a front elevation of an indicator device of the above character to serve as a reminder when the crankcase oil should be changed; and

Fig. 2 is a transverse sectional view on the line 22 of Fig. 1 on an enlarged scale.

Numerous devices have heretofore been utilized for forcibly bringing to the attention of the automobile driyer the necessity of changing the oil in the crank case at certain definite intervals. Stickers have been employed for this purpose, and these have usually been attached to the speedometer or windshield, and serve to call the drivers attention to the fact that when a certain mileage is indicated on the speedometer the crank case oil should be changed. These devices materially detract from the appearance of the automobile, and not infrequently become loose, or are torn or disfigured so that their effectiveness is seriously impaired.

The illustrated embodiment of this inven tion. comprises a panel 1 having openings 2 at opposite ends to enable the same to be attached by screws to the instrument board of an automobile, The panel 1 may be of a. relatively light weight sheet metal construction, and may be suitably ornamented as desired. Under some circumstances, it may be desirable to impress or otherwise display the name of a certain concern, so that it will serve as an advertising medium. As shown in F 2, the rim portion 3 of the panel is turned inwardly so as to space the front of the panel a short distance away from the mounting. The form of panel shown is of elongated, substantially rectangular form. I w 7 Connected to the back of the panel 1 are a plurality of discs 4, which are secured in place by rivets 5 extending through the center thereof. These discs may be of celluloid or similar material, and the central portion thereof is bowed or otherwise suitably curved, as indicated at 6, so that when the rivet is in place the body portion of the disc is urged into engagement withthe panel or adjacent disc. By this means the discs are held in place, and liability of accidental movement is reduced to a minimum.

As shown, the distance between the rivets 5 is slightly greater than the radius of the discs, and as shown, the discs are arranged in overlapping relation. In this instance live discs are employed and are arranged in such a manner that a portion of one disc overlaps the adjacent disc, with the exception of the extreme right hand disc (Fig. 1), the entire surface of which is in engagement with the panel 1.

On each disc 5 in inwardly spaced relation to the marginal edge is an annular row of numbers 7, from zero to nine. Formed in the outer edge of each disc is a series of notches 9, one of the numbers 7 being positioned between a pair of notches.

Formed in the upper portion of the panel 1 is a longitudinal row of openings 9, an opening 9 being provided for each disc. These openings are so arranged that the numbers on the discs 4 are visible therethrough so that the several discs may be r0- tated to display the numbers desired, and this will indicate to the automobile driver when the mileage of the automobile reaches the number displayed, the oil in the crank case should be replenished or changed.

, As shown on the drawing, the number 12375 is displayed through the openings 9, and this will indicate that when the mileage on .the speedometer reaches 12375, the oil in the crank case should be changed. It is manifest that this device will serve as a constant mind aggravator which will constantly provoke the drivers attention and compel him to change the oil.

For turning the discs 4, a series of arcuately shaped slots 10 are formed in the lower portion of the panel 4, one slot being provided. for each disc 4. Those slots are arranged to re ister with the notches S in the discs, and are slightly greater in length than the distance between adjacent notches. When it is desired to change the number displayed in the open ng 9, a pin or sharp pointed tool may be inserted through the arcuately shaped slots 10 and a dise engaged, and by movingthe pin or tool in one direction or the other, corresponding movement is imparted to the disc.

The notches 8 are positioned at suitably spared intervals and as above pointed out, centrally aligned with the spaces between t 1e numerals, the spaces between the numerals and between the notches being of equal length.

Wh'lo I have shown and desieribed a eonstrnrtion ihieh the ltorni known to 1 the present time it ll be understood w in de nia gbe eted with e spirit or tree inven- 2 en red in the op ended elaini.

lYhat I elaim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent 15:

In an indieator, a panel having; a series of sighbopenings, a series of closely arranged discs 0'1. flexible resilient material on said panel disposed in overlapping relation, a eentral raised portion on each disc extending away from said panel, means connecting said raised portion and panel, thereby yieldingl to urge said discs into engagement with the panel, said discs being associated with the respeetive openings and each having spaced nnme 'als thereon visible through the sight err-nines, said panel havinga series of openings one for eaeh disc formed to reeeive a pin or the like, each disc having a series of i wpaeed pin-point, reeeii'ing parts disposed centrally to ahne with the spaces between th numbers and being; spaced apart distane eqnalln; the spaces bet (C011 ninnerms.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto signed my name to this speeifeation.


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