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Publication numberUS1697833 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 1, 1929
Filing dateJul 9, 1928
Priority dateJul 9, 1928
Publication numberUS 1697833 A, US 1697833A, US-A-1697833, US1697833 A, US1697833A
InventorsLane Clark W
Original AssigneeJudson Benton
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US 1697833 A
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Jan. 1, 1929. 1,697,833

c. w. LANE CINCH Filed July 9 1928 gmmnloo C/ar-A M lane atented Jan. 1, 1929.


rsrasr we.


Application filed. July 9,

This invention relates to cinches or devices adapted to adjustably clamp the parts of a strap, which encircles or binds an ob ect, together. The objects of my invention are, first, to provide such a device which is s mple and cheap to manufacture; second, which 1s simple to apply; third, which is easily tightened but which firmly holds the strap in such tightened position; and fourth, which may be readily released, when desired. Further objects are to provide means on the parts of said cinch whereby the parts thereof may be readily engaged by the fingers, or a tool, to release the cinch from clamping position; and means to prevent undue wear of the loop of the strap in which the parts are secured.

I attain these and other objects by the devices and arrangements illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in which Fig. 1 is a general perspective view of my improved cinch in use; Figs. 2 and 3 are elevations, respectively, of the lower and upper rings forming the two parts of my improved cinch; Fig. at is a section of a part of either of the rings taken through the flattened lip thereof; and Fig. 5 is a side elevation of the inner metal sleeve adapted to prevent the wear of the loop of the strap.

Similar numerals of reference refer to sin1- ilar parts throughout the several views.

Referring to the drawings it will be seen that my improved cinch comprises two substantially similar D-shaped rings 1 and 2, each ring comprising a straight end bar 3, straight sides 4 and a preferably curved clamp-ing end 5. The rings are made of metal of suitable size and form.

The upper ring 1 3) is provided with a lip 6 extending therefrom, said lip being formed by flattening the under side of the side 4} thereof. The lip 6 extends outward therefrom, laterally, as shown in Fig. 1, and is provided in order to permit the fingers to get a good hold on the ring 1 when the cinch is being threaded or when it is being released.

Similarly, the lower ring 2 (Fig. 2) is pro vided with a similar lip 6 extending therefrom, said lip 6 being formed by flattening the upper side of the curved clamping end 1928. Serial No. 291,230.

5 thereof. This lip 6 extends outward, longitudinally, as shown in Fig. 1, and is provided in order to permit the fingers to get a firm hold on the ring 2, even though it lies close to the upper surface of the strap end.

The two rings 1 and 2 are assembled in the metal sleeve 7 (Fig. 5) and are free to slide and turn therein.

The end of the strapS, to which the cinch is attached, is provided with a loop 9 surrounding the metal bushing or sleeve 7.

In order to operate the cinch to tighten the strap, around an object, the free end 10 thereof is first passed under both rings 1 and 2 and then turned upward through the upper ring 1 it then passes around the curved clamping end 5 of the said upper ring 1 and then under the corresponding curved end 5 of the lower ring 2. The cinch is tightened by pulling on the free end 10 of the strap. The strain on the free end of the strap tips the cinch slightly and permits the strap to slip therethrough to tighten it. The cinch clamps the strap in the following manner The strain on the loop 9 of the strap draws the lower ring 2 towards the left (Fig. 1) while the strain on the other end of the strap 8 draws the upper ring 1 towards the right (Fig. 1). Therefore the two curved clamping ends 5 of the two parts 1 and 2 are forced towards each other and firmly clamp the strap between them. Thus it will be be seen that the tension in the strap forces the lower ring 2 of the cinch downward and clamps the strap between it and the object about which the strap is passed. By lifting on the lip 6 of the lower ring 2 this clamping action is relieved and the free end of the strap may be pushed under the cinch to loosen it.

My improved cinch is therefore extremely simple to make and to operate and yet is very effective in holding the strap in its tightened position. The two lips 6 and 6 formed on the respective rings 1 and 2 are positioned in the most convenient and effective places to be manipulated in operating the cinch.

Having therefore described my invention, what I claim is A cinch comprising two similar D-shaped rings; a sleeve enveloping the straight bars the object and then under and through both of both said rings and permitting free movesaid rings and over and around the end of the ment therein; lips formed on said rings and upper ring and under the end of the lower 10 projecting outward therefrom whereby their ring to clamp the strap between them and to manipulation is facilitated; a strap having a force the lower ring towards the object to loop enveloping said sleeve, the other end clamp the strapbetween it and the object. of said strap being adapted to pass around CLARK W. LANE.

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U.S. Classification24/197, 24/191, 24/170
International ClassificationB68B5/00
Cooperative ClassificationB68B5/00
European ClassificationB68B5/00