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Publication numberUS1695517 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 18, 1928
Filing dateDec 6, 1927
Priority dateDec 6, 1927
Publication numberUS 1695517 A, US 1695517A, US-A-1695517, US1695517 A, US1695517A
InventorsAugust Waldbauer Carl
Original AssigneeAugust Waldbauer Carl
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Garment hanger and protective device therefor
US 1695517 A
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Dec. 18, 1928. 1,695,517

c. A. WALDBAUER GARMENT HANGER AND PROTECTIVE DEVICE THEREFOR Filed Dec. 6, 1927 2 Sheets-Sheet Dec. 18, 1928. 1,695,517

" c:. A. WALDBAUER 1 GARMENT HANGER AND PROTECTIVE DEVICE THEREFOR Filed Dec. 6, 1927 2 Sheets-She et 2 TRIP-14- 1 14- 5 1s A fizz/w.- p messes.

62rd flayaii Wklabaaer 1119 flzarzzqy,

Patented Dee-is, 192s;

"Gate eeper warrant, or CHICAGO, inm'ivorsf Q r mam-a ran-assesse :mvics TsE;-saFora.'v a 1 e-amen med' iiecemter e; 1927; seiisritosaes ,04.

, My'invntiomerateste garment and may I chandise hangers? and protective appliances therefor, and has for its ebjectthe pro-vision ofa device (if thekind'described thativfill be it of'sflimple, yetstrong eeristruetien, convenient and reliable "in operation "and particular-1y adapted to support and display garments and merchandise while prevent-mg unauthorized i accessytheretoz H I I m .Another ob e'ct'of my inventionis'topr'event ofgarmenfisair merchandise from stores, publicedifitiS'fiilfitdsf of "amusement, etc. 1 v. a Another etjectgf i y invnnen s to pre-v videa novel clothes hanger: guard lock;

" Other "objects and advantages of the contrnctiohand method herein em loyee will appear more fully infthe'hereinafterspecifi-i cationwhen takenfiii connection withdrew 2o compan 'ing drawings,- in-wh-ich;

F igure l is a, perspective view of my de-''.

vice, parts being broken away.

Figure 2' is an enlarged fragmentary detail of one of the strap hangers and support? 'ing structure connected thereto. a

I Figure 3 is an end elevation of my device, partly in section, with partsbrokenawayfi Figure 4-is an enlarged detail View of one of the locking elements.

5-5 of Figurel. a a 7 g With more partiCuIar refrence to the drawings, 1 wherein similar characters of support for the 'strap17,whose curled ends bar 21 and the rock bar 22 on which latter the arms 23, 24,525, 26 and the link 27 are attached, the'link27 being pivotally secured to the lock link .28 by the bolt and nut 29 and 30, thelocking link 28being held in operative actuated lock 50, theitongue49 engaging a looking link 2'8- forward, while :at the same Figure 5v isva cross section'taken online reference indicate corresponding parts in the: 7 several views, 10 and 1-1 are joists or rails to which are attached by bolts and nuts 13 and 14:,the strap hangers 15, 16,which form the forward, While the angle ironguard 35 and form sockets 19, for reception of the fixed,

locking positionby the tongue 19 of the key time the attached link 27 will swing t owards.

reek 22, o and consequently causing the angling of the arms 23,24, and'26f-t0 raise 7 the angleiron guard 35, inth s manner perinitti ng' objects hung on' thebar to be removed therefrom'ifdesired; 5

- yahs mode or operation oi' my device has been in. a measure indicated by' the *1'ofeg0ing the from of amassin thereby pifvoting tlie 1 description, and will now be'iullyapparent" from?thefollowing' explanation upon refer;

ring to: the drawings# .W henused tofsu-pportij garments, a number of clothes-hangers sins-- 1 has wtheone desi gnateclby thehangeri-5l in Figure .1, a e supported on the bai 2 1, the I tion in a manner to-partly enclose -th'e hooks, 36 of the garinent'hange'rs 51:, 'and also ina thegarmenthan ers,

. 1 The brin ingdownofthe angle irongusrd 3 the-bar 22 thereby angling the link 27'which operates the lock link 28 to tension I;

the spring 33, thereby-permitting the resiliently impelled tongue 19 of the lock -50 to enter the notch 31 of the locking link 28,*in-

this manner automatically securing the lockinglink'28, and consequentlythe angle iron guard 35, over the bar 21 andthe hooks 36 of 1 the guard hangers 51. 1 v 7 From an inspection of the drawings it will by'a key to withdrawthe tongue 19 from the notch 31, the end of the lockinglink28 promanner to eoi'itactwith garments placed over be observed that when the lock 50 is operated truding through the wall 3 1 will be impelledthe links associated therewith-will automatic'ally. raise under the influence of the spring 33. To place the device in operative locking position, it will merely be necessary to push,

down the anglefiron guard over the-'bar 21,

this sufiicing to move the locking link 28Iina wardly until the tongue 49 of the lock 50 enters the notch 31 therebysecuringthe link 28 in locked position without the necessity 1o0 Whilel have describedand illustrated,-

ofinserting'a key in the keyhole '32 i withsome degree of particularity, the pr'e ferred form of my invention, Ido not wish to confine myself to Ltheprecise; details set forth as it will be obvious totliose skilledfin my device is susceptible to considerable modif fication and, variation within the scopeof what has been set forth, andwithin the limits v of the appended claims.

,1 I the art to whiclrmyinvention appertains that 1 i by Letters Patent is:

plurality of links, one of said links havin a notch accommodating the tongue of a loci? and means whereby said lock prevents and permits rocking movement of said element whereby articles on said frame may be guarded against theft and removed therefrom when desired. i n v 2. A device of the kind described comprising a supporting frame, a second frame rockingly mounted on the supporting frame, a container secured to the supporting frame, said container having a reciprocating menr her actuated bya member connected to said second frame, and lockoperated means ithin the container engageable in a notch on said reciprocating member. H

3. A device of the kind described comprising a supporting frame, a guard rod secured to a rock barhaving a reciprocating member, said member being pivotally secured to a link, said link being: fastened to a rock bar connected to said guard rod, resilient means to retain said euard rod in inoperative raised position, and key actuated means to maintain aving connection to a said reciprocating member in fixed position, and thereby to hold said guard rod in locked lowered position in order to prevent removal of garments therefrom.

4. A device of the kind described comprising asupporting frame formed of a plurality of hangersand straps having sockets, a pair of bars mounted insaidsockets, one of said bars being rockable, the other of said bars being fixed, a guard rail attached to said rock bar and swinga'ble intoposition:immediately 7 over said fixed bar a rec rocatlng member having connection to said" ock bar by means of a link, means to resiliently maintain said guardrail in raised ino erativeposition and means to lock said guarc rail in lowered o -A ative position.

5. A device of} the kind destined te ts:

ing a pair of supporting members secured to strips provided with sockets, acontainer. firs tened to one of said strips, said container having a lock and a reciprooatinglmember resiliently actuated and cooperating-With said lock, a rock bar mountedin the sockets on one end of said strips, saidfrockhar being attached to a guard rail sivingable over a rod fixed in the sockets at the other end of said strips.

In testimony whereof I havoYsigned my nameto this specification. 7 p i L AU STWAL AUER

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U.S. Classification211/124, 211/8
International ClassificationE05B69/00
Cooperative ClassificationE05B69/006
European ClassificationE05B69/00H