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Publication numberUS1698557 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 8, 1929
Filing dateApr 28, 1927
Priority dateApr 28, 1927
Publication numberUS 1698557 A, US 1698557A, US-A-1698557, US1698557 A, US1698557A
InventorsO'brien Denis J
Original AssigneeO'brien Denis J
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Concrete structure
US 1698557 A
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Jan. 8, 19.29.


. Filed Agn-i128?,A 1927 Patented aan. e, ieee.

testez DENIS J, oBRIEN, orr/irDnLnTowN, CONNECTICUT.

ooNonnfrn sfranorunn.

Application filed April 28,7192?. Serial No. 187,193.,

Y concrete structure embodyingv my invention with parts broken away to show construction. Figure 2 is a view in section on a plane denoted by the dotted line 2 2 of Figure l.

Figure 3 is a detail isometricJ view illustrating a portion of a frame embodying my invention, but with the elements Afor tying the parts together omitted. l

Prior to my invention ithas` been common practice, in the building of concrete structures, to make forms, usually of wood, within which steel or other structures being used are inclosed, these forms serving as molds within which the concrete, in a moist state, is then poured or otherwise introduced. This method is expensive, not only owing to the cost of the material of which the forms or molds are composed, but also in the time consumed in constructing such forms or molds, and it is a purpose of my invention to avoid this expense and waste of material, my invention contemplating a form which comprisesa part of the structure when completed.

In carrying my -invention into effect in the special manner herein illustrated and described, I first build a frame that may be composed of columns each comprising uprights 5 with cross pieces 6 arranged at suitable intervals apart and with stays in the form of bars 7 extending between the columns which are placed such distance apart asmay be desired. The uprights may be composed in whole or in part of concrete or of metal, and the cross pieces may or may not form an integral part of the columns. The stay bars may be disposed in any suitable manner to answer any special construction and they may be secured in place in such way as may be desired. As one of the common means for securing the stay bars I have shown ties 8 in the form of wire wrapped about the parts, these ties being such as to temporarily hold the parts, as the structure,

when completed as hereinafter set forth, will be self-sustaining without the material aid of such ties. 'Ihe stay bars may be formed of concrete, if desired, or they may be vcomposed of metal or other suitable material,

such as will be permanently lasting.

When a frame of considerable size t0 answer the purpose for any desired'construction has been built up in the manner hereinvbefore described, the space between 'the structures is inclosed by facing 9 and backings 10.` These facings and bac-kings arepreferably in theform of comparatively thin slabs and they are composed of concrete,`in such 'form as may be desired. In the structure herein shown these facings and backings are ofrectangular form and arelaid with broken 'j oints to simulate bricks or other -con- ,struction of masonry. The facings maybe ornamented if desired, or they may be plain as illustrated in thedrawings herein.V The jbackings or facings may or may notbe provided on theirbacks with-ribs ll forming 'stiening members and also providing recesses into which the concrete to be hereinafter described may flow.

In placing the facings and backings in position they should be secured against displacement, and they may be secured in any suitable manner. As one of the many Ways of securing them together, I have shown ties 12 that may be in the form of wire passed through holes in the ribs 11 and secured as by twisting in a manner that will be readily f understood. Any other desired means for securing the backings and facings in place may be employed.

`Wlien a structure has been built up, as

hereinbefore described, concrete 13 is intro-1 duced into the space betweenthe backings and facings, the frame, as hereinbefore described, permitting the concrete to be introduced to completely fill l'said space, and the concrete may be introduced at any stage in the placing of the backings or facings, when such backings or facings have been partly placed in position, or whenthe whole structure is completed from the bottom to the top. n

In accordance with the provisions of the patent statutes I have described the principles of operation of my invention, together with the device which I now consider to represent the best embodiment thereofybut I desire to have it .understood that the device l between said posts thereby creating openings ifor xa 'fillingofconciete in which said bars are embedded, and'facings rising from opposite sides of said columns vand composed of'har'idene'd concrete, and a filling of concrete' between said facings and columns and hardened for-a less period than -sai'dfac-ings.

'Q. YA concrete structure comprising. a vform composed of columns spaced apart,- stay bars of rigid material extending betweensaid col- ZOum-ns spaced from the ,outer edges thereof sufficiently tobe inclosefd within a. filling of concreteyfacings composed of hardened. concreteresting against opposite [sides of said columns, .anda filling yof concrete/between `saidfacings and columnsv and hardened for a less, period vthan said '.facings.

' 3. ,A; concrete lstructure comprising Vas form including a Hframe composed of columns spaced apartstay .bars :of rigid material extending` across .said ,columns Aand spaced fromftheedges thereof su'fliciently to be enveloped in a jffilling. of concrete, means .e for securing. theistay barstov .said columns, 1facyings composed of hardened concrete restingagainst opposite sides of the columns, means for securing said facings together, and a fill-v ing of concrete between said facings and haicleneidfo-ra` lessgperioid than said facings.

4. lA-concrete structure comprising a form includinga frame composed of columns, each column comprising a pair of uprights united at intervals by "cross pieces providing open- `ings to receive a filling yof concrete to consti- 'tutea binder exten-ding through said openings, facings composed of hardened concrete resting.; against and secured to opposite sides of the columns and having spaces between the `facings and the column' to receive a filling of concrete, Yand a filling of' concrete between saidfacings and hardened for a less period .than saidfacings.

f5. A concrete structure comprising aform including a frame composed of co'lumns,each column AcomprisingJ a [pair of uprights. and cross ypieces evenly lspaced lengthwiseifalong thecolumn, stay bars of rigid material'resting on said cross pieces Vand extending througlithe openings formed thereby, said v stayY bars. being arrangedfin staggered relatiomfacings composed oflhardened concrete Y restingagainst opposite sides ofi the column,

and a filling of concrete between said lfacings .enveloping said.- cross I pieces 'and stay bars,

saidfi'lling' being hardened 'for' a less period than said'facings.


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Cooperative ClassificationE04B2/8635
European ClassificationE04B2/86G