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Publication numberUS1695773 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 18, 1928
Filing dateJan 19, 1926
Priority dateJan 19, 1926
Publication numberUS 1695773 A, US 1695773A, US-A-1695773, US1695773 A, US1695773A
InventorsMorgan William C
Original AssigneeJ Sid Hall
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Attachment for dental engine handpieces
US 1695773 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Dec. 18, 1928.



me/nto@ akker/wmf fit) Cil

is dividedsubstantially in halt by a transverse partition 13 having an opening 14 transversely thereof to provide a bearing for the intermediate portion 15 of the drive shaft 8.

The side walls oi the recess 12 on each side of the partition 13 are provided with a plurality of parallel guide ribs 16 which are designed to engage in the recessed corners 11 of all of the tool carrying' units, which will be presently described, with the exception or' the outermost unit which does not engage with guide ribs 16 at its outermost two corners 'for the reason that tiis end unit is adapted tor longitudinal adjust-ment ot the attachment.

f1 dividingI wall 18 separates the outer end of the tubular handle portion 1() 'from the recess 12 and provides a bearing' for a slightly enlarged portion 19 oli the drive shaft 8. .,ietween the bearings 15 and 19, the drive sha-tt 8 is provided with a worin 20 which extends through the hollow tool carrying;` units placed between the partition 13 and wall 18, it being shown in the present illustration as associated with three ont such units, although 1 desire it to be expressly understood that 1 do not limit the invention to the number oi units provided. The worm 20 is slightly larger than the portion 19.01 the drive shaft to provide a shoulder adapted to abut the outer surface of the wall 18 in order to limit inward movement ot the drive shaft.

r1`he drive shaft 8 is extended beyond the bearing portion 15 thereof and through the other set of three tool carrying units disposed beyond the partition 13, it being observed that a worm 21 is likewise provided upon the extended port-ion of the sh att to project through these units for propelling' the tool holders thereof as will be explained in detail presently. rlhe outer end of the drive shaft terininates in a globularenlarsement 22 having hearing in a corresponding recess 'formed between the end wall 23 ot the support and a. removable end plate 241 'fastened to the end of the support in such a manner th at it may be removed when inserting' the drive shaft into the attachment, or for thepurposeoffacilitating' removal of this shaft in the event of repairs thereto or to other partsheingnecessary.

1n the present illustration 1 have shown three tool carrying units associated with the recess 12 on each side ot the partition 13, these units being numbered 25 to 30 inclusive. Each oit these tool carriers comprises. a substantially rectangular hollow housing; 31, and all oi them except the unit has its longitudinal corners provided with recesses 17 to tit the guide ribs 1G provided on the walls of the recesses 12 to facilitate adjustment ot the units. rllhe two inner corners oli' the unit 30 are, however, equipped with similar grooves l1'?, in order that this unit may be slid up close to the adjacent unit 29 when such adjustment is desirable.

The bottom 32 and the removable top 33 oi each tool carrier are provided with aligned outwardly tapering openings 811 to term bearings for similarly shaped ends of an open ended tubular worm 3G which constitutes the tool holder. 1n this manner, it will be appreciated that the worm 3G of each carrier unit 31 is freely rotatably mounted and since the worms 20 and 21 of the drive shaftt are meshed with these worm tool holders, it will be appreciated that they are driven from a common shaft. The end oi each worm adjacent the bottom of the recess 12 is provided with a. semi-circular extension 87 which projects into the tool receiving bore oi the worm to iit a similarly shaped notch in the inner end ot' a drill shank 38 shown in dotted lines in Figure 3. Ot course, it will be appreciated that the inner end of the bore ot cach worm 36 may be formed in any manner to equip it with a non circular portion at this point so as to prevent relative rotation between it and the shank of the drill `inserted therein.

1n order that the drills may not become accidentally displaced from their respective tool holders 86, 1 provide movable means adapted to engage about the shanks ot the drills. This means in the present illustration, although it is to be understood that 1 do not consider the invention limited to this specific type et means, consists oit a pair ot pivoted jaws 39 connected to the top oit each tool carrier 81 by means oi screws d() or otherl suitable fastenings passing through the aws and the removable top '38 of the carrier. ll c i pair or" jaws 39 are equipped with coinpleinentary tapered recesses 11 to engage about the usual tapered portion o1' the t ard drill or bur in order to prevent accidental outward movement of the drill when associated with its holder. 1n order that these jaws may be securely retained about their respective drills in closed position, 1 provide the top of each carrier unit with a pair of upwardly projecting semi-cireular beads 42,

shown most clearly in dotted lines in Figure 3, and adapted to be received into corresponding recesses in the under sides of the free ends ot the jaws 89. By slight pressure tending to separate the free ends oi' the jaws 39, they may be swung' free ot the retaining beads 4:2 to release the drill, and vice versa to retain the drill in its carrier. To facilitate the easy sliding` adjustment ot the unit 30 and assist in obviatiii@` vibration thereof when in operation, 1 provide a guide 51 consisting ot a plate screwed on top of the end wall 23 and provided with a pair oit inwardly projecting spaced parallel raide arms 55 which rest upon the side walls ot the y recesses 12 adjacent its outer end. `1t will be observed that these arms 55 slightly over- .flap they top of the carrier unit 80, the jaws 89 of which are made short enough to permit dthis relationship. lWhen the jaws 89 ot this l ut) ire unit areto be opened, the unit is moved away from the adjacent unit -29suiiiciently to permit opening of the jaws. Y

