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Publication numberUS1695071 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 11, 1928
Filing dateMar 5, 1928
Priority dateMar 18, 1927
Publication numberUS 1695071 A, US 1695071A, US-A-1695071, US1695071 A, US1695071A
InventorsMariand Villalpando Antonio
Original AssigneeMariand Villalpando Antonio
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Attachment for revolvers
US 1695071 A
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Dec. 11, 1928. 1,695,071


Dec. 11, 1928. 1,695,071

A. M. VILLA LPANDO ATTACHMENT FOR REVOLVERS Filed March 5, 1928 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 numerals inclicatel like pmrter" Paamt d -16.2 15: V j 1 I j e "AT ACHME T;FOR R QLVERSF Appliation filed'march 5,1928,

ment for a revolver withleferenCemorepara;

'ticiularlyito an auxiliaryhandle for essoim tion' wi t h the barrelfofthee-ember where y; 5 the latter may be held-moresecui'ely may? 1 fective'ly from any; lateral movemel t or eb v bling, when being aimed and firedf v Oneofitheimportant objects 0 jhepjl esent; invention 'is to i provide an). attachment for revblver 0f' t'he1ab0ve mentioned character wherein the auxiliary handle may be readilyj and gompactly moved 'ia gains t vthe .under' side oftherevolv'er When nOfi m use',jmeans'belngassbfcla'ted With ;13he;ha n 11e;fg)r cooperaplon 15 with; the"trigger.guardpf;the-revolver.for sef cuiing the auXfliaryha-ndle in it-s folded inoperative 'po sition'fifi} 1: V r Afurt-her qb'jectbf the inventipn gesides in the provision of, an attachment for a revolver Ling: .pl ovided for permitting the Vertical swihging movement 16f the handle t9 an pep atiye zpdsition; additional; ihQLI1$b6iilgPQf 7 vided for liockingrthehandle i'ni its' ope ratgve position." 7 p --;';A' still I"url.ther obgec'tis ztovproyide anat- V taehmen't fore .revolverlbfflthe abdye men tidnedpha-rae'terwhich is simple in cohsfcrum I fastening elelflente'z, V fu'rtlier welllada-pted fipfthe pu pose-for, which i-tis designed. .7

' Oth er object s aiid zidyantages' ofith eiinven g fi'n will be'ome apparent during the poure tiQfl, inexpensive, strongand durable and "oftheffoll dwihg description.

' d le in itevfoldedinoperative.apositipngj; 1

Eigure' k lsia seetienal view takenisubs t "edforsl tia'lly )IpQIi the lineek o'f Figure" Figure 5iis 'an'enlargedgedge' eley ablennitwisociated with the iha lldle'. r 1 "Figure? is a detallijoerspective yiew Qfj member" for lcking:the islidable unitiin f ifts' b diinent bf. imy' ii vehtlo of'the'abeve mentiqnecl cham cter wherein the .trlmtd et iand {i,'1jespectiv e1y; With'r' f I haifidle is'bfanlextensiblechax acter;means-be:-

In the ajccomp'zinyi g drawlng's' 7 part of this specification; mid ipwhich arecqm iect r d ibi he.

atlonfefi er sipi 129; hrs-we 67-] e P1 5 f.

respective-adjacent theirlower ends for apurposejalso to'be presently apparent. The

a rounded upper end of the bar formed with thenotches 19 and 20 respectively as 7 clearly shown in Figure 6.

The slotted bars 10 and 11 are disposed between the sides of the U shaped memher and theirarespeetive"inwardlydisposed portions 3 and 4' and for thej purpose of holding: the unit 9 in its raised or extended position, there is 'provided"'thefsub stantially V -shaped spring member" 21 that is disposed between the spring ayvsi3 and" 1 is formed with the registering openings 22 and 23 in the arms thereof toaccominodate the transverse bolt 8 andforme'd' on' the upper edges of thespring'arms of the outwardly ex- 7 tendingtongues' 24- and 25 respectively that engage i'n the-notches l7 and 18 of the arms 10 and l l'respectlvely in themanner as clearly shown in Figure '3 and also inlFigure 5.

