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Publication numberUS1699883 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 22, 1929
Filing dateMay 21, 1927
Priority dateMay 21, 1927
Publication numberUS 1699883 A, US 1699883A, US-A-1699883, US1699883 A, US1699883A
InventorsOle H Fosmoe
Original AssigneeOle H Fosmoe
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Arch support
US 1699883 A
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Jan. 22, 1929.

- 1,699,883 o. H. FosMOE ARCH SUPPORT Filed May 21.v 1927 /y/f/I/SS- /A/zfK-OQ Kfm', a?

@f7-Opf? ramas aan. aa, 1era i 1,6%,883




Application filed May 21, 192'?. Serial No.` 193,248.

This invention relates to improvements portion and formed with upturnedlateral in arch supports for the arch oit' the human edges 2 and with a reinforced tongue 3 that 45 instep and it is used for the cure of what extends forwardly from the central body is known as fiatdoot and tor other deportion to support the foot between the ormities oir' the '.toot. balls thereof.

One object is to provide a device of this A metal spring fl formed with a smooth class that is simple in construction, eiiicient rounded periphery is secured at its ends by 50 in operation, durable, and cheap to manubrads or other fastening means 5 to the facture. body l so that the central portion of the 1U With the foregoing and other obyects in spring is spaced away from the arched porview the invention consists 1n the combina tion or said body, one end of said spring tion and arrangement of parts to be hereinbeing contiguous to the said tongue 3 and 55 after fully described, particularly pointed the other to the heel portion of said body. out in the appended claim and illustrated in One or two adjustable wedge pads 6 of the accompanying drawing which forms a leather are adapted for insertion between part of this application and in whichthe spring l and the body l at the arched Fig. l is a perspective view of the arch portion thereof, said pad or pads being ad- 60` support. justablc longitudinally of the body to af- Fig. 2 is an inverted perspective view of ford a positive support at such point as so Fig, 1 may be desired.

Fig. 3 is a longitudinal sectional view -What is claimed is zthrough the support. In an arch support, a body portion having e5 Lilie reference characters denote corre- `narrow ends and a materially widened intersponding parts throughout the several views. mediate portion, said intermediate portion The present invention comprises al leather being arched from said ends, said widened cushion formed to fit the foot and it has intermediate portion terminating in subadjustable features whereby it may be made stantially similar upturned sides, a tongue 7o to lit teet of different sizes or shapes and to formed by the extension of said body por iit the toot as improvement therein is made tion beyond said upturned edges, a spring se and deformities corrected due to the use extendinglongitudinally and centrally ot' of the support. said body portion and spanning the arched The support isformed, moreover, with a portion thereof, the ends of said spring 75 portion scientifically designed to support the being secured to said body portion, and a foot between the balls thereof. Means to pad interposed between said spring and the 35 prevent the foot from turning are also arched part or' said body portion for Jfricprovided Most beneficial results can be tional engagement with said members, said obtained where injury has been done to the pad being yieldingly movable longitudinally 80 toot by wearing improperly shaped shoes of said members, substantially as auditor the that tend to throw the 'toot oi-balance and purpose set forth. i 4o so cause detormities. In testimony that I claim the oregoing The reference numeral l denotes what may as my `own I have hereto aiiixed my signabe termed the body of the support and it is ture. arched throughout its longitudinal central OLE H. FOSMOE.

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U.S. Classification36/155
International ClassificationA43B7/22
Cooperative ClassificationA43B7/22, A43B7/1465, A43B7/142
European ClassificationA43B7/14A20A, A43B7/14A30R, A43B7/22