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Publication numberUS1705753 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 19, 1929
Filing dateJan 25, 1928
Priority dateJan 25, 1928
Publication numberUS 1705753 A, US 1705753A, US-A-1705753, US1705753 A, US1705753A
InventorsGeorge H Dawson
Original AssigneeService Bureau Inc
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Index guide card
US 1705753 A
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March 19, 1929. G. H. DAwsoN 1,705,753

INDEX GUIDECARD Filed Jan. 25, 1928 aa uonuosnoso l 19 Dooooooooouoaoo Patented Mar.r 1.9, 1,9929.r

uiten v*rares* PA'E'" EFECEN.



Application flledianuary' 25, 1928. Serial No; 249,433.

This invention relates toindex cards'and.

system to separate the cards, folders or other y index matter kconstituting the filing system.

The principal object of the invention is to provide a guide card simple and econom-` lical construction, the card having a projecting tab reinforced and protected by a sheath of transparent material constructed and arranged to permit the insertion and removal of'an index slipor label. l A

A preferred embodiment of the invention is illustrated in theraccomp-anying drawings, in which: Y Fig. 1 is a front elevation of guide card; l Y

Fig. 2 is a rear view of'said card; Fig. 3is an enlarged transverse section on the line 3 3 of Fig. 1; and

*Figa 4c is a view similar to Fig. 1 illustrating a type of connected index slips which may be employed with the improved tab.

The card body 5 may be made ofany suitably stiff sheet material, such as card-V board, fiberboard or 4stout paper, and has an integral proJecting tab 6 vand a` cover sheet or sheath of' transparent material,- such as celluloid, which is folded over the top edge of the tab at 7 to provide frontv and rear flaps 8 and 9, respectively. The vertical edges' and shoulders of the sheath preferably register with the edges of the card tab, to protect the cardv from wear. The rear i flap 9 is fastened to the back facevof the card and card tab by arsuitable adhesive 10 which is applied over the entire surface of the flap and securely unites the flap 'to thecard.

The front flap 8 extends downwardly from the fold 7 over the face of the card tab andhas its lower portion, which'preferably reaches below thebottom `edge. of the rear flap 9, adhesively secured, as indicated at 12 (Fig. 3), to the card body, leaving the upper portion thereof free from the card surface to provide a label-receiving pocket. A slit 11, preferably extending longitudinally of the card and spaced below theupper cardv edge at the bottom of said pocket, is provided in the flap `-8 to permit the insertion and removal of the label;v and smallv eyelets 14 are preferably provided through the free portion of the front flap, the card andthe rear the improved flap tohold the margins of the pocket forming portion of the flap against the card and its tab, thereby to yclose the endsI of the pocket and presssaid pocket-forming portion towardy the ycard surface frictionallyy .to hold the 'labell 15 within the pocket. v

In order that thek label may quickly andv conveniently be ,insertedr through the slit 11,

the front iiap 8 may, if desired, be formed 4with molded shoulders 13 disposed adjacent the ends of the slitV which tend to hold the mouth of the pocletlopen. ,While the eyelets 1d will tend to depressthe free portion f of the flap 8, it will be found that the provision of such fastening means does not yappreciably fiatten the raised shoulders nor ribs 18 against the `card surface. The celluloid will be bent toward the card frictionally to hold the label within the pocket; but the shoulders at the bottom of the free portion will be preserved in the form of raised ribs.

The label 15 may readily be inserted t" through the slit'11 and pushed upwardlyy until its top edge approximately coincides with the upper edge ofthe card tab 6, thus permitting the use of a large label and affording'better visibility of the index data inscribed thereon.V Y The lower margin of the label lies flatwise upon the card surface with its lower edge protected from external contacts by the thickness of the celluloid -at, the

vbottom of the-slit. VNotches 16, 17 may be provided to permit the label to be removedr by the fingers., f

The label may be a unitary slip of paper, or it may form part of an elongate strip of interconnected labels, as illustrated in Fig. 4, which shows a series of individual labels 18 connected at the perforated lines 19. The vendr label maybe inserted in the sheath pocket and vmay readilyv be torn from the` i adjacent section at the perforations. v

An index guide eard constructed as above described is economical to manufacture, durable in use and is attractive in appearance; the transparent sheath reinforces the card taband protects the tab and the adjacent card body from soilage and wear, and pro- Y ,vides a'smooth, roiiinded upper edge at the top of the tab which is agreeable tothe touch of the user; andthe construction of the label pocket permits the-label to be inserted with ease, and to be pushed upwardly to the top of the tab, and to be adjusted in the desired position by hand; Vyet by fricy tional contact'holds the label against accidental removal, and prevents the protrusion of the sides oi' the label from the-pociret.

of structure may be varied without departing from the spirit of the invention as delined in 'the appended claims.

