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Publication numberUS1705882 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 19, 1929
Filing dateMar 21, 1928
Priority dateMar 21, 1928
Publication numberUS 1705882 A, US 1705882A, US-A-1705882, US1705882 A, US1705882A
InventorsSpringer Henry S
Original AssigneeSpringer Henry S
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Carton opener
US 1705882 A
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' preferably Patented Mar. 19, 1929.



Application mea umn 21, 192s. serial no. 263,320.

This invention relates to an opening de-k vice or cutter especially adapted for opening cartons such as the cardboard and corrugated cartons in which various commodities are packed for shipment.

The object of the inventionl is to provide an efficient tool of this character which is economical to manufacture and in which a safety razor blade may be used as the cutting element.

The invention comprises a guide member having a flange thereon extending at r1ght angles to the guide member and clamping means associated with said flange whereby a blade or'cutter may be held against'the This flange and clamping means may be adapted to hold various types of safety razor blades therebetween 1n such a manner as to utilize suchblades as the cutting member in the envelope opener.

In the drawings,

Figure 1 is a perspective View ofaI carton opener made in accordance w1th my invention, and y Figure 2 isa perspective View of the parts of the device shown in Figure 1, the main members being partly broken away m order toshow the fastening means.

The opener consists of a mam member 5 and a clamping member 6 having a cutter 7 clamped between them by bolts 8. Mem bers 5 and 6 may be made of metaland bolts 8 threaded into one of the members but, as a light weight tool is. desirable, they are made of wood or fibre and the bolts threaded into nuts 9 embedded in member 6.

Different types of cutters mayV be used but I have shown the opener equipped with a single edged razor blade having one side of its thickened back 10 disposed'm a groove 11, formed in the edge of member 6, and the other side of its back disposed 1n a groove 12 in the edge of a flange 13 formed along one side of member 5. Grooves 11l and 12 preferably extend acrossthe edges of member 6 and flange 13 at an angle of approXimately 45 as it is found that cutters vare most effective when set at this angle. Cutter 7 may be moved along the grooves to regulate the depth of cut to be made and is rigidly secured in adjusted position byY tightening bolts 8. I

Preferably, a pair of dowels 14, inserted in one of the members, extend into recesses 15 formed in the other member so that a double edged razor blade may be used in lleu of the single edged blade by inserting the dowels through the holes formed in such blades and tightening bolts 8 to clamp the blade between members 5 and 6.

In opening a carton, the end 16 of meI`n` The apparatus illustrated may be modified or changed in 'various ways without departing" from the s irit of the invention herein set forth and ereafter claimed.

I claim 1. A carton opener including a main member having a flange extending therefrom, said flange having an extended flat face, a

clamping member having a flat face adapted to cooperate vwith the flat face of the flange and separably connected thereto, .a y

cutter clamped between said flange and 4clamping member and means to hold the clamping member against the face of the flange, said blade extending `beyond the -flange at an angle thereto.

2. A carton opener including a main mem- `ber having a flange extending at substantially right angles thereto, a clamping member, a cutter clamped etween said flange members'and clamping ember in parallelism withv the main member and means on said clamping member for holding the cutter against displacement, said cutter being ladjustable relative to the flange and extending therebeyond at an angle thereto. 3. A carton opener` including a main member, Va flange on the main member having a diagonal groove, a clamping member having a diagonal groove registering with the groovein the flange, a cutter having a thicklened edge disposed in the grooves, and lmeans for clamping the cutter between said members.

In testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification'.


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U.S. Classification30/2, 30/293
International ClassificationB26B27/00
Cooperative ClassificationB26B27/005
European ClassificationB26B27/00B