" Thetongues are disengaged from the'notches by grasping the outer ends'o'f the spring'arms' oi the V-shaped member 21- that project be r yond the open side of the U-shapedhandle and forcing sald ends inwardly as readlly obvious trom the construction shown 1n the drawings. Ween thetonguesarejdisengaged frointhe notches in the slottedloars,-tlie unit 7 9 is thenfree to slide downwardly Within the handle. I

rYcylind-rical bracket 26 is adapted to he i Welded or otherwise rigidly. attached to the underside of the barrel Aof therevolver B adjacent the outer-end'thereoffand depend ing from the intermediate portion of this i I bracket is the amt 27 that isfltormedat its et againstaccidental displacement: f

j Thef'lowerend ofthelhracket formed Y gwithjanlopening 33 that is adapted'to register with:similar'openings formed inthe rounded convergingupper ends of the bars 10 and'll" of the 'sliclable unit 9 and bet\ve'en' ivhi ch. en'ds of thebar the lower endoi' the bracket 31 is disposed; A-Ibolt 3diextends through the registering openings in the uppeiaends of the bar "and the lower-"end of the bracketziil as r shownrnore clearly in Figure 45 A shoulder,

35 is formed inone edge of thelbracket 31 and this bracket is furthermoreiormed'tvith theopeningBG for eooperation with the notch, 19 formed in the upper edge of the arm lOas will beno'w more fully described; a

The 1 present' inventi'on further 1 compre bends" the provision jota" spr ng Washer 37 revolver,

S It will thusbeseen form scription that I have provided anattachment forl revolvers that will enable the ,useri'to that is disposed adjacent the outer face oi the upper end ot' the arm "10 and is provided with an opening 38 to accommodatethejbolt 351. The avasherlis formedwith a curved thumb engaging portion 4C0 with which is oporativel'yi associated the spring finger 41 and is "formed at its freeend with thelateral projection 42 and thisprojection extends through the notch 19 and intothe opening 36 for locking theslidable uIiitvthat-is carried by'the handle- 1 in verticalalineinent with the properposition' for facilitating the use ofthe .T he {spring Washer is furthermore formed lth the laterally extending lug 43' that cooperates avith the shoulder 35 of-the bracket 31 to limitthe: swinging movement; or the handle and-the slidable unit extending:

therefrom in one direction. i

bracket 31 wherebyl'the handle Willbe in By pressing inwardly on the thumb engaging portion 40; the springfinger 41 will be actuated to move the laterally projecting portion 12 out ot'engagenient'with the opening 36 int-he bracket 31 whereby the handle 1 and the extended slidable unitjlnay be swung on the pivot provided by the bolt 34,-

and when the fingers 24 and 25 are disengaged from the notches 17 and 18', respectively, the slidableunit 9 is moved ,doivnwardlyinthe handle 1'; and thehande isthen swung rear \vardly underneath of the revolver and when the bolt 8 is'at the uppe'rmostend of the registering slots 13 and 14,thesame will enter the registering lateral or transverse slot 15 and 16, for locking the slidable unit 9 against out- Wardmovementwith respect to the handle 1 and the spring jaws3andfi will engage with the" te sidesoftheatrigger guard C of the volver B whereby. the handlel will-be supported in a folded v inoperative-position If desired, the spring catch. 32'mayzbeydisengagedfroin the notch 39 and the socket30 removed; from engagement Withfth'e nose 28 wh reby the auxiliary handle'can beentirely removed flolii the revolver v ';In lili'gur'e ll of thedrawings,"thereigis shown a modificationiof the barrel engaging and istoihe' associated-Withthe slidable uii it associate d w'vith said unit.

