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Publication numberUS1705407 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 12, 1929
Filing dateAug 31, 1927
Priority dateAug 31, 1927
Publication numberUS 1705407 A, US 1705407A, US-A-1705407, US1705407 A, US1705407A
InventorsPhilip Joffe
Original AssigneePhilip Joffe
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Label protector
US 1705407 A
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March 12, 1929. P. JOFFE 1,705,407

LABEL PROTECTOR Filed Aug. 31, 1927 Pharmacy 4 No. Da1e SMn'Hs Pharmacy No. Date Patented Mar. 12, 192$.

. LABEL rnornc'ron'.

Application file d August 31, 216,510;

. that the protector maybe applied tothecontaincrat the time'the label is pasted thereon,

and readily remo ved thereafter .when desired, leaving the data on the label visiblewhilethe protector is in place and. not unduly so led ,1 0 ordis'colored, and making itpossible was:

. ,cipherlthedata on the label" by tearingofi the protector even though the latter be so soiled as to make the labelille'gible while the pIQteCtQrjs in place. e 3

Further obj ect's and advantages of the n venti'on will be inpart obvious and inpart specifically pointed out in the description hereinafter contained which, taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawings, discloses certain preferred thereof; such embodiments, however, are to be considered as merely illustrative of lts principles. In the drawings Fig. 1 is a side view of a container havmg applied thereto a label and label protector in accordance with the invention. i

' Fig. 2 is a section on line 22 of Fig. 1.

Fig. a face view of a labelhaving a protective sheet applied thereto in accordance with another form of the invention, and

Fig. 4 is an edge view of the structure shown in Fig. 3. 1

In accordance with the present invention, I provide along with the label 1, which may be of ordinary character, a'label protector comprising a flexible, transparent sheet of material, such as waxed or oiled paper, or

thin pyroxylin, which is substantially coextensivewith the label proper and may be readily pasted on the bottle or other container at the time the label is applied thereto.

As shown in Fig. 1, the protective transparent sheet 2 is held in position by adhesive.

3 at its top and bottom edges, this adhesive being either applied at the time of placing the label on the container, if an ungummed label is employed, or if desired, the adhesive '3 may be previously applied to the protective sheet 2 so that if gummed labels are employed the sheet 2 may be merely moistened at the time the label proper is moistened.

As used in connection with prescription labels, for example, a protective sheet of the above nature enables the druggist to write the data on the label proper, then prepare the label 1 and sheet 2 for application to the conembodiments.


-rnnar Journosnnw' xonie' n, 2.; f

tainerby. itlhesivetotheback the label and protective sheet while the latter covers the active face of the label, orby merely moisteningthe;label and protective sheet in, case; :gum, has been previously applied thereto, after which the label: and protective sheet may beeasily placed-inthe.proper posi ti'onon'the container. 7 In fact the protective sheet may be relied u pon,;.to, hold the label properin placewithoutsticking the latter to the container; .[In renewing prescriptions,

zfor example,the idrugg ist maymerely tear off the protective sheet and ireplaceit without renewing Qthelabel PI'OPGlPfiillCQ the lat: ter will still present afreshappearance,'

"The protective sheet .w'ill avoid soiling of thelabelprepelr and iflsuch sheet itself be comes soiled ordiscolo'red as often happens, for example, in'the case ofpre'scription botof the bottle,vthe protective sheet may be I tleswhen the contents run down along the side torn off by the druggist in renewing the pre- 1 I scription, whereby data on the label will still I be legible.

The flexibility of the protectivesheet, and

the fact that it may be made substantially coextensive in size with the label, enables the protective sheet to be used in connection with any containers of different sizes'andshapes.

plied along with the labels may serve to prevent stacked A somewhat modified form of the invention ,The protective sheets furthermore when supi I gummed labels from sticking toi. V

is illustrated in Figs. 3 and 4, wherein a protective sheet 2 as above described is secured by adhesive 3 to one edge of the label 1,

in putting the data upon the label, after which whereby the druggist may lift up the sheet 2 the protective sheet may be returned to normal position and the label applied to the container in the usual manner. With this form of the invention the protective sheet 2 may be readily removed at any time, and if de-.

sired the lower edge of the protective sheet may begummed asindicated at 3 to enable the bottom edge of the protective sheetto be put upon the latter. Perforations 4 may also be provided near one or more edges of the prodesired.

"In a broaderaspect of'the-inventiomfthe i protective sheet need not be transparent but "tective-sheet to facilitate tearing it'ofl when,

may be opaque and the dataprovidedboth upon it and upon the inner label 1, for example, by the use of carbon paper or otherwise. The protective sheet in this instance Willstill enable'thc data to be read'unless it becomes de= faced in which case the data'willragainvbe disclosed by the removal of the protective sheet as previously described.

Vhile certain specific forms of the inven tion have been described,it=willbelobv-ious I label proper, and adhesive applied adjacent one or more edge portions of the label and protector for detachably holding the protective sheet in'positionthereover.

2. In combination, a label ofrthelpaster t-ype,a-1'1d a label protector comprising a'flexible, transparent sheet substantially coextensive with and overlying said label, said sheet being detachably secured to the label'adjacent one edge to'a'lford access totheface of the label by lifting up the sheet, and Wherebytlie label and protector may be jointly secured to a conta-iner and the protector readily separately removed therefrom When desired.

' 3. In combinationa label of the paster type nover lyi-Irg acontainer, and a label protector comprising a flexible sheet substantially co- 7 and adhesive applied adjacent, one or more edge portion of the label and protector for detachabl holding the protective sheet in position t iereover.

4. In combination a label of the pastel-type, 10

and ai'label protect-or comprising a flexible sheet substantially coextensive with and overlying saidfllabel, said sheet beingfdetachably secured to the label adjacent one edgeto' affO'I'Cl access'to the faceo'f the label by lifting up the sheet, and whereby the label vand{protector may be jointly secured to a container and the protector readi therefrom when desired.

In testimony that I claim the foregoing,"I

have'hereuntoset my hand this f29thfda y of August, 1927. v V p I a I I PHILIP JOFFE.

extensive'withan'd overlying the label proper, Y

ly separately removed 7

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