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Publication numberUS1697861 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 8, 1929
Filing dateDec 30, 1924
Priority dateDec 30, 1924
Publication numberUS 1697861 A, US 1697861A, US-A-1697861, US1697861 A, US1697861A
InventorsGarfield Edward L
Original AssigneeGarfield Edward L
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Washing machine
US 1697861 A
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Patented 'Jan'. s, 19z9f q l e and without necessitating removall of the 'UNITED srAras rsur ortie EDWARD I.. GARFIELD, or



Application iiledDecember 30, 1924. Serial No. 758,799.

This invention relates to machines useful in washing or otherwise subjecting materials to fluid action, and has more particular reference to a type capable of being employed in the additional capacity of moisture eliminators or eXtractors.

Amongst the objects of my invention are to render conversion of amachine of the char-. acter specified from one used to the other without entailing complicated adjustments,`

treating fluid; to make possible the employment of the fluid itself as the medium to operate the machine, and at the same time effect efficient circulation thereof through andv labout the materials, to the end of rendering the treatment correspondingly more thorough and effective.

Other objects and attendant advantages accruing tomy invention will be readily ap-A parent from the detailed description hereinafter of the typical embodiment thereof shown in the drawings, whereof Fig. I is an axial sectional view showing the machine in the upright position in which it is used as a moisture extractor subsequent to washing.

Fig. II is a side elevation of the same.

Fig. III is a cross. section, in plan, taken as indicated by the arrows III-III in Figs.. I and II.

Fig. IV is a view similar to Fig. I but showing the machine in the position to which itis tilted when used for washing; and,

Fig. V is an enlarged detail view, in section, showing the means employed to rotate the basket or drum containing the materials being treated.

In these illustrations, 1 indicates a con-4 tainer for washing fluid which is preferably cylindric and supported byA an attached subframe 2, the latter having one portion straight or parallel to the bottom of said container asA at 3.; and the other portion obtusely inclined as at lso as to afford different bases whereby the machine may be sustained in stable equilibrium, either in the upright position lshown in Fig. I, or the tilted position of Fig. IV'. As a means to assist in stabilizing the machine in the upright position, supplementary legs, such as shown at 5, may be provided, pivotal connection with the container 1 as at 6,.permitting said legs to be swung upward out of .the way when the machine is to be tiltedy to tainer l is an open-topped drum-shaped basket 7 of perforate material which is supported at an elevationabove the container bottom by a vertical bearing 8, wherein is freely journalcd its depending axis or shaft 9. Rigidity of the bearing 8 against sidewise displacement is insured by a number of angular buttress struts 10. About the lower portion of its exterior, the basket 7. is equipped with a circumferential series of turbine blades 11 that lie in the path of a nozzlel2, at the upper end of a pipe 13 extending downward through the bottom of the container l to a centrifugal pump 14, which is appropriately supported by the sub-structure 2. Under propulsion of a directly connected electric motor l-or its equivalentthe pump 14 draws washing fluid, through an elbow 16, from the l container 1, s uch pumped fluid being discharged from the nozzle 12 against the turbine blades 11 in the manner shown in Fig. V,

and thus continuously rotating the basket 7.

In operation, the container l is filled with washing Huid F to a level slightly below the bottom of the basket 7, whereupon the materials to be washed are placed in the latter. The machine is then bodily tilted onto the subframe obtuse-angled portion 4f, or as shown in Fig. IV, and the motor 15 started. As a consequence of tilting, the basket 7 will run at -1 reduced speed dueto partial immersion in the washing fluid F, whereuponlthe material. will be slowly tumbled about and at the same time treated to the constantly changing seepage through the basket perforations. Also concurrently with the discharge of the nozzle 12 against the turbine blades 11, part of the Huid stream finds its'way through the perforations of the basket 7 (see Fig. V) and is forcibly impinged u on the materials, thereby greatly adding to t e thoroughness of the treatment. After the lapse of the proper time period necessary to complete washing, the machinestill running-is turned to the upright position of Fig. I, the basket 7 being thus raised clear of the fluid F. As a consequence of the removal of the drag of immersion, the basket 7 will now rotate at a greatly increased s eed such as will preclude the possibility o the Huid F from the nozzle 12 entering the basket perforations. In this phase of the operation, the machine will therefore function as a centrifugal moisture eliminator, rendering the employment of a wringer unnecessary, the eX- tracted excess fluid. F draining back into the I container l, through the apertures in' the bot- Cil - vention m'ay obviously be employed with hensive to include the several treatments men-4 which is parallel to the bottom vof the con- A is arranged obtusely to the first mentionedis disposed obtuselyvto the first 'mentionedf I container, so as to support the machine with;

