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Publication numberUS1704723 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 12, 1929
Filing dateMar 12, 1926
Priority dateMar 12, 1926
Publication numberUS 1704723 A, US 1704723A, US-A-1704723, US1704723 A, US1704723A
InventorsMyer Charen
Original AssigneeMyer Charen
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Tooth shade guide
US 1704723 A
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March 12, 1929. I M, CHAR' N 1,704,723


Application filed Marsala, 192s. sexier. No. 94,180.

My invention relates particularly to-that class of dental devices commonly known as tooth shade-guides, and employed by dentists in determining by comparison the particular shade of artificial stock teeth that may be substituted for the natural teeth of the patient.

The principal object of my invention is to provide'a sii'nplified and inexpensive holder for sample teeth, which may be constructed of two pieces of sheet material, formed to pro vide'means for individually engaging removable tooth mountings by such pressure as to prevent their accidental displacement, but to readi y permit their manual removal'from said holder.

A further object is to provide a holder stamped from a single piece of sheet metal and bent to the shape of an elongated, tubular holder of rectangular cross-section within 0 which is located a one piece member of spring m tal having stamped out therefrom resilient tongues each to accommodate a sample tooth holder opposite each tongue of which is arranged a tooth mounting aperture.

A further object resides in the provision of general details or" construction and arrangement and combination of parts for attaining the foregoing objects. I

The invention consists of the novel construction hereinafter described and finally claimed.

The nature, characteristic features and scope of the invention will be more fully understood from the following description taken in conn ction with the accompanying drawings f rming part hereof, in which:

Fig. 1. is aview in elevation of a tooth sl being broken away for clearerillustration.

2, is 'a fragmentary view in elevation of thespring tongue plate.

Fig. 3, a view in cross-section taken upon the line 3-3 of Fig. 1.

Fig. l, is a View in cross-section takenupon line l-4- of Fig. 2.

ing detached; and 6. an edge view of the holder illustratin s de holder embodyingthe invention, parts i 5, is a view of a sample tooth and its various instrumentalities of which my invention consists can be variously arranged. and organized and that my invention is not i ted to the precise arrangement and orlzation of the instrumentalities as herein ings, is provided with a plurality of rectan-Q gular apertures i, see Fig. 6. This wall 3 in practice comprises the top of the casing.

'Adapted for detachable insertion in said apertures l of wall 3 are'the mountings 5 pivotally carrying as at 6 the sample teeth 7. Having a snug fit with the holder proper.

is aspring metal member formed from a sinsheet of material and having stamped therefrom a'plurality of reslhent tongues one of which is arranged opposite each ofthe apertures 4. In the drawings the member is designated 8 and in cross-section, as shown in Fig. i, is convexed and from this convened portion are stamped'the resilient tongues 9. As before stated, a tongue 9 is opposite an aperture 4 so that when a mounting 5 is introduced to an aperture elsaid mounting 5 impinges against a resilient tongue so that a mounting is removably, yet firmly held in place between the inner face of a tongue 9 and the inner surface of the front face 10 of a holder, see Fig; 3.

It will now be apparent that I havedevised a novel and useful,construction which embodies the' features of advantage enumerated as desirable in the statement of the in vention and the above description and while i single, elon ated piece of sheet metal, bent longitudin lly to form four longitudinal provided with a plurality of shade guide receivin slots of uniform size and a single;

elongated plate of sheet metal fitted within said casing between said indent-ed Wall and flat Wall, said plate having a transverse curvature the extremities of said plate. abutting against said fiat Wall, said plate having stamped out therefrom a plurality of resilient tongues of uniform size one tongue being arranged opposite each slot, whereby when a dental mounting is introduced between said indented Wall and said plate said plate yields suiiiciently to cause clamping of said mounting between said indented wall and plate.

In witness whereof, I have hereunto signed my name.


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U.S. Classification206/83, 211/60.1
International ClassificationA61C19/00, A61C19/10
Cooperative ClassificationA61C19/10
European ClassificationA61C19/10