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Publication numberUS1701935 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 12, 1929
Filing dateNov 7, 1925
Priority dateNov 7, 1925
Publication numberUS 1701935 A, US 1701935A, US-A-1701935, US1701935 A, US1701935A
InventorsFrancis T Ryan
Original AssigneeFrancis T Ryan
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Electric-fixture outlet
US 1701935 A
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Feb. l2, 1929. 1,701,935- r2.1, nvm

ELECTRIC FIXTURE OUTLET Fld NOV. 7, 1925 Z5 Q1/5 1515 y' Illllll! lil Patented Feb. 12, 1929.



Application led November This invention relates to the art of electric fixture outlets such as are commonly employed in ceilings and walls for the support ot electrical fixtures and the separable connections of the circuit and fixture lines.

Devices of this character commonly employ what is known as a ceiling or wall box set into the ceiling or wall, means for suspending the .rod cr chain oi' a fixture therefrom, means for introducing the circuit wires into the box and thence into and downwardly through or along the .fixture rod or chain, and a canopy detachably connected to the rim or flange of the box and formed with a hole in its lower end for the passage therethrough of the rod or chain. In some fixtures of this type, the circuit lines are extended continuously from the ceiling` or wall into and through the fixture and thence downwardly through or along` the rod or chain to the lamp sockets of the lighting lixture, and when the fixture is remo 'ed or replaced it is necessary to cut the .vires and subsequently reconnect and wrap them. To avoid this lat-ter operation, it has heretofore been proposed to introduce a socket and plug in the circuit lines, the same being' located at various points and secured in various ways within the box and canopy, so as to be concealed.

My present invention relates to an improvement in fixtures of the latter type, and has for its main object to simplify and cheapen previous constructions and render them more practical. Another more specific object is to provide a new, simplified and improved means for securing the socket within the box, which will involve in its application a minimum of alteration of the st-andard box.

7Other objects and attendant advantages of the invention will be apparent to persons skilled in this art as the same becomes better understood by reference to the followingr detailed description, taken in connection with the accompanying' drawing wherein I have illustrated one practical and approved embodiment of the invention, and in which- Fig. 1 is a vertical sectional View of an outlet fixture embodying my invention and shown as mounted in a ceiling; and

Fig. 2 is a transverse sectional View on the line 2 2 of Fig. 1.

Referring to the drawing, 5 designates a no1nient of the ceiling, in which is mounted s.. ).l ane secured by the usual or any suitable means a round ceiling box 6 of ordinary construc- 7, 1925. Serial No. 67,493.

tion, the bottom being formed with the usual knock-outs 7 for the introduction and attachment of the usual BX tubing 8 carrying the circuit lines, the tubing beingl attached to the box by the usual upper and lower clamp collars 9 and 10.

Attached to the under side of the bottom of the box 6 at the center of the latter by screws 11 is a plate 12 formed with an integral depending threaded stud 13. To this stud is detachably connected a tube 14 formed at its upper end wit-h a tapped socket 15 that screws onto the stud 13. In the side ot the tube 14- is formed one or more openings 16 to accommodate the passage of the fixture wires 1T, and on the tube may be formed a squared portion or wrench hold 14.

18 designates a round socket member formed with the usual holes or sockets 19 in the bottoms ot which the terminals of the circuit wires 20 are secured and which receive the terminal pins or prongs 2l of the removable plug' through which the fixture lines 17 extend. The socket member 18 is attached to the bottom of the box 6 at a point between the central stem 13 and the rim of the box preferably by means of a bolt passed through a central hole 24 in the socket member 1S and formed with a threaded end 25 screwing into a tapped hole 26 in the bottom of the box. The lower end of the hole 24 is preferably countersunk to provide space for a washer 27 and the head 23 of the bolt.

2S designates the usual canopy, the upper end of which encircles the portion of the rim of the box 6 that extends below the surface of the ceiling and is attached thereto by any suitable means (not shown). The lower end of the tube 14 extends through the lower end of the canopy 28 and, in the instance shown, is closed by a cap 29 formed with an aperture 30 for the passage of the fixture wires 17 and with an integral eye 31 'for the attachment of a fixture suspension chain 32.

For the installation ot' my improvement in a standard ceiling or wall box such as that herein shown, it is necessary only to form a single countersunk hole centrally through the socket member 1S for the accommodation of the bolt 23, form single tapped hole through the bottom of the box G, apply and fasten the socket member by an ordinary screw driver, and connect the ends of the circuit wires 2O into the pin sockets 19. lVhen the lixture requires to be removed and replaced, the former is readily done by unscrewing the cap29, detaching und lowering the canopy 2S, pulling out the plug 22, and unscrewing the tube 1 14 from the stud 13. The replacement of the fixture is manifesty eilected by reversingl the above operations in the reverse order.

From the 'foregoing it Will be apparentl that iny invention Ainvolves no alteration or change in the standard ceiling or Wall lixture beyond the forming of 'the tapped hole 26 in the bottom or' the box' and the forming of a central hole through the socket ineniber; and it requires no additional equipment other than the boit 23. Hence, it is capable of pro-` duction and use at a triling cost of materiel and labor, thereby rendering` detachable circuit line connections for ceiling and Wall outi let boxes thoroughly practical.

In the appended claim I re'ter to the box 6 as u wall box, but it is to be understood that the term WalY is used in a generic sense to include either e side Wall, a top Wall or ceiling, ora bottom Wall or floor.

I clailn- In an outlet lixture oi the character describeds the combination of u Wall box, u threaded stud rigidly attached to und depending roin the bottoni wall ,of said box, a tube having a tapped socket zit its upper end eugagedrwith Suid stud7 said tube formed with u lateral opening, a socket ineinber attached directly by a single central bolt to the bottoni Wall ot' said box at one side of said stud, circuit wires led through seid box into said socket ineinbera :i plug co-operuting with said socket niernber, iixture Wires leading troni said plug through said lateral opening und thence downwardly through said tube, and a canopy at its upper end encircling said box and at its lower end encircling said tube.


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