To enable the drill carriersto 29 inclusive to be adjusted transversely of the support 1l for the purpose of either permitting the jaws 39 to swing free ofadjacent units, or to adjust the drills axially whereby the drills may operate to different depths, I provide rotatable adjusting means for each unit or carrier 8l. This rotatable adjusting means for moving each drill carrier independently ot the other transversely of the support, consists, in the present instance, of

vmerely a screw 48 threaded through the bottom of the support ll under itsrespe'ctive carrier. Each of these screws 43 is provided with a reduced neck 44 adapted to project through the bottom 32 of its respective carrier Si and is swivelly connected thereto by means of fastening a removable head '45 to the free end ofthe neck 45 in Vany suitable manner. v t will therefore be seen that by turning the screw 43 of any tool'earrj'fing unit 3l so as to move the same inwardly of the support or casing ll, that that particular carrier will l be moved transversely andoutwardly of the ves Vof the attachment. and 48 are of the machine screw type, and

support. Y

Similar adjusting means are provided for adjusting the outermost carrying unit 30 longitudinally of the support or attachment, and instead of the screw being. threaded through the bottom ofthe support, it is er;- tended through anvaperture 46 of the removable end plate 24 aligned with a threaded aperture 47 of the end wall 28 of the support. The inner end ,of this screw is, like the'screws 43, provided with a reducednecl; 49 adapted to project through a removable plate 50 of the endcarrier and terminates in an enlarged head 51 for swivelly connecting the screw 48 to the carrierunit 230. By unscrewthe screw 48, the carrier unit 30 will be moved outwardly and longitudinally of the support or attachment, and'reverse rotation of the screw will reverse movement of ythis carrier in order that the distance between the drills carried by the units 29 and 30 may be varied as desired. Thus, it will be apparent that the carrier units 29 and 30 can be moved in non-parallel planes or at right angles to each other, inorder to vary the distance between the tools carried by theseunits or to vary the working depth of the'tool carried by the unit 29 when it is moved transversely All of these screws 43 an ordinary Vscrew driver may be employed for turning them. lAs I' do not restrict Ithe invention to 'this particular ltype of adjustino' means, vit will be understood that any means 'for movingthe 'units inthe directions indicated will serve equally as well.

When the distance between thecavities to be formed is less than the miniifnum space be- 'tween'the drills ofthe carrier units 29 and 30,1 have provided a removable guide prong 52 formed withan elongated shank Vadapted to fit the dovetail groove 53 provided in the side of the carrier unit 30 which is adjacent the unit 29. Since the jaw 39 of the unit overlaps'this groove, it,'also is provided with a dove-tail recess, as shown best Vin Figure l, to align with the groove. The outer end of `this guide prong 52 may be oifset, as shown,

so that cavities closely together may be drilled parallel, or this end may be aligned with the body of the prong when it is desired thatr the cavities be drilled further apart than would be permissible with the arrangement shown in Figure 2. If desired, a set of guide yprongs 52 of ditferent configurations may be supplied with the` attachment in order that the desired distance between cavities, which'is less than the dist-ance between the drills of adjacent carrier units, may be formed with equal facility.

VJ ith drillsv 38 positioned in the drill holding worms 36 of the units 29 and 30, and it be desired to drill cavities spaced further apart thenthe drills are arranged, the screw 48 'may simply be turned to move the unit 30v with its drill away from the unit 29 until the desired distance between the drills has been attained. Should it be desired to drill cavities spaced further apart then the adjustment of the unit 30 will permit, it will be appreciated that a drill may be associated with any of the units 25 to 29 inclusive, so that the desired distance between the drills of these units and that of the unit 30 will be attained. In the event of it' being desired to .drill one cavity to a greater depthy than another simultaneously, any ofthe units 25 to 29 inclusive'V may be adjusted inwardly or outwardly transversely of trie attachment bv 'simplyfturning the screw 43 associated with the unit to be adjusted. As these are inerely a few of the uses of the attachment to divulge the utility of the various constructions and arrangements, it will, of course, be obvious to those `skilled 1n the dental. art that many other uses of the attachment are possible and which are not believed to be necessary to set forth in detail. f

It is to be understood that I do not restrict the invention to the size, shape or arrangement of the partsas disclosed herein for the purpose of illustration, but that various vchanges inv the construction and arrangement of parts may be resorted to without departing from the spirit of the invention or the scope of the claims appended.

I claim:

1. A. dental engine'hand-piece,comprising 'asupport, a tool carrier adjustably mounted therein, means in said support for rotating the tool, and means for adjusting the carrier to `move the tool arrially'within said support.

v 2. A dental enginehand-piece comprising a support, a tool carrier adjustably mounted therein., said tool carrier including a Worm, a Worm shaft meshing with said Worm, and means in said support for adjusting the car ri-er to move the tool aXially.

