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Publication numberUS1694754 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 11, 1928
Filing dateAug 25, 1927
Priority dateAug 25, 1927
Publication numberUS 1694754 A, US 1694754A, US-A-1694754, US1694754 A, US1694754A
InventorsPorter Omer
Original AssigneePorter Omer
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Automatic vent for bottles and other liquid containers
US 1694754 A
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Dec. 11, 1928.





Application filed August 25, 192?. Serial No. 215,455.

This invention relates to an automatic vent for a bottle or other liquid container which will be adapted to admit air to the interior of the bottle or liquid container to facilitate the pouring or the liquid when the bottle is tilted and which will automatically close when the receptacle is returned to normal position.

My invention overcomes the difliculty experienced in pouring liquids from bottles and other liquid containers and permits rapid pouring whenever a portion, or all or" the liquid is desired to be poured or drawn oil.

' carrying out the invention there is provided in the base or bottom of the bottle or receptacle, or even in the side thereof, an in1- proved vent comprising a plug having a seat and provided with a valve as, for instance, a hall which normally rests on the seat to prevent the escape or the liquid but which becomes unseated when the bottle or receptacle is tilted, thereby to admit outer air into the interior of the bottle or receptacle so that the air pressure which ordinarily holds back the liquid is neutralized and pouring is thus made easy and rapid.

In the embodiment of the invention hereinafter set forth, the automatic vent com prises a screw plug screwed into a suitable threaded opening in the receptacle or container and provided with a vent hole constituting a seat for a ball valve contained within the hollow interior in the plug. In addition, there is provided a retainer, preferably a cross wire, which does not interfere with the admission of the air but prevents the ball from passing into the bottle or container. The joint between the plug and the bottle or container may be made leak-proof by providing it with a washer, or, a ground joint may be provided.

In the accompanying drawings:

Figure 1, is a side elevation o1 a bottle, broken away to disclose the invention;

Fig. 2, is a cross section thereof; and

Fig. 3, is a detail bottom view of the plug.

I have illustrated my invention in connection with an ordinary bottle and, to conveniently locate the automatic vent constituting the present invention, the bottle is shown as of the kind having an upwardly dished bottom. The bottle appears at 1 and the bottom is shown at 2, said bottom having an internally screw threaded central part 8.

The parts of the automatic vent are selfcontained and comprise a screw plug t whose threads engage the screw threads 3, a ball valve 5, an air vent 6, and a limiting device 7. The plug has a polygonal head 8 larger than the body thereof. This affords a tight joint and may be provided with a washer or gasket 9 between the head and the dished bottom 2, or, the dished bottom 2 and the inner face of the head may be provided with a ground joint. The head is wholly housed by the dished part 2 so that there is no projecting part to interfere with the bottle standing in upright position. I

The limiting device 7 is in the form of a. wire extending crosswise oil the plug and held in positionin any manner as, for instance, by having its ends received in holes in the plug.

The plug is provided with a hollow interior 10 which constitutes a cage for the ball valve 5, said hollow interior being of greater size than the ball valve 5 so that when the air is admitted through the vent 6, it can have free passage past the ball into the interior of the bottle.

Normally, the ball valve rests upon the vent 6 and closes it but when the bottle is tilted, the ball valve becomes unseated and air is then admitted through the vent 6 and the hollow interior 10 into the bottle, thus neutralizing the pressure existing in the pouring mouth of the bottle.

While I have illustrated the invention in connection with a'bottle, it is obvious that it may be provided on any kind of a receptacle and located either on the bottom or the side thereof provided the ball valve is arranged so that it will seat when the receptacle is in its normal, upright position.

What I claim is:

The combination with a liquid container having an upwardly dis led bottom provided with an internally screw threaded part integral therewith, of an externally screw threaded, one-piece, plug directly screwed into said screw threaded partand having its head housed by the dished part of the container,

said plug having an air vent extending through its head and provided with a hollow interior communicating with said air Vent, a loose ball valve wholly contained within said hollow interior and adapted normally to seat on and close the vent when the container is in upright position and a limiting cross wire whose ends are received in holes in the plug below the top thereof, said wire serving t limit the nnseating movement of the ball valve.

In testimony whereof I afiix my signature.


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U.S. Classification215/378, 215/312, 215/902, 215/11.4
International ClassificationB65D1/06
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European ClassificationB65D1/06