I claiin:

l. An index card having-an integral: projecting tab and provided witha transparent Ysheath 'folded over the card tab to i'urni'sh 'liront and rear flaps., the rear vflap being secured upon the rear surface of the tab and the ront'flap. having its upper portion tree troni the tab surface to provide a label-receiving pocket'and having between itsupperand lower portions .a horizontal slit 'adjacent the bottoni ot the pocket to permit a label to be inserted into said pocket, the lower yportion of the 'liront flap being;lr secured `latwise upon the card, so that the label willbe rictionally retained between the card tab and said upper 'flap portion with its upper ledge'adjacent the upper edge of the card tab.

2. An index ldevice comprising` a card "havingan .integral tab projecting above the card body, ai transparent sheath liolded'over the card tab tov iorinfront and rear Aflaps,

the 'rear 'flap 'being secured upon the rear face of tlietaband the lront flap having its upperl portiont'freelfroint the tab surface to. provide a label-receiving pocket and having horizontal' slit adjacent the bottoin of c the pocket toperniit the insertion of a label,

the poi-'tion of 4said front IHap below said slit `being` secured-.ilatwise upon the 'card body, and means' for fastening thernargins oi" the pocket-forming portion of the front flap to the card, whereby a label received within said pocket willbeA lf'rictionally'held between the card tab and said pocket-tormingoy portion of ythe sheath. K

An index device coinprisingla'card having" an integral tab rprojecting 'above the card body, a transparentsheath folded over the card' tab to`forin front-and rearl'laps,

tlierear flap beingsecured upon the rear" face of Vthetab and the front liapl having fits vupper portionl free from the tab surface to yprovide a label-receiving pocket and having a horizontalv slit adjacent the bottom of the pocket to :perinitfthe insertion of anlabel, the portion of said front 'flap below said slit Vbeing-secured iiatwise upon the card body, lt Awill be understood, however, that ydetails and. fasteners passing through the margins of the pocket-forming upper portion or the front flap and through the card, whereby "-tl'ief'endsof the pocket aie closed and the label will be rictionally held between the card tab'land said 4pocket-forming portion of. the sheath. Y

4. l'An index device'coinprising a card Vhaving an integral tab projecting above the Vcard body, a' transparent sheath :folded over -thefcard tab to forni front and rearlaps, the rear ilap being secured uponl the 'rear- -face of the taband the ront'liap having 'its upper'portionfree from thetab surfacev tojpiovide a label-receiving pocket and Vhaving horizontal slit'adjacent 'the' bottom of thel pocket to permitv 'the insertion ol1v a label, said slit beingspaced below the upper yedge ot the card body, the portion of said liront `flap'belowsaid slit being` secured llatwise upon the card body,'and inetal fasteners passing, through the margins of the :front llap between the said'upper` edge .and vsaid slit, and through the card body-andrear "flap, for closing' lthe ends of' the pocket.

5. An index device comprising a card having an integral tabA projecting l,above the vcard body, a transparent `sheath folded over the card tab lto foi-infront and rear flaps the rear .flap 'being securedupon the rear race of the tab andthe front' laphaving its upper Aposition free `troni the tab surface" to'vprovide a label-receiving pocket and having afho'rizontalslit adjacent the 1bottomV of the'pocket Itoperinit the insertion of ailabel'a the portion of said front liap below said slit being secured flatwise upon the card body,-said slit beingspaced below the upperedge of the card body, andV the sheath inaterialvat' theends of the slitbeing `beiitto piovidefresilient shoulders, and-fasteningdevices disposed between said upper surface of the 1 card.

`lSignedfby meat Boston, Massachusetts this' twenty-thirdy day ofrzlanuaryl928.


yedge and said shoulders,respectively, and

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