8. A dental engine hand-piece comprising a support, a tool carrier adjustably mounted therein, means in said support lor rotating the tool, and rotatable means extending through the support for moving the carrier.

Ll. il dental engine hand-piece comprising al support a tool carrier, a tool holder rotatably niounted tlrerein and having spiral threads, We `in shaft meshing with said threads, l n cans 'lor adjusting the carrier Within said support to move the tool axially.

5. jin attachment for dental engine handpieces comprising a support, a tool carrier associated therewith and capable of rectilinearl adjustment relative thereto, a tool holder mounted in said carrier, and means li'or rotating said. tool holder.

6. il dental engine hand piece comprising a support, a pair ot tool holders associated therewith and movable at substantially r1 ht angles to each other to vary the distance therebetween and the vvor depth of tools ID adV pted to be n'iounted i sain holders, and

means carried by said support 'or rotating said tool holders.

Z7. fi. dental engine hand piece comprising a su sort and a pair of tool holders associated therewith and movable. in non-parallel planes, and means carried by said support for rotat- N ing 'said tool holders..

8. An attachment 'for dental engine handpicces comprising a support, a pair of tool carriers adjustably connected thereto, means for driving the tools, one of said carriers being adjustable longitudinally et' the support an d the other carrier being adjustable transversely thereof, the mo vement oi" both carriers being in rectilinear paths. f

9. fin attachment lor dental engine handpieces comprising av recessed support, a pair ot tool carriers adjustably mounted therein, f s 'tor rotating the tools, rotatable means g through a side ol the support 'for g one ol said carriers transversely and rotatable means lextending the end ot said support ttor adj r sting .r carrier longitudinally thereof?.

' lnnent 'or dental engine handa recessed support, a pair justably mounted therein., means tor rotating the tools. rotatable means can ndi through a sido oit the support i; one oil? saidv carriers transversely h and rotatable means extending hrough the lend ot said support for adjusting die other carrier longitudinally thereof, and duiue member associated With one of said car. 1ers.

11. dental engine hand-piece comprising a guide associated with one. of said carriersV adapted to enter a Ycavity and guidev a tool orp the other carrier parallel thereto.

12. An attachment for dent-al engine handpieces comprising a support, a pair of tool carriers adjustably connected thereto, a rotary riven holder in each carrier and a guide asso- .iated .vith one of said carriers for guiding a tool the other carrier to the desired depth and in the desired direction.

123. An attachment for dental engine hand pieces comprising a support, incre than tivo relativelyVVV liz-:eu juxtaposed tool holders car fried theifeby and arranged at predetermined points whereby tools can be associated With selected holders to dispose the tools any desired distance apart, and means for rotating said tool holders. Y

14C. An attachment for dental engine handpieces comprising a support, and a pluralit" ol' juiftaposed tool carriersin lined relation longitudinally et the support and adjust-able laterally thereof.

15. An attachment for dental r engine handpieces comprising a support, al plurality ot juxtaposed tool carriers rectilinearly movable, a tool holder rotatably mounted in each carrier, and common drive means for said tool holders mounted in said support.

16. A dental engine hand-piece comprising an elongated support, a plurality o juxtaposed tool carriers associated therewith in n Afl,

alignment longitudinally 01' said support, av

therewith in alignment longitudinally of said support, a driven tool holder rotatably mounted in each carrier, and a common drive shaft extending through the carriers and longitudinally oil3 said support i'or rotating said holders.

19. An attachment Jor dental engine handpieces comprising an elongated support, a

plurality oit' juxtaposed tool carriers adjustably mounted in said support, one of said carriers being rectilinearly adjustable longiu tudinally of said support, and the other earrier transversely thereof, a driven tool holder rotatably mounted in each carrier, and drive means common to all of said carriers for ro tating the tool holders.

20. An attachment for dental engine handpieces comprising a support, a plurality of tool carriers rectilinearly movable trans-- versely of said support, a single tool carrier rectilinearly movable,longitudinally ot said support and provided with means for holding' a guide adapted to cooperate With Vany one of the tool carriers.

2l. An attachment for dental engine handpieces comprising' a support, more than two juxtaposed tool carriers arranged in fixed relation with respect to the longitudinal di- Y inension of the support, and guideV means adapted for cooperation With any of .said tool carriers in which a tool or tools may be placed. l

22. An attachment for dental engine handpieces comprising an elongated support, a

plurality of juxtaposed tool carriers associated With said support lengthwise thereof and hein@` immovabley lenOthWise ot the su ort v G b 3 a rotary driven tool holder associated with eachcarrier, and means common to all of said tool holders for rotating the same.

28. A dental engine hand-piece comprising a support, a tool carrier mounted therein7 a rotatable'tool holder mounted in said carriera a burr mounted in said holder and hav ing a portion of its shank tapered, and a pair of pivoted jaws having' tapered jaw faces adapted to engage aboutthe tapered portion of the shank of said burr for detachably retaining it in said holder. Y

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand.


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