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Publication numberUS1703725 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 26, 1929
Filing dateJan 12, 1923
Priority dateJan 12, 1923
Publication numberUS 1703725 A, US 1703725A, US-A-1703725, US1703725 A, US1703725A
InventorsCromwell John C
Original AssigneeTestite Company
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Closet connection
US 1703725 A
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Feb. 26, 1929. I 1,703,725


2 Sheetm 2 M .Sm J

Patented Feb. 26, 1929;





Application filed January 12, 1928. Serial No. 812,257.

The present invention has relation broadly to plumbing connections, and more particularly to connections such as required between the outlet horn of a water closet and the usual soil pipe. 7 V y In some installations of this character-as made at the present time, there are provided thermore, when it is considered that an al-,

lowance as high as one-eighth of an inch in an inch is permissible in porcelainarticles of this character due to the variations in shrinkage during drying and. firing, it will be appreciated that it is practically-impos- 2 sible to provide an accurate ball and socket connection between a specially shaped outlet horn and the soil pipe.

This invention overcomes objections of the character pointed out, and provides a con-.

nectionadapted for use with closet bowls of standard construction without any change in the shape of the outlet horn.

In the accompanying'drawings, there are shown for purposes of illustration only, certain embodiments of the present invention, it being understood that the drawings do not define the limits of the invention, but that changes may be made in the construction and operation disclosed therein without departing from the spirit of the invention or scope of my broader claims.

In the drawings,

Figure 1 is a vertical sectional view through one form of connection constructed in accordance with the present invention;

Figure 2 is a to plan View of one of the bearing members or the connection shown in Figure 1; I Figure 3 is a transverse sectional v1ew on the line III-III of Figure 2;

Figure 4 is a view, on an enlarged scale and partly broken away, illustrating the relative position of certain of the parts before the packing is compressed;

Figure 5 is a view correspondingto F igure 1, illustrating a slightlymodified form of the invention;

Figure 6 is a top plan view of one of the bearing members shown in Figure 5; and

Figure 7 is a topplan view of the upper end of the soil pipe shown in Figure 5.

In carrying out the present invention, there may be provided, as shown in Figures 1 to 4, both inclusive, a soil pipe or pipe section 2 of any usual general construction, having a'portion of its upper-end shaped to provide a projecting flange 3; This flange. is preferably so shaped as to form an outer spherical bearing surface 4. and an inner packing receiving surface 5. Conveniently, although not necessarily, the'packing receiving surface 5 may be of substantially uniform concavity adapted to provide a portion of a spherical bearing surface corresponding l generally to the surface 4.

Cooperating with the flange?) is an outer bearing ring 6 having'diametrically oppositely positioned, inwardly projecting bearing portions 7 shaped to conform to the surface 4. Intermediate the portions 7, the

' bearing ring is cut away as'at 22 to provide an internal diameter which is slightly in excess 'of the external diameter of the flame 3, to permit the ring to be turned at substantially right angles 'to the flange and slipped thereover, as will be apparent.

Adapted to cooperate with the upper end of the soil pipe 2, is a closet bowl 8 having the usual outlet horn 9. This outlet horn in standard constructions is of substantially straight cylindrical shape, having a flat lower end 10. The lower end of the outlet horn is shaped to engage a compressible packing 11 which is supported on the packing receiving surface 5. The relative position of the parts before the packing is compressed, isclearly illustrated in Figure 4, while the position of the parts after compression of the packing is shown in Figure 1.

Due to the fact that the packing 11 is supported on a substantially concave bearing surface, it will be apparent that as angular adjustment between the soil pipe 2 and the outlet horn 9 takes place, the packing will tend to shift its position on the surface 5, whereby the effective compression pressure exerted thereon will always be effective at substantially right angles to the end 10 of the parts, and'tlie relative adjustment there the outlet horn. This effects a substantially V uniform compression of the packing throughout its entire-circumference.

In order to prevent the packing from slipping out of position during the assembly of of, it maybe so shaped as to provide an upstanding portion 12 adapted to cooperate with the outer cylindrical surface of the out-'- let horn. V 1, V V The compression of the packing is accomplished-by bolts13 extending-through openings 141 in the bearing member 6 and elongated openings 15 in the base flange 16 of the closet 8. When the parts are in the desired angular positions, the nuts 17 will be screwed on to the bolts to thereby compressthe packing and maintain the'parts inoperative relationship,

by thesame reference characters having a,

prime afliXed-thereto. In this'forin of the invention the packing receiving surface Visfespecially shaped toprovide a packing .groove l8, and the packing 11 is shaped to with an upstanding portion to cooperate with fit within the groove. 1 With such a constructlon lt is unnecessary to provide the packing the outlet horn 9".

v 'For-certainpurposes, the form oft-he invention illustrated'in Figures 5 to 7 is lessde- "sirable; than that illustrated in Figures 1 to 4, for the reason'tha't as the angular relationship between the soil pipe and'the outlet horn.

varies, the degreeof pressure exerted on the packingat different points will correspondly vary. This is due to the factthat the packingisfixedly retained ithin the groove 18 relative to the-surface 5.

withlslots 19" having undercut portions 20 adapted to receive the heads ofthe bolts 13. The boltsare also provided with intermediate collars 21 adapted to overlie the slots 19 I Serial No. 612,258, filed January 12, 1923. r V

' The advantages of the present invention arise from the provision of a connect on adaptable for use with closets of standard construction and providing a tight joint irrespectiveof the relative angular positions of the soil pipes with repeat to the outlet horns of the closet bowls.

Further advantages of this invention arise from the fact that inaccuracles 1n the dnnensions'of the outlet horn will not affect the tightness of the joint formed with this con: nection.

I claim l. In-a closet connection, a bearingring,

and: a pipe section havingan enlargedend, j

said bearing ring having bearingportions? for said end and having oppositely positioned recesses to permit it to be turned substantially parallel to the fiow opening through the pipe, slipped over the enlarged end thereof, and then turned at right angles to its original position to cooperate with said pipe end, substantially as described;

2. In a drainage connection for soilpipes, a plpe section having va convex outer bearing surface and a packing supportinginner sur- 7 face,-a packing on saidZinne-r surface, and-a bearlng member surround ng said-pipe section and adjustably cooperating with said outer'surface, said bearingmember having an 1 internal dlameter materially less than its external diameter-of said pipe section to permitrelatlve angular ad ustment; between the same, said bearing member belng of annular shape and having diametrically opposite portions cut away to permit bodily movement described. V. a

Intestimonywhereof I have hereunto-set my hand,

i Jonn o. GROMW'ELLQ I v V v V thereof over th-e pipe section,substantially, as In the latter form of the invention, the, bearing member 6- is illustrated as provided I

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