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Publication numberUS1706186 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 19, 1929
Filing dateMay 20, 1927
Priority dateMay 20, 1927
Publication numberUS 1706186 A, US 1706186A, US-A-1706186, US1706186 A, US1706186A
InventorsClarence Sargent Arthur
Original AssigneeClarence Sargent Arthur
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US 1706186 A
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March 195 1929. A C SARGENT I 1,706,186


Filed May 20, 1927 Inventor fto rn gy PATENT OFFlCE.



Application led May 20, 1927. Serial No. 192,948.

The present invention relates to an oven structure for cooking h sh or the like and has for its prime object to provide an apparatus of this nature wherein a rota-table member is mounted in the oven for supporting fish and the like so that they may be quickly treated.

A still further important object of the invention iies in the provision of means whereby trays may be easily and quickly inserted'in the apparatus and may be easily and quickly extracted therefrom.

A still further important object of the invention lies in the provision of an apparatns of this nature Which is simple in construction, strong .and durable, inexpensive to manufacture, thoroughly efficient and r liable in operation, compact and convenient, and otherwise Well adapted to the pur-- pose for which it is designed.

llth the above and numerous other obin yi W as Will appear as the descripi proceeds, the invention resides in cernovel features of construction, and in combination and arrangement of parts as Will be hereinafter more fully describec and claimed.

ln the drawings:

l a horizontal section there- 2 s detail View showing the 'ns rting the trays.

o the drawing in detail will be. scan that `he iumeral 5 denotes a cylindriczl casing with a. yertical axis therein. il. shaft 8 is journaled in the casing. Any suitable operating mechanism may be prorided the shaft 8. A stand lo supports the Ablower i6 operable in any suitable manner such as by an electric motor 17. Piping li and 19 suitably connects the blower 16 with the casing. il drum 23 is fixed coanially on the shaft 8 by a bottom 2l. A lircular sl elf is mounted about the drum consisting 'if an inner ring 27 mounted on ribs 28 rising vertically on the periphery of the drum and an outer ring 29 supported by bracket or braces 23 in spaced concentric relation to ring "37 The numeral 32 denotes the trays which are inserted through an entrance 33 Which also functions as an exit. Adjacent the shelf structure there 1s fined a guide bar 3st which extends inwardly through the opening 33 diagonally across the shelf and Will engage the trays to force them outwardly from the shelves as will be apparent from the inspection of the drawings. fr guide bar 35 is pivot-ally mounted as at 36 for the shelf and has springs 37 and 38 engaged therewith to hold the same in a position so that the trays will be properly7 set on the shelf as they .l through the opening` 33.

The member 3% is pivoted as at 40. A spring i" norma y holds the member 3l in an operative position to eject the trays. A hook 42 is provided on the member 3st to hold the same in an inoperative position.

This apparatus may be used for cooking articles for edible purposes or only for drying same depending upon the amount of heat used andL the rate of rotation of the drum and the time the articles are loir` on the shelres.

"t thought that the construction, op-

eration, and advantages of this invention will nonv be clearly understood by those skilled in this art Without a more detailed description thereof. The present embodiment of the invention has been disclosed in detail merely by Way of example since in actual p actice it attains the features of advantage enumerated as desirable in the statement of the invention and the above description. it .vill e apparent that chang-:3s in the details construction, and in the combination and` arrangement of parts may be resorted lo Without departing from the spirit or sco of the invention as hereinafter sacrificing any of its advai'itages.

Hai/in thus described my inv ntion, what is claimed as new is:

An apparatus of the class described comprising a casing, a shelf rotatably mounted in the casing, said casing having' an opening, a member extending through the opening and pivoted intermediate its ends on a vertical aXis, and a spring engaged on both sides of the member hold the same in a predetermined position for guiding trays onto the shelf.

En Jn.

claimed or are inserted thereon In testimony whereof l aflix my signature.


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U.S. Classification198/637, 34/187
International ClassificationA47J37/04
Cooperative ClassificationA47J37/046
European ClassificationA47J37/04F