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Publication numberUS1696677 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 25, 1928
Filing dateDec 5, 1927
Priority dateDec 5, 1927
Publication numberUS 1696677 A, US 1696677A, US-A-1696677, US1696677 A, US1696677A
InventorsHayton Thomas R
Original AssigneeHayton Thomas R
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Tube cleaner
US 1696677 A
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Patented Dec. 25, 19287.

THOMAS n. HAiriioiil on iiriarntpou, Wisconsin.


@pagina fried peeinbr 5, i927. serialy No. 237,757.

My invention relatesto a ,device adapted for use in cleaning the deposits from the inner surfaces of pipes ortiibes used 'toi' .the transmission of paper stock and similar liquid or semieliquid bodies,

.After continued use of the pipes througli which paper stock is transferred, the inner surfaces of such pipes become coated by deposits and the capacity .of the pipes is ina.- terially lessened. ,In view ot the tact that these 'pipes are frequentlyqiiite long and have bends or turns therein, it is difficult, if not impossible, to effect their cleaning with.- out the use of somev instrumentality that will be impelled` thrbugh the tube by the .force in the liquid therein To accomplish the .desired result by means of siii'iple mechanism, the device here disclosed has beenemployedwitb fisietory results. An. object in thefc'orrstriiction has been to provide for eXtreme simplicity and relatively certain efficiency. The vessentials of thedevie ariev a frameor casing, forward guide arms rigidly connected to the casing, rear guide arms having a Wholly resilient connection to the trame, together with impeller blades mounted o-n the fraine'with capacity tor radial movement, to accommodate themselves to variations in diameter and inequalities in the pipe.

The device of my invention will be more readily understood by reference to the accompanying drawing, inwhich.-

Fig. 1 is a vertical sectional View through a device constructedv in accordance with my invention, it being shown in position in a pipe or conduit, and

Fig. 2 is an end view of the parts with the rear guide arms and connectionrenioved.

In the drawings, the device is illustrated in position in a large conduit for paper stock. It comprises a trame l0, having a concentric internally threaded hub or boss 11. Projecting horizontally from the side of the frame opposite to that on which the hub 11 is located are spaced lugs 12, which act as a support for a plate 18. Connected to the plate by means ot the bolt 14 is a long, stiif, closely coiled helical wire, in the form ot' a spring, the opposite end oi' which is connected by means of a bolt 1G, with a plate 17. The plate 17 acts as a head or mounting for resilient arms 18, four of which are shown, that are adapted to contact the Walls of the conduit. The rear guide element just described has the function of directing and stabilizing the clean- @1' in. its travel thiush" the ripe Connected. to thel periphery `of the traine 10 is an annular member 19,1iaviiiga Iflared skirt 20. 'llo lthe ,overhung tange portibn of the member 19y are rigidly connectedtlie spring ,arms 21A, tour of which are provided. '.llhese 21'. have a pronounced arcuate toi-m and are ot less late il ,expanse than the ,arms .18, this for the refA on that they ,are intended to project into the conduit before ,it ihas been `cleaned.4 These arms likewise serve v to direct the cleaner 'o i fgode.vil,fas it is tei'iinled'i'n the trade., ,maintain it Jin Dreher Operativi@ relation,

Mounted on lugs or.' ears` integral Ywith the iframe 10? .are pluflalty'sf 11.611 @ranks positioned for oscillation in radial planes,

To .one arie 23 Of @adi @t these bell cifanl is Connected .mi impeller blade 24., .se'ilrsd in pusiton brine.' 'pta M1125. "These blades as best shownnFig-. overlap'iand their iieriivlieresaie of arcuate frili Q01"- responding to the arc of curvature ot the conduit in which the device is to be used.

The other arms 26 of the bell cranks converge to the axis and engage around a projection 27, *from a rubber buffer 28. This butler is carried in suitable flanges 29, formed on a follower 80, slidably mounted within a threaded sleeve 31. Also mounted within the sleeve is a compression spring 32, bearing against the follower and tending to move it and the butler in an outwarddirection. A lock nut 33 engages the `sleeve and holds it in adjusted position.y

Thus it will be seen that the spring and rubber buffer acting against the arms of the bell cranks, swing the blades outwardly against the walls ot the conduit. liquid moves through the conduit, the torce thereof acting on the inclined iinpeller blades 521i ser es to rotate the go-devil and scrape the walls oie the pipe.

The parts described are of extreme simplicity and so arranged that they are not likely to become fouled by the stringy particles contained in the paper stock, nor to become unduly worn by the grit thereon. Due to the provision oi the spring arms, tore and aft, the device is maintained with the blades in proper transverse relation to the conduit and eiiicient cleaning action is assured.

An important advantage in the construction is that during the passageof the device As the through the conduit, the material displaced from the walls of the conduit always travels ahead of the go-devil; this for the reason that the velocity of the liquid in the conduit is about double that of the go-devil, which results in an increased velocity of the liquid between the blades. Thus any material dislodged from the walls is picked up and carried forward by the liquid.

I claim:

1. A liquid impelled tube cleaner, comprising in combination, a frame, forward guide arms rigidly connected thereto, rear guide arms resiliently connected thereto. a plurality of bell cranks pivoted to the trame and mounted Jfor oscillation in radial planes, an im eller blade mounted on one of the arms o'l each of said bell cranks, and a single spring means acting on the other arms of all of said bell cranks.

2. In a rotary iuid motivated tube cleaner, the combination of a frame, a plurality of curved resilient guide arms rigidly connected thereto, a plurality of rearwardly projecting resilient guide arms connected thereto, with capacity for universal movement, a plurality of arms pivoted to the iframe, impeller blades fastened to the arms, and spring means adapted to co-operate with said arms and tending to move the blades outwardly.

8. In a device of the class described, the

combination of a trame, forwardly and rearwardly projecting spring arms connected to the frame, a plurality of cranks pivotedl to the frame, and mounted for oscillation in radial planes, blades mounted on one end of said arms, and a single concentric spring acting on the other arms of said cranks and tending to move said blades outwardly.

Ll. In combination, a supporting frame, forwardly projecting resilient arms connected thereto, rearwardly projecting spring arms, a coil spring constituting the connection between said rearwardly proliecting arms and said frame, impeller blades mounted for oscillation relative to said frame, and spring means acting to move said blades outwardly.

5. In a device of the class described, the combination otl a supporting plate, having a threaded axial opening, spring arms connected to said plate and projecting torwardly and rearwardly therefrom, cranks mounted on said plate, blades mounted on 'said cranks, a 'threaded Sleeve mounted in said axial opening, and a spring in said sleeve engaging the cranks to exert a thrust against said cranks.

In testimony whereof I have aliixed my signature.


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