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Publication numberUS1698510 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 8, 1929
Filing dateMay 24, 1927
Priority dateMay 24, 1927
Publication numberUS 1698510 A, US 1698510A, US-A-1698510, US1698510 A, US1698510A
InventorsReutter Philip A
Original AssigneeScovill Manufacturing Co
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Perfume-bottle holder
US 1698510 A
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P. A. REUTTER PERFUME BOTTLE HOLDER Filed May 24, 192'? f im- [@LM Patented Jan. 8, 1929.


PATENT carries;


Application filed. May' 24, 1927. Serial No. 193,834.

This invention relates to certain'improvements in cases or holders, for perfume bottles and similar small vials. v I

It is the especial objectof thepresent invention to produce a case of small size and at tractive design which can be used for holding small perfume bottles so that they can be conveniently carried. around by the user, as for instance in ladies handbags, the case or holder being provided with a bottle retainer which can be positioned in either part of the case or moved to a-position between the parts of the case when the case is open, so that the bottle is readilyaccessible for use at all times and yet may be retained in a case or holder of comparatively small size. 7

It is a further object of the invention to produce such a structure of few parts so that it can be cheaply made and assembled, and in which means are provided for holding the parts of the case closed when not in use, means being also provided for easily opening the case.

lVith these and other objects not specifically referred to in view, the invention consists in certain novel parts, arrangements and combinations which will be described in connection with the accompanying drawings and the novel features pointed out in the claims hereunto annexed.

In the drawings,-

Figure '1 is a side elevation of the improved bottle holder or case in'closed position;

Figure 2 is a similar view showing the parts opened and the bottle holding base moved to a position between the two case sections;

Figure 3 is a top view of the bottle holding base, and

Figure 4 is a view showing the parts of the holder disassembled to show the construction.

Referring now to these drawings, the novel bottle holder or case will include two shell through tween the sections.

ina case, so that the case may be made sulficlently thin as to be readily portable'by the user.

' The two shell sections are pivotally united on a hinge pintle 4: extending along the long edge of the shell sections, this'pintle passing hinge knuckles 5 conveniently formed by turning inthe metal of the edges of each section, the knuckles being, as shown, oifset in relation to each other so as to lie bled. a r

. Cooperating with these shell sections is a bottle support, this support being; movable relatively to the shell sections'and dimensioned so as to close the bottom, of the shell sections when the shell sections are closed upon each other, thus occupying the space be- While this bottle support may take somewhat various forms, in the particular construction illustrated it is in the form of a shallow tray having a wall 6 ending in a flange 7, over which the shell sections can fold when moved to closed position. This bottle support or base is, as before stated, mounted to be moved relatively to the shell sections. In the best construc-v tions it will be so supported that it can be moved into either one of the shell sections, or to a position midway between the sections when the sections are open. While this may be accomplished in various ways, a convenient arrangement is that shown, in which the base is hinged on the same pintle 4: as that connecting the two shellsections 1', 2.

This bottle support or base will be provided with means for holding the bottle to closely adjacent when theparts are assemtle and at the same time permit the bottle to be readily removed from the support. In the 9 particular construction illustrated for effecting this, the wall 6 of the support or base is slit to form spring tongues 8, four such tongues being shown, these tongues acting to removably secure the bottle in the'base.

The shell sections are provided with means for securing them in closed position and with means whereby they can be readily opened to permit access to the bottle. In theparticular construction shown for effecting this, one of the shell sections, as 1, is provided with a spring catch in the form of a spring leaf 9 secured to the wall of the section, as by rivets 10, the free end of this spring being provided with a catch 11 arranged to engage a recess 12 in the opposite shell section 2. This opposite shell section 2has its wall formed with a "bent out portion 13 to form a convenient.

finger grip for separating the sections on the release of the spring catch. y

'It Will be seen that with the construction described a very convenientniodel holding case has been provided of such size and shape that it can he easily carried around for use and can be readily manipulated to position the bottle for use. Furthermore, thebottle is readilyremovable from the case, but at the same time'is held against accidental displace ment.

While the invention has been shown and described in its preferred form, it will be understood that various changes may be made in the shape and arrangements of the case and in the means for holding a bottle therein without departing from the invention as claimed in the appended claims.

' What I claim is:

1. Ina case for holding perfume bottles and similar vials, the combination of two she'll sections hinged together along their long edge, a base section provided with resilient means for engaging a bottle and pivoted to move intoeither section of the case the sections in closed position.

2. In a case for holding, perfume. bottles and similar vials, the combination of two shell sections hinged together, a base sect-ion iorm ng a bottom for the shell sections, said base section being hinged to the shell sections by the hingeunitingthem and provided with resilient means for engaging the bottle, said base section being movable on the hinge into either section of the case or to a position between the sections when'the sections are open, and means for holding the sections inclo sed position. 8. In a case for'holding'perfume bottles and similar vials, the combination of two open ended shell sections hinged together, a tray closing the sections, the sidewalls of the t 'a-y being formed with spring lugs for releasably holding a bottle, said tray being pivotedto move into either section of the case or to a position between the sections when the sections are open, and: means for holding the sections closed.

whereof, I have hereunto set PHILIP A: REUTTER.

In testimony my hand.

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