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Publication numberUS1697985 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 8, 1929
Filing dateSep 10, 1926
Priority dateSep 10, 1926
Publication numberUS 1697985 A, US 1697985A, US-A-1697985, US1697985 A, US1697985A
InventorsLindsay Homer John
Original AssigneeClark Lindsay Corp
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Signal tab
US 1697985 A
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" Jams, 1929. 1,697,985

. H. J. LINDSAY SIGNAL TAB Filed Sept. 10, 1926 QM! Homenila/rh I I album,

i STATEg TJ HOMER Joni: LINDSAY, or noonnsrnn, -NEW szozair, essrenon T0 onanxminnsar oonronarron, or noonns'rnn; NEW YORK, A oonronnrrou on NEW YORK.


Application and September'lO; 1926. serial na isaeas.

The object of my invention is to provide an'improved and adjustable signal tab for letter files, index cards, etc., so that the absence or presence 'of certain papers of the file or data on the cards can be-indicated thereon.

This and other objects of this invention will be fully illustrated inthe drawing, described in the specification and pointed ou in the claims at the end thereof.

In the accompanying drawing:

Figure 1 is a perspective view -of a letter file provided with the improved signal tab.

Figure 2 is an enlarged detail view of the signal tab and the portion of the folderon which it is'mounted.

Figure 3 is a vertical sectional view of the signal tab and the portion of the folder to which it is attached. 1

Figure 4 is a detail view of the tab.

Figure 5 shows a modified form of the signal tab attached to a portion of a folder or file.

Figure 6 illustrates anothermodified form of the signal tab.

In the several figures of the drawing, like reference numerals indicate like parts.

The adjustable signal tab forming the subject matter of this invention is intended. to

rovide an efficient and simple signal tab or filing folders, index cards etc. The signal tab is preferably stain ed or cut out of thin fiat stock such as cellu oid'as illustrated in the figures of the drawing, and in one 0 embodiment is made up in the form of-a bell-crank having a long and a short'section. This'bell-crank shaped tab 1 'is pivoted to the filing folder or index card by means of an eyelet 2 whichpasses thru the hole 3-provided in the tab'l and a similar hole provided in the filing folder or index card. In the folder or index card is, provided the curved slot 4 having a radial inwardly projecting extension 5 at the upper end and a radial outwardly projecting extension 6 at the lower end thereof.

In the end of the short arm'of the bellcrank shaped signal tab is provided an elongated slot? in which the knob and guidepin 8 is adapted to slide back and forth. This guide pin also passes thru the curved slot 4 or its radial extensions and serves to guide and lock the tab onthe filin folder or index card. As illustrated in t e figures the signaltab can be moved from a horizontal to avertical position. In the horizontal posit1on the signal tab is located behind the folder or in back of the indexcard and is not visible from the front of the folder or index card. This position is indicated-by the dotted lines in each of the figures.

In the vertical position the upper end of the signal tab projects above the folder or index card making it plainly visible above the file or card. By shifting the signal tab from a horizontal to a vertical position and Vice versa the signal tab is thus either made visible or invisible.

In order to hold the tab locked in either the visible or invisible position the guide pin is made movable back andforth in the slot 7. *This slot is placed parallel with the radial extension, slot- 6 when the signal tab s mo'ved into its visible position illustrated in full lines'inFigure 1 and allows the guide pin to be moved into the radial extension slot 6. llhen the signal tab .is moved into its horizontal invisible position the slot 7 of the tab is brought parallel to the radial extension slot 5 and allows the guide pinto be moved into this'slot. The engagement of the guide pin 8 into either of the radial ex- -tens1on slots 6 .or 7 holds the tab against swinging from one to. the other positions until the guide pin is again moved out of the radial extension slots into the curved slot 4. After the guide pin has been moved out of the radial extension slots the signal tab is free to swing and allows theguide pin to move in'the curved slot 4 from one radial extension slot to the other:

The modification illustrated in Figure 5 showsthe signal tab l provided with a data plate 10. This plate is made of material that will, permit the writing of teniporar data on it that can afterwards he again rea ily removed from it by erasing. Except for this change in the outline of the signal tab, the tab is the same as that illustrated in Figures-1 and 2.

In the modification 'of the signal tab illustrated in Fig. 6 the pivot member 2 is fixed in thefile folder, or index card and projects through an elongated opening or slot 11 provided in thebell-crank shape signal tab-1 On the lower end of thistab is carried the guide pin 12 which is fixed thereon and'projects into the vertical slot guide pin is guided upwardly in 'a straight line movement in the slot 13 and in 'doing so swings the tab from a vertical to a'hori- 'zontal position as well as shifts it bodily to one side in the slot '11. The lateral displacement of the tab serves to hold it in.

having a guide slot and comprising 'a'tab,

means adapted to pivot said tab on said 'folder or card, a radial extension provided on said tab, means carried by said radial 1 extension to engage said guide slot during .its movement from a vertical to a horizontal position.

2. A signal tab for a folder or index card having a gui e slot with an angular extension at eachvend thereof comprising a tab, means adapted to pivot said tab on said folder or card, a radial extension provided;

on said tab, and means carried by said radial extension to engage said guide slot during its movement from a verticalto a horizontal 1 position, said means carried by said radial extension of said tab being adapted to engage the angular extensions of said guide slot and hold said tab locked at the ends of said guide slot.

3. In a signal tab for a vertical filing element having a curved guide slot with an angular extension at each end thereof, the combination of ivotal means adapted to be carried by said element, an indicating tab mounted on said pivotal means, an exten-' sion-provided on said indicating tab and projecting radially from said pivotal means, saidradial extension-of said indicating tab having an, elongated opening therein, a

guide pin mounted to slide back and forth in said elongated opening and adapted to travel in said curved slot in said folder and to engage into the angular extensions of said curved slot at each end thereof.

4. In combination with a' supporting sheet having a. guide slot provided therein, a

signal tab, ivotal means for mounting said" tab on sai supporting sheet and guiding 'means provided on said signal tab and engaging said guide slot.

5. In combination with a supporting sheet having a slot therein of a pivot member mountedfon said supporting sheet, an indicating tab pivoted on said pivot member and independently movable means carried by said indicating tab and engaging said slot in said supportin sheet to positively lock 7 said indicating ta ment.


at the endof its movei In testimony whereof I affix my signature.

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