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Publication numberUS1694583 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 11, 1928
Filing dateDec 23, 1924
Priority dateDec 23, 1924
Publication numberUS 1694583 A, US 1694583A, US-A-1694583, US1694583 A, US1694583A
InventorsConklin Roscoe D
Original AssigneeNat Pneumatic Co
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Air compressor
US 1694583 A
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Patented SlfiiflY FFEN" FFlCE.

noscon n. connais, or nariwiiv; naw amasar, assicivor. ro sesionar. rivnirirnfric coivirsnv, er new Yoan, n. Y., s. conrorsrioii or 'afasie vin-ernia.

This invention relatesto air compressors AIR COMPRESSOR.

Application filed December 23, 1924.. Serial Il'o. 1257.582.

for gasoline motors and has for its object the production of a construction which isy directly from the explosive impulses operated produced in the cylinder to which it is attached and whereby air is compressed for till any purpose at doors on motor buses,

hand, as the operation of the operation of brakes,

or for any other purpose for which compressed air is used.

A further object includes the provision of a single construction for the purpose stated, Which is readily attached to the cylinder head `of an internal combustion engine to be oper- Y ated thereby for compressing air.

Other objects will appear hereinafter,


I attain these objects by the construction illustrated Which i Fig. 1 is 1 showing head, and

Fig. 3 is in the accompanying drawings in a side vievv of a device embodying my invention.

taken on line 2-2 of Fig. the device applied to a cylinder a plan view thereof.

Like numerals refer to similar parts throughou t the several views.

motor bus ttor any de es or motor driven vehiclesQand vice Where compressed air is used.

To provide a constantly available supply' or compressed air, of the explosive impulses I utilize a small proportion of the operating motor cylinder for the purpose of operating the air compressor unit 10, which is tapped into the head of a cylinder 11, and secured by a screw tap 12, or the like.

As illustrated in my preferred construction, to which I do not, however,

desire to be limited, the coinprcssor unit comprises a main cylinder 13 having heat radiating hns 14;, a double head piston 15,

and a valve containing head 16. ave shown a single unit attached to the head of a piston in a longitudinal position, it is obvious that the said unit may be vertically attached and that any number of units may (purement be used depending upon the reof the air supply.

ln the construction illustrated, the double headed piston 15 has compression piston 17 spaced apart from the impulse piston 18 by a stein on which is {it-ted an expansion spring V bestos softens the shock of the impulse piston 19 Which is attached to locating devices or screws 20. Both pistons are provided with suitable packing rings 21,21. A shock absorbing ring 22 of suitable material as as y eo 18 and another asbestos pad 23 similarly guards the compressor piston 17. The valve yhead 16 contains an intake valve 24. for adinitting air from the outside, a compressor valve 25 and connection nipple 26. The intake valve includes a tubule 27, a valve ball 28 and a valve spring 29, all arranged to admit` air through valve 24; into compressor space 30 above the compressor piston 17. The compressor valve includes an adjustable plug 31 having a lock nut 32, a ball spring 33for4 positioning the valve ball 34 on its valve seat 35. An outlet or safety vent 36 in the Wall of the cylinder 13 provides for pressurerelease Within the spring chamber of the cylinder.

From the disclosure thus far given, the operation of my air compressor is self-evi* dent. Normally the tension of spring 19 holds the pistons yin the position shown in Fig. 2 g'that is in depending position. An eX- plosive impulse in cylinder 11 causes the double headed cylinder 15 to be moved against the compression spring 19 and thereby expel air from the compressor cylinder S space 30 through valve 34 and nipple 26 and into the compression tank (not shown). This action is but momentary, and the inonient that the pressure in cylinder 1l falls, the double headed piston will resume its normal position and in so doingivill cause air to be taken into chamber 30 through thein take valve 24 for the next compression charge when the explosive impulse again occurs iii cylinder 11.

YWhile l have shown but a single compressor unit attachedto a single engine cylinder head, it is evident that more than one unit may be utilized to compress air at the desired rate, and that these uni-ts may be located in the n'iost effective manner on the saine or on different cylinders. ln case it is desired to stop the operation of the compressor unit, the double headed piston is then locked in any suitable .manner as by a properly controlled catch 37 engaging a detent 38 in the compressor piston 17 to hold the same in position.

It will be seen from the foregoing that I have provided an air compressor which does 110 not enipleyhe exhaust gases of the engine. ln other werds, the onlyv air tha; is compressed and stored is the fresh, Outside air, sind hence all the disadvantages and troubles incident to the attempt o employ impure,

leden 0r exploded fluid, are eliminated. Y

Having now described in v invention, what l claim as new and useful, of my Owninvention and desire lo secure by Lelers Patent is l. in zin nir conipressor, n single cylinder, :i double heeded pisen member in seid cylinder, means meuned between the heads of seid member for lcnsioning seid double heeded pistonin one direction, and ineens for alternately opening' :ind closing' one end of seid cylinder to the atmospheric sir.

2. An air compressor for internal e0mbus- `tion engines, Comprising s single cylinder havinge valved heed to close one enld of said Cylinder, and having the other end ipen to propulsive influences in the opere-king motor cylinder, L reciprocating' member luwingi heads of equal diainei'ers in seid cylinder ypositioned to be moved by the seid proinilsive influences to thereby cause air to be compressed bv said reciprocating member, a spring mounted between seid heads and lugs projecting into the cylinder, seid spring resting at one end on one of seid heads and et: the other on sziid'lugs.

In testimony7 wl'iereof I have hereunto set my hand on this 19th day of December, A. D., 1924.


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U.S. Classification417/392, 417/380
International ClassificationF04B41/04, F04B41/00
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