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Publication numberUS1704960 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 12, 1929
Filing dateMay 11, 1925
Priority dateMay 11, 1925
Publication numberUS 1704960 A, US 1704960A, US-A-1704960, US1704960 A, US1704960A
InventorsAckerman Dolletta M
Original AssigneeAckerman Dolletta M
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Massage applicator
US 1704960 A
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' March 12, 1929. D, M, ACKERMAN MASSAGE APPLICATOR Filed Mayk l1. 1925 T nl... l.

nvr/fron. Bmg-'r 1w /1. Halten/n m B251 I NMR/m- Patented Mar. 12, 1929.




Application filed Mayvll, 1925. Serial o. 29,289.

My invention aims to provide an improved message applicator particularly adapted to be applied to the human body, when connected to a source of vacuum such as an aspirator'.

Inthe accompanying drawing, wherein I have shown two illustrative embodiments' of my invention;

Fig. 1 is a side elevation of myl improvedv applicator, the manner of use by connection to an aspirator being indicated in dotted lines;

Fig. 2 is a central sectional view taken on the line 2-2 of Fig. 1;

Fig. 3 is a central sectional vieW taken on the plane at a. right angle to the plane 2-2 in Fig. 1; and

Fig. 4 is a cross-sectional view of a modified form of applicator.

Referring to the drawings, and more particularly to the illustrative embodiment shown in Figs. 1 and 2, I have shown one form of my improved suction massage applicator as being connected to an aspirator which creates the necessary suction. This cup preferably comprises a body portion 10 of soft material such as rubber, shown as being bell-shaped, and having its Wall tapered toward the flared edge to insure the desired flexibility so that, by gentle pressure, yit may be made to conform to the irregular contour of portions of the body. The thicker portions of the Walls are sufficiently strong to resist collapse due to the application of the suction.

At the rear of the cup I have shown a beaded enlargement 11 Which formsa convenient means for holding it, also provides a thickened portion in which an annular channel 12 is formed to receive a t-ubular fitting or nipple 13, preferably made of metal. This ynipple may have an annular shoulder 14 slightly larger in diameter than the normal internal diameter of the annular channel, so that When it is inserted through the mouth of the cup by expanding the throat portion, it Will be held firmly in air-tight engagement therewith. The nipple portion projecting from the throat of the cup is preferably roughenedl to engage the interior of a rubber tube such'as f is usually employed in connection with suction massage devices.

Referring to Fig. 3, I have a valve 15 adapted to slide over and close the opening in the nipple to out off suction. As shown, this valve preferably has an integral boss 16 provided With a threaded opening to receive a threaded stem 17 which is inserted through a small opening in the beaded portion 11 of the cup. lThis stem-preferably has a knob 18 on its projecting end, and a coil spring 19 may be inserted between the knob and the bead 11 normally to hold the valve open.

It is desirable to provide cup from the body Without bruising the flesh and to this end I have shown an opening 20 in the Wall of the cup adapted to be covered by a finger of the user When it is being applied, and to be uncovered to permit air to replaceV the partial vacuum in the cup vvhen it is. desired to remove it. The Wall of the cup isr preferably thickened around the opening to strengthen and to provide a hump or boss on the outer surface which makes it easy for the operator tolocate the opening by the sense of touch.

Referring to Fig. 4 I have shown a cup 10 of smaller size than the one hereinbefore described and preferably made of hard material such as glass. This cup preferably has an integral nipple 18 adapted to be inserted inthe usual rubber tube and the mouth is of such size that it may be applied to the face y for removing Wrinkles, cleansing the pores of the skin or removing pimples and the like. I have also shoWn an opening 20 to admit air in this cup when it is desired to release it.

In the practical application of my flexible massage cup cold cream or olive oil are preferably applied to the parts of the body which it is desired to massage so as to make it easy to move the massage cup about over the skin Without causing irritation from friction. The operator then applies the cup, holding one finger over the air opening and moves it about over the body. To remove the cup, the operator closes the valve by pushing the knob 18 With one finger and uncovers the opening `2O in the side Wall to admit atmospheric air,

therebydestroying the vacuum.

The facial massage cup is applied in a similar manner, the air opening 20 in this cup being sufficiently large to admit atmospheric air in such volume as to permit easy release,

Without injury to the skin.

This applicator not only cleanses the pores of the skin on these portionsk of the body Where it is applied, but also contributes to better blood circulation and by repeated application Will reduce fat partly due to the vigorous artificial exercise adorded and partly to the removal of some of the fatty oils through the pores of the skin.

Ior releasing the Obviously, my invention isv susceptible of various changes and uses.

I claim: Y

l. A massage applicator comprising a ible bell shaped rubber cup having a thin edfre at its o )en end and a tube en fr nifni b :3

edge at its open end, tube'engaging `nipple secured to the rear end thereof, said nipple -iI-lcluding an annular plate shoulder, said cup havin-g `an annular channel for receiving 20 said plate in air-tight engagement therewith, a' hanzdi grasping portion at the rear end of said Cup, said cup having an air opening in the'sidethereof adapted and arranged to be covered by finger of the user, the walls around said opening being thickened and presenting a hump on the exterior surface to facilitate finding said openingby the sense of touch.

In'ivitness whereof I this day set my hand. A


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