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Publication numberUS1703642 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 26, 1929
Filing dateJan 29, 1927
Priority dateJan 29, 1927
Publication numberUS 1703642 A, US 1703642A, US-A-1703642, US1703642 A, US1703642A
InventorsSticht William F
Original AssigneeSticht William F
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Vibrating toothbrush
US 1703642 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Patented Feb. 26, 1929.


WILLIAM 'l'. s'rIcH'r, or WEs'r NEW Yonx, NEW JERSEY.

VIBRATING "roo'rHBRUsn Appucatien mea January 29,1927. seriai No. 164,442.

peutic or massage etl'ect is produced, that will be imparted to the gums of the user.

Another object of the invention is to pro-f vide means for easy adjustment of the vilo bration and to take up for Wear-in the impact portion.

A further object of theinvention is to provide 'a device ot'thisch'aracter in which,

i the vibration mechanism is mounted in a detachable handle portion, whereby the bristle portion canbe renewed.

Another object of the invention is to providea device of this character in which the means for affecting the vibration is mounted at a separate place and a flexible shaft is detachably connected with the tooth-brush.

In the accompanying drawing showing emb'odiments of my invention:

Fig. 1 is aside elevation of one form of the device indicating the parts in normal position. i

Fig. 2 is a longitudinal section showing the stem or impactmember as retracted by the magnet. j

Fig. 3 is a partial view showing loose ob? jects adjacent the stem end.

Fig. 4 shows a modification.

Fig. 5 shows .the plunger as set Fi0f.`2. Fig. 6 shows a similar arrangement with the detachable handle portion. s Fig. .6a shows a modified stem arrangement.

ferai in As shown in Figs. 1, 2 and 5 the handle 6- is provided with a bristle portion 7 at one end, and with a chamber portion 8 atl the other end containing a large chamber 9. In this `chamber 9 is arranged a magnetic vibratdr containing a coil and provided with terminal wires leadingto any suitable .source of electric current, such asan ordinarylight socket or other tap. This vibrator is ar.- ranged to cause-a rapid succession of blows orl impacts against the body ofthe. handle,

50. and preferably will have these blows applied l at the bristle portion of the'handle, so.that the effect will be transmitted through the bristles to the gums and' teeth of the' user. In the arrangement shown the vibrator itself is placed in the chamber 9 and has an extension projecting through the handle to the bristle end. A suitable coil 10 is shown enclosing the magnetic core 11. A reduced handle portion 6 is provided with a bore 12 into which extends a stem 13, whose forward extremity terminates adjacent the bristles, and may contact with a stop member in the form of metal stud 14 that is shown asv threaded to be adjustable in the end of the bore 12. At the rear end of this stem is attached the armature 15 having a reduced portion 16 to receive a coil spring 17 that will normally push the stem and head 15 to the rear. The rear end of the head 19, which is of magnetic material, is attracted by the core 11 of the magnet when energized.

A second spring 18 is larranged between the head 15 and the reduced portion 19 that will have the elieet of holding this head or armature normally spaced a short distance from the core 11, and the magnet, but the other spring 17 is of sufficient tension to prevent the spring 18 vfrom forcing the stem against the stop 14. The coil 10'has the terminals 20 and 21 for the electric current.

In Fig. 3 I show loose objects between the end of the stem 13 and the block 14, such as balls22. This will tend to increase the vibratory effect.

'In Fig. 4 a slight modification is shown in which a bent lever 25 is mounted on a pivot in the casing, has one end pivoted to the stem 13. The orerI arm 26 of the lever acts as the armature to be attracted by the extension 27 of the magnetic core. A plate spring 28 tends to press the armature end away from the magnet, and a coil spring 29 ytends to shift thelever in the same direction, but the spring -2'9 fwill hold the stemnormally to the rear out of Contact with the sto pin 14. The" plate spring when the lever 1s attracted will resist advancing the stem, such magnetic force over-balancing the force Vof the two springs, and causing the stem 13 to strike the impact pin 14.

