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Publication numberUS1695153 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 11, 1928
Filing dateJul 21, 1927
Priority dateJul 21, 1927
Publication numberUS 1695153 A, US 1695153A, US-A-1695153, US1695153 A, US1695153A
InventorsNelson Lettie Z
Original AssigneeNelson Lettie Z
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Sanitary-napkin holder
US 1695153 A
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De@ 11,1928. 1,695,153 l L z. NELSON v v SANITARY NAPKIN HOLDER med .my 21. 1927 Patented Dec. 11, 1928.





Application filed. July 21,

The invention aims to provide anew and improved sanitary napkin holder, constructed to not only hold a napkin or any other desired pad, in position for use, but to carry a spare napkin or pad and protect the latter against iuid from the pad in use. Thus, whenever necessary or advisable, the pad which has been in use may be disposed of and the spare pad used.

The term napkin will be hereinafter used in a sense comprehending any absorbent pad regardless of the material or materials from which it may be formed.

F ig. 1 of the accompanying drawing is a perspective view of the device, two napkins being held therein.

Fig. 2 is a longitudinal sectional view.

Fig. 3 is a vertical transverse section' on line 3--3 of Fig. 2.

Fig. 4t is a plan view partly broken away, both napkins `being removed.

The drawing above briefly described, illustrates the preferred form of construction, and while this construction will be hereinafter specifically described, it is to be understood that within the scope of the invention as claimed, numerous variations may be made.

The numeral 5 denotes an elongated sling sheet prete 'ably narrowed somewhat towards its ends. Connected to and extending along` thc longitudinal edges of the sheet are two side walls 6. lnterposed between these side walls, is a second sling sheet 7, the ends of the two sheets 5-7 and the sidewalls 6, being all connected with each other and provided with appropriate means such as straps 8 and buckles 9, for attachment to a belt or the like 10 of any desired form.

Any appropriate materials maybe used but l prefer thin, freely flexible, sheet rubi for the sling sheets 5- 7 and the side walls 6. Said side walls are preferably stitched at 11 to the sling sheet 5 and these connected edges are preferably bound by rubbered fabric 12. Similar bindings 13 are provided on the free edges of the walls 6, and the edges of the sling sheet 7 are preferably bound in the same manner as at 14. Other bindings 15 of 1927. seriai No.. 207,413.

rubbered fabric,are provided at the ext-reine ends of the sling and it will be understood that these bindings not only provide for a very durable device, but as the rubber is stitched between thev *two side portions of each binding, there is no danger of the stitching tearing loose.

The sling sheet 5 and the side walls 6 coact in torn'iinga pocket for a spare napkin 16, which napkin underlies the second sling sheet 7. This sling sheet 7 supports a. napkin 17 for use, between the side walls 6, and itwill be observed that said sling sheet 7 effectively protects the spare napkin 16 against fluid absorbed by said napkin 17.

lilhcnever advisable, the napkin 17 may be disposed of, the spare napkin 16 removed from its retaining pocket and positioned upon the sling sheet'7, and then held in place for use.

The invention is not only rather simple and inexpensive, but is durable and possesses numerous advantages which will be apparent to users of such devices, without further elaboration.

1. A sanitary napkin holder for holding a napkin when in f use and provided with a pocket for carrying a spare napkin for emergency use.

2. A sanitary napkin holder comprising a 1 sling for carrying two napkins one above the other, and a moisture-proof sheet connected to the sling to extend between the two napkins, protecting the lower from iiuidk absorbed by the upper.

3. A sanitary napkin holder comprising a sling sheet `to support a spare napkin, side walls connected to the longitudinal edges of said sling sheet, and a second sheet between said sidewalls and connected to said sling sheet, said second sheet beingl adapted to su`pport a napkin in use and serving to protect the'underlying spare napkin.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto,

affixed my signature.


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