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Publication numberUS1696489 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 25, 1928
Filing dateMay 23, 1927
Priority dateMay 23, 1927
Publication numberUS 1696489 A, US 1696489A, US-A-1696489, US1696489 A, US1696489A
InventorsHerbert Kahn
Original AssigneeKahn Mirror Plate Company
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Display sign and the like
US 1696489 A
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Dec. 25, 1928. 1,696,489

H. KAHN DISPLAY SIGN AND THE LIKE Filed May 2:, 1927 f)? To PNE) Patented Dec. 25, 1928.



Application filed May 23,

This invention. relates to a certain newand useful improvement in display-signs.

My invention has for its object the provision, as anew article of manufacture, of a sign comprising a body-section of glass and a so-called display-member, the latter being disposed upon and united to the glass section in such manner as to be clearly visible through, and yet is efliciently protected from removal or defacement by, the glasssection, the portion of the glass-section surrounding the display-matter having the reflecting properties and characteristics of a mirror.

And with the above and other objects in view, In invention resides in the novel features 0 form, construction, arrangement, and combination of parts or elements hereinafter described and pointed out in the claims.

In the accompanying drawing,

Figure 1 is a plan view of an advcrti ing-mirror embodying my invention; and

Figure 2 is a sectional view thereof.

Referring now more in detail and by reference characters to the drawing, which illustrates a preferred embodiment of my in vention, in the construction and formation of my new sign, I employ and provide as the body-member thereof a section of originally transparent glass 1 of preferably plate type.

Disposed flatwise upon one face for descriptive purposes, I will designate such face as the rear face-of the glass-section 1, is the sign proper 2. Suchsign 2 is preferably constructed of paper or other suitable material, may have any desirable configuration, and may bear any desirable insignia, indicia, advertisingmatter, or the like. For descriptive purposes, the member 2, which is of lesser surface dimensions than the glass section 1, may well be designated the display-member of the sign.

Disposed upon. and over the rear face of the display-member 2 and the remaining 7 portion or balance of the body or glass section 1, is a suitable layer 3 of reflecting-material, such, for instance, as silver nitrate, which functions not only to unite or conjoin the display-member 2 flatwise to and upon the body-section 1, but also to equip such surrounding portion of the body-section 1 with a reflecting backing, thereby imparting to said glass-portion the properties of the ordinary mirror of commerce. As so 1927. Serial No. 193,517.

converted, the section 1 may also be designated as the reflecting-member of the sign.

Further disposed, in turn or succession, upon the rear face of the reflecting layer 8, and in completion of the sign, is a suitable layer 4 of shellac or other such material and a layer 5 of opaquing material or paint.

As so formed and constructed, the display-member 2 is clearl visible from the opposite or front face 0 and througl'i, the body-section 1, and is yet most efliciently protected from removal or defacement, the surrounding portion A of the section 1 h aving reflecting or mirror characteristics and prominently and distinctly setting out the display-member 2.

My new sign is of great utility as an advertising medium and in a most efiicient and attractive manner calls attention to the display-member.

It is to be understood that changes in the form, construction, arrangement, and combination of the several parts of my new sign may be made and substituted for those here in shown and described without departing from the nature and principle of my invention.

' Having thus described my invention, what I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

1. As a new article of manufacture, a display-sign including a rigid sheet-glass bodysection, a display-member constructed of paper disposed flatwise directly upon a part of the rear face of the body-section, the

body-section being of greater area than the display member, and a layer of reflecting material adhesively disposed upon and over the rear face of the display-member and upon and over that portion of the rear face of the body-section that surrounds the displayemember, the display member being by the reflecting material fixed upon the bodysection and being visible only when viewed from the front face of the body-member, the body-member surrounding the displaymember having the characteristics of a mirror.

2. As a new article of manufacture, a dis play-sign including a rigid sheet-glass body section, a display-member constructedof paper disposed fiatwise directly upon a part of the rear face of the body-section, the bodysection being of greater area than the display-member, a layer of reflecting material adhesively disposed over and upon the rear face of the display-member and over and upon that portion of the rear face of the bod -section that surrounds the displaymember, and layer of opaquing-material adhesively disposed over and upon the rear face of the layer of reflecting material, the display-member being fixed by said layers of material upon the body-section and being visible only when Viewed from the front face of the body-member the body-member surrounding the display-member having the characteristics of a mirror.

In testimony Whereofi I have signed my name to this specification.


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U.S. Classification40/615
International ClassificationG09F13/16
Cooperative ClassificationG09F13/16
European ClassificationG09F13/16