In use the 'devicesimply has the terminals connected with a source of current such as electriclight socket, preferably of alternating current. This will cause pulsating mag-z netic force in thecore of the magnet. When the armature'15 is first attracted the spring 18 will become compressed while the other spring will` expand. Then on reversal of vanced in the opposite directin with also the stem, and this force augmented by the comcurrent the armature will be repelled and adpressed spring 18 will drive the stem against I the plug 14. rilhe next reversal will cause resuccession of blows or impacts are imparted.

turn or' the stem and armature by reaction of the compressed spring 17 that Was put under compression when the stem advanced to engage the stop. This operation will be repeated With great rapidity and a very quick to the stem 14. yhis of course will cause Athese' impacts'to be received by the handle member, and delivered in close proximity to the bristleportion of the tooth-brush. Such operation can take place when the toothi ae brush is'held against the teeth and gums, and

leven during the brushing operation by the user.` This Will stimulate the tissues of the gums and cause an increase in the circulation 1n the blood vessels, and a general strengthening of these parts will result.

ln Fig. 6 is shown a detachable Portion for thevibrator device, in which the chamber portion 2 has a large tapered bore 3, into which projects the tapered end portion 4 of the handle 5. The stem 13 Will remain attached in the chamber portion 2 and simplyl be Withdrawn from the brush portion when it is removed.

ln Fig. 6a another arrangement,of the vibrator stem is shown in Which the brush portion 43 has a bore 44 that at theend portion 45 is provided With a screw thread. The stem 46 that is connected with the vibrator head 47 is provided with a helix 48 that extends intoA 4the threaded bore 45, but has a loose connectionf therewith, whereby this helix can movek 'i5' back and forth a limited distance Without turning. When the stem is'reciprocated by thevibrating magnet head the helix will alternately engage the opposite walls/of the threaded bore and make impact throughout a comparatively large area or surface. Ilhis Will increase the eect, at the same time there will not be such Wear as might result Where the end of a stem engaged a stop. The other A end of the stem 46 has a head 48 detachably engaging a split socket 49 connected with the head 47. The tube portion 46 has atapered f end 50 that has a tight tit in the end portion 510i thechamber handle to be detachable. At'the same time the stem by this head will become detached from the spring socket. rlhe head 47 has a slot 53 into which projects an ber t'o the bristle portion, a magnetic vibra. tor in the handle chamber, and a stem on thel` extension 54 from the handle portion..

- W'hat I claim is;

1. A tooth-brush provided with a chamber in the handle, a bore leadingfrom the cham- /ibrator extending into the said bore and which will produce rapid impacts against the end portion of the bore at the bristle portion. 2. A tooth-brush provided vvvith a chamber in the-handle, a bore leading from the chamber to the bristle portion, a magnetic vibra-1 tor in the handle chamber,a stem on the vibrator extending into the said bore and Which vvilly produce rapid impacts against the end portion of the bore at thebristle portion, and a loose object in the bore engaged by the stem end.

3. A tooth-brush provided with a chamber in the handle, a bore leading'trom the chan1 ber to the bristle portion, a magnetic vibrator in the handle chamber, a stem yon the vibrator extending into the said bore and which will produce rapid impacts against the handle, and a spring to control the impacts.

'4. A tooth-brush provided with a cham- -ber in the handle, a bore leading from the chamber to the bristle portion, a magnetic vibrator in the handle chamber, a stem on the .vibrator extending into the said bore and which will produce rapidiinpacts against the v end portion ot the bore at the bristle portion,

and a spring arranged to normally press the` stem toward the bore end.

5. A tooth-brush provided With a chamber in the handle, a bore leading from the chamber to the bristle portion, a magnetic vibrator in the handle chamber, a stem on the vibrator extending 'into the said bore and Which will produce .rapid impacts against the end portion of the bore at the bristle portion, a spring arranged to normally presswthe stem toward the bore end, and a second spring tending to move the stem toward the magnet.

6. A tooth-brush provided with a chamber in the handle, a magnetic vibrator in the handle chamber arranged to produce rapid impacts against the handle, and a pair of diiler- 'fber to the bristle portion, a vibrator in the handle chamber, a stem on' the vibrator extending into the said bore and which will produce rapid impacts against the end portion of the bore at the bristle portion, and a looseV object in lthe bore engaged by the stem end.v N. Y., January' 7 Signed at 4 New York city, 26,1927. WILLIAM F. STICHT.'

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