properly hold the revolver in order to accusimplicity ofniy attachment enables the parts to be readily and easily adjusted and actuated whereby the-handle may be swung: to'an I operativeor inoperativejposition; .Furthermore, my improved-attachme t b66011:

bracket, andthis bracket may take'thel place "of the"complementary, bracketsl26 and 31 9' in the sanieinianner; that the'bracket is the foregoing derately aim and firethe same, and "the handle attachment is ofsucha'constructio-nflas not to interfere With the use of the revolver; ;j The V ,erating means between the upp'er end of said Y unit and the braoket whereby the unit'an'd the handle may swing beneath'the barrel, 4. .means for holding the handle in a vertical structed at a veryloW cost and be strong- I and durable. r

' lVhile I have shovvn the Having thus described the inventiomwhat ters Patent is r l v p 1. In an attachment for revolvers, the com- I claim as new and desire to seeure by Leta bination ofabracket secured on the barrel a handle secured atone end tothe-bracketifor swinging movement beneath the barrel, coon erating means between the braolgetand the handle ii'or locking the haIlCllQHl a rigid Vertlcalposition, and add1t1onal means carried by the handle for cooperation with; the trig;

the handle in'a folded posip p I v to hold the handle in this folded position.

ger guard to hold tion.

.2. In an attachment for revolvers, the coin-l biriationbf a braeketseeured on the barrel, a iholloivliandle, aun it slidable in the upper;

endof the :handle,meansifor locking the unit bination'of a braoket secured on the barrel, a

hollow handle, an extensible unit slida'ble the upper end portion of said handle, eoopcrating means between the upper endnof'said' unit andthe bracket whereby the unitv'an'd the handle may swing beneath'tlie barrel, imeans for holding" the handle in'a vertical" position, and additional means carried by the handle for cooperation with the trigger guard to hold the handles in a folded position." I

3. In an attachment folrevolvers, theeorn binat-ion of abracketsecured on the barrel, a hollow handle, an'extensible unit slldable' 1n the upper end portion ofsaidhandle, coopposition, said unit being disposed for; sub- Sammy the giaar. We. thereofwit f.

preferred embodi Inent 01 my invention, it is to be understood that various ohangesin'the-size, shape and; arrangement of parts may be resorted to Without departing from the spirit of the in.-} vention andthe scope of the appendedelaimsbination' of a bracket secured olilfihefbarrel, I

V ahollow handle, a unit 'slid'able' inthe'nppr l in its extended position, saidgunit being pivextended unit in a rigid verticalposition swinging n1ovement,said unit'being disposed for the major portion thereof 'within the hairdle when thelatter is in, a -folded-position',-jade ditional means carried' by the'ha'ndle forth 'ingsprin'g aws arranged in thehollovvlhandl inthe. hollotv handle when the latter is inaf j folded 'posit1on, and means carried byf th' handle for cooperation, With, the' ftrigger' guard toflhold the handle in its refolded-posh:

- 4. In anattachmentfor revolvers',fthecoin end of the handle, meansforrloeking theunit otally connected at" its upper end to; the 1 bracket whereby thehandle may be swung'tof' a vertical position, means for *lockijng the' against swinging movement, said unit being? disposed for the major portion thereof "within the handlewhenthe latter is in aifolded po'? sition, and additional means e a' iriedby'th'e' handle for eol peration with thetriggerguard 5. Inan attachment for revolverathe comin "its extended p'OsitiOnQsaid unit being piv} otally-fconneeted at its upper. end to; the.v bracket whereby the handle maybaswung to 70 ayertical position, means fo'r locking'the ex; 5 tended unit in, a rigid vertioal'position a g'ainst} cooperation Iy'vith the triggerguardto Q1101 the handle in this-folded position, said-last mentionedmeans eomprising a pan, of eo'act r ment with the triggertguardpf p r In testimony whereof I affix my Slg lMHre, v ANTO Io'M RIAN vn AtP-Anpo; j

adj aeent the} lower; 7 end "thereof for engage -v

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