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Publication numberUS1702784 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 19, 1929
Filing dateFeb 15, 1926
Publication numberUS 1702784 A, US 1702784A, US-A-1702784, US1702784 A, US1702784A
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Oil-atomizing device
US 1702784 A
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Feb. 19, 1929.

Y C. MCK. KOPLIN OIL ATOMIZING DEVICE Filed Feb. 15, 1926 2 Sheets-Sheet .f /II I'II 22 Il 1 1 is f Nk sw Patented Feb. 19, 1929.

UNITED FF Application filed February 15, 192. Sell Je. 88,3 Y.

v invention mieten 'te coating niechines tn@ eir in ieh Jcype7 in which articles to be hue i ere enpesed to e ep ny oi vaporlncd 6 andL ere die@ i iid. W

5 i ntien ,ie pnrlicuhuiy direcced omum, e@

io iupregneiiirg of zi continuoue Sheet ,-y n Cw" ff hin@ o1 pzLQerWi-h. preservative eil adapting the giu-iwi, Y sheets for uee sie huit iviepe. These Sheets i mm www ,Y inue huve only :i ii-niicd amount of oil npu, y Y my Sigi? @if n Cy/n1 w plied herete ifoi' otherwise they will become ,Jed is passed iin/dey 65 to ehe tendu sind yet enough oii must t ci', which is ciesely he eppi'ed io render ehe ehees euosteniziy v i l idggmO-pv nir und Waite? proof., ne equire )ao adapt met nelly, iein for use 'fini-f5 wiege. To produce ih@ tgp of Sah-fi oiled peper of this cherzicte it is necessary cenopvi. dee iarg'e pipe e ie led, 70 'to provide devices for @finti-eli ig the Sipra f- :ind ;i f ciechi through i A i 'oiin coeii "o i cendeneer g hy which ehe d eprziyen "iqiiiu is eubeteni'e'urnec to the Suppiy .gh e pipe e2. ed Spraying ineens comprise end a' n'ioun'ed one Wihin the eend-,uite' is connected "o a pressure and the d io n euppiv ef 80 n; cient oreseurea n, ie ceiise i iiquid to menne eo es te eiect n Ag i 'ile of en* r l )lying the ep ey uniiorniijy dong e surface Sheet ci? ceneideraii le length., and in regulated eincunt.

l attain any object in e coming machine, of che type mentioned, compi-ei ig; iv housing in which are piovided tive tubes, one thereof preferably fienihle and inou Within 'the A other, sind respectively provi-dei with conland he discharged thru panio-ndiecharge oi'iiicoegthe outer-'Luhebeing Y eee 'di in. IL valve L is connected to the source off Jdie 1liquid 'o he l n .ij provided ivi 'n fsa-id oi line 7L to S5 @prayed7 and the inner conduit to e gee under cont-roi the ii'ow ei? oil d ifehrough sind 'Chus pregi-sure. The inne tube is suppoi-Lied in f iieileiheoii urnien of theertii'zieeced place within ihe oui'er conduit by adjustehio Y ineenewpreierabiy iuijuegzibie 'from the eiime ,iE-fi (me, wehen 5 ileriorethe outer tube whereby 'to very the e" Whi: i f roi/ii x with 90 spacing between fue companion eriiices of e Serie' i i the jet velocit-y of the spray emitted from the provide l the inner and ou er "xubes, in that Wziy io very confus' 1' i,"

non oriicee of sghe ouer tube, reetiveiy to ihe orifices Z2 in i'egif-:r Y 'ices 40 desired amount of the Spi-ny with which the The ends of ehe ce 1 i 'e eon- 95 Surface or the Sheet sheii be coated. necged by iexiole eeeione ci? ibuhiug 2 with Further deaiis of construction and the Jdie reineinff'lerof tie-nir Seide ciion o inode oi operation of my invention are hereconduit fi is cer ied by e series of adjustable. inziter described with reference to the :icsuppori'gs ZQ Z and m, V#ghe supporte Z and Z comi unying dreivinge, in which: being arranged ai: the ende of e 1 is n diagrammatic Side eievaton of und one oi more of Supports M being* ariny improved coating inechine shown merely ranged inern'icdizi:-, Suid enne..

in outline; Seid pipe eceiien permite u iight amount Fig. 2 is :i firent elevati, .in thereof with part of fienetion so ihfu by he :idjfuf meme oi? 5o of housing bioken away; Said eupperi-s m rohubiveiy to *die eupporte Z 105 3 is an enierg d Sectional view throuh und Z? the een 3; o tube sectie s la" und die spraying device 'which embodies my in- 7i niuy be varied dong jsheii' ienggt e. This vention; is necesury ice inechanicd iniper'ecions Fig, i a. stili larger Sealed section through in Jdie eine or location el the eriices j and 7c,

he Spraying means; o1' Slight clog. eti a portion thereof, 110

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