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Publication numberUS1700792 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 5, 1929
Filing dateJul 23, 1928
Priority dateJul 23, 1928
Publication numberUS 1700792 A, US 1700792A, US-A-1700792, US1700792 A, US1700792A
InventorsErnst John E, Ernst Otto F
Original AssigneeErnst John E, Ernst Otto F
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US 1700792 A
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Feb. 5, v1929.

O. F. ERNST ET AL SADDLE Filed July 25. 1928 Inventors i f. 77776 n/ E Patented Feb. 5, 1929.



Yappunti@ fnea July The present invention relates to improve-A ments in harness and has reference more par# ticularly to an improved riding saddle. y

One of the important objects of the presy ent invention is to provide a riding saddle wherein the old style front and back rigs, rings and front oclreys are eliminated thereby rendering the saddle less expensive in its nn'mufacture and tending to prevent soreness of the animals bacl; such as is occasioned by Vthe type of riding saddles now generally in .use

A vfurther object is to provide a riding saddle wherein th-e stirrup straps are capable of forwardly and rearwardly swinging movement, this being especially advantageous to riders when riding bucking horses or in roping.

A further object is to provide a riding saddle which includes a reinforcement in the form of a curved metallic strip and takes the place of the conventional rings on the old type riding saddle. f

Still a further object is to provide a riding saddle of the above mentioned character which is simple in construction, inexpensive,

strong and durable and further well adaptedV to the purposes for which it is designed.

Other objects and advantages will become apparent during the course of the following description.

In the accompanying drawing, forming a part of this specification, and in which like numerals indicate like parts throughout the same:

Figure l is a perspective view of the'riding the swell 3 from which extends upwardly the horn 4, v

The usual cantle extending upwardly from the rear portion of the seat .2 opposite the pommel or swell 3 is denoted by the reference character 5. The skirt portion of the saddle is indicated vat 6. The ridging associated with each side of the saddles includes the elongated tree fork 7 over which is looped the upper portipn of the stirrup strap 1928. Serial No. 294,799.

8 the bottom of the `stirrup strap may beso constructed as to constitute a stirrup ,9,012 may have a separate'stirrup attachedthere? to as is desired. y e

, Bepending extensions l() are formed at the sides of the seat portion 2 and as is clearly illustrated in Figure l, each of these depending extensions formed with an arcuate slot ll to accommodate the outer and inner folds of the resl'iectivey stirrup straps as well as the fender portion l2 associated with thestirrup strap.

rllhe slot 1l is of such size` as to permit the forward and rearward sliding movement of the stirrup straps on each side of the saddley and this construction is particularly advantageous to cowboys'riding bucking horses or in roping.

The invention further comprehends the provision of an arcuate tapered metallic reinforeing strip 13 that is secured on the outer face of each extension 10 below the slot 1l as clearly suggestedrin the drawing and the pur. pose of the reinforcing element is to take the'place of the usual metallic ring that heretofore connected the front and back rigs of an old type saddle, the front and back rigs being also eliminate-d together with the front jockeys.

The saddle is secured on the back'of the horse by th-e usual cinch which passes underneat-h the body of the horse and the ends of the cinch are' fastened to the saddle ateach side by a strap commonly called a latigo which connects the end of the cinch to the ri g. ging ofthe saddle. A v

A metal reinforcing strip 13 strengthens the portion of the saddle at the point where the latigo straps are attachedfto it. Y,

lt will thus be seen from the foregoing description, that we have provided a riding saddle that will not only be light in weight but will eliminate the use of a number of parts thereby rendering the saddle less eX- pensive in its manufacture and sale.

Furthermore the rigging of 'ourimproved vsaddle will'be strong and durable and will Having' tlni's described our invention, what We claim as new is:

l. In n riding' saddle, a seat portion, extenn sions depending from the sides of'soid sont Qortion, etree fork extending longitudinally beneath the seat portion at each side thereof, the depending extensions each being formed with en arcuate slot, end ai. stii'rui strep pivoted at its upper end to the respectivefork and eiztending jdoifiirardly through the slot in the depending eitensions, r

2. In it riding serielle, e sent vportion, eX-

, tensions depending from the sides oi" the vsent portion, ezt-ch extension being formed with r en "nrciiate Slot, ai longitudinlly extending' tree forli "nrranged beneath the sont `portion et ez'icli side t'li'ereof and above the respective i slots, e stirrup strap connected at its upper end =to eich tree fork and extending down. Wardly through the arcuate slot 1n the adp on. *arcuate slot, a longitudinally extending tree fork arranged beneath the seat portion at e'zic'li side' 'tliereoend above the respective slots, a stirrnp strap connected at its upper e'nd to each tree Afork and *extending down- Wti'dly through the arcuate` slot in the adje cent depending extension for forward and rearward swinging movement, and n inetalli'c reinforcing strip secured to each depending extension as and for the purpose described. n f

n testimony whereof we our 'signalu tures. i s e OTTO F., ERNST. JOHN E. ERNST.

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U.S. Classification54/44.1
International ClassificationB68C1/00, B68C1/02
Cooperative ClassificationB68C1/02
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