- material being washed rotatable v on an axis Awlthm the kcontainer so `as' to` partiallyim,

' turbine blades to effect'rotation ythereof and basketbeing rotatable about an axis supported in spacedrelation within the container of a container 'for washing fluid; va basket withinthe container; and asupporting strucfparts .in stable equilibrium 'eithefrgvertical or 1 1n an lnclinedposition, whereb fthe-basket' v 30V may be rotated entirely clearo :thellid of a container vfor washing fluid; 'a supporti' tilted; -and means forjelevating fluid Vfrom they to the container bot-tom and serving to sta-` bilize the machine when vertical, while the ether of said faces is arranged obtusely'tothe from the container for impingement u on the tom of the basket 7 The washing fluid F may, accordingly, bere-used as often as desired without appreciable waste.

Althou h -herein described as particularly adaptedl or washing, the machine of my intation thereof.

4; The'combination, of .a container forwashing fluid; a base to support the machine, said-base having two faces, one of which is parallel with the conequal advanta es in such use,ffor bleaching, dyeing and .klndred operations. The term washin 7 appearing in the claims isl therefore, to construed as suiiiciently compre? turbine blades about vthe basketmto e ect roin a washing machine.,

tainer bottom and connected thereto, 'While.

toned. vertical'or in an inclined position; supple- 'Having thus described my..-1nvent1on, 1 mental means' to assist in stabilizing vthe maclaim: chine when vertical; a vperforated basket for l 'binationl 1. In a washing machine, the co `ferential series` of turbineblades, saidbasket for the materials being washed rotatable being rotatable on an axisfand supportedin spaced relation within thecontaineriso as to ture therefor embodying two faces, one of 'elevating saidI fluid romthe container. for impingement u on the turbineblades about the` basket to .e ectrot-ation ofthe latter.

5.' Thecombination, in a washing machine,

tainer and connected thereto, while the other face and connectedtherewith as well as to said container, said base seying to'sustain the7 machine without. adjustment `of, partv o rf --sub-frame with two supporting faces, one of4 A n tainer', while the other isf'arranged obtusely partlallyimmersed therem, respectively the iirst' mentioned'faceand'in continuity 2, The combination, in a washing machine,"v stabilizethe machinein either a vertica mg. base therefor havmg twol faces, one of air-inclined` position; supplemental members which. is arallel to the bottom of the contalner. an connected thereto, while the other,"- ilizin'gfthe machine whenvertical; an openface and connected thereto as. well as to the washed havingv a series-oftexternal` turbine vationabove the 'contamerbottom by a de-v out anyadjustments in stable equilibrium ending axis-and rotatable when themachine with said container vertical'or'in an inclined: position; a perforated basket,"-h'aving a cir'- cumferential series of turbine blades, for the` vating fluid from 'the' 'container for'impingement upon the turbine blades about the perf orated basket to eiectrota'tion .thereof and saturationof'the Icontained material, or to eliminate-moisture therefrom? Y 6. In aw hingfmach' e, the combination of a container for washing fluid, said container having an'attached sub-frame embodying relatively.. obtuse-angled Asupportin faces a basketfor the materials being washe with a circumferential series ofexternal turbine blades,said basket being rotatable withinthe container; and means fori imparting -mo'tion to the fluid and for utilizing the energy due to such motion to rotate thebasket mersed in the fluidlwhen.'the'machine is container for im'pingeifnent,upont the basket saturation' ofithe contained material, or `to eliminate'moistu're from said'material.'

3. The combinatiomin a washing machine, of a container forjwashin fluid; a sub-frame having two faces 'affording individual sup.- porting basesfone of said faces being parallel said. 7 In a wash-ingmachine, the combination 0f a fluid container;- an attached base with irstmentioned face for support'of the ma'- chine in equilibrium when inclined; a perforated basket, having circumferentiall turbine blades, for the materialsV being washed 'said to the container bottom while the other is disposed obtusely to the rst mentioned face, so as to be partiallyimmersed when thema'- chineis tilted; and means for elevating iiuid chine in a vertical or an inclined position; a

thematerials being Washed having a. circumbe partially'immersedfin theg'washing iuid when the-machine'istilted; andtmeans for ;Eivoted below the container to assist in sta- I "1s either viiertical orjtilted; and'mea/ns for elesaid base being adapted to sustain the me( of lit.. x'znnta'iner.for washing Huid; an attached which'is parallel to the bottomjof; thefcontherewith, said faces respectivelyV servingltotoplsperforate basket forfthe materials being lblades, said basket' being supported at an elef .by impingement on the turbine blades afore i -two supporting faces, one'of which is parallel g l functional to direct the discharging iuidagainst the aforesaid turbine blades, about the rotatable basket.-

8. In a Washing machine, the combination of alud'container; an attached base having co-'extensive faces, one of which is parallel With the container bottom While the other is disposed obtusely relative to lthe first men# tioned face, said base being'. adapted tovsupport the machine in a vertical or in an in clined position; a basket for the materials being Washed rotatable Within the fluid con;

taine'r and having a circumferential series'of turbine 'blades about its lower exterior surface; and a pump with flow connections for imparting motion to the'i'luid to rotate the basket by impingement on the turbine blades aforesaid, and, at the same time, to either eHect saturation of-eor moisture elimination from--the materials therein.

9. In a washing machine, the'combination of a fluid container; an attached base having co-extensive faces, one of Which is parallel to the container bottom, While the other is ariranged obtusely to the irst mentioned face, said base being adapted to support the machine in a vertical or an inclined position; a basket for theA materials being washed rotatable within theJ fluid container and having circumferential turbine blades about its lower exterior surface; and a pump lWith a connection for drawing washing -iud from the container for discharge b way'of a connected nozzle against the turbin'e'blades to rotate the4 basket and, throughthe apertures of the latter, to eii'ect saturation of the materials therein. y

10. A machine of the class described having in 'combination a container provided with a surfaceA engaging portion, a drum revolubly mounted inthe container, means for actuating said drum, and meansconnected to the container to support the machine in one position, said means coacting with said engaging portion to maintain the machine in another position.

1.1. A machine of the class described having in combination a container provided with a surface engaging portion, a drum revolubly -mounted/ in the container, means for actuating said drum, and means connected to one end and the sides of the container to support the machine in one position and coacting with the surface engaging portion to maintain the machine in another position.

` 12. A machine of the class described hav- :ing in' combination a tiltable container provided vvith a ground engaging port-ion, a drum revolublymounted in the container, a motor operatively connected to said drum, means for maintaining said drum in va predetermined-relation to said container irrespectiveof the position of said container, and means v attached to said container to support the machine in one position, said meansl coactlng with the ground engaging portion for maintaining the machine in another position.

ing portion for supporting the-machinel 1n a 13. A machine of 'the class described having in combination a container provided with a ground engaging portion, a drum revolubly mounted in the container, me ans foractuating said drum, and supporting-means connected' to ,said container and having a supporting' portion arranged at an .angle to the axis of the drum to maintain the machine in one ositionl and adapted to coact With the groun engagdierent position.

Inv testimony whereof, I have hereunto y signed my sixteenth day of December, 1924.


name at New York, New York, this

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