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Publication numberUS1706341 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 19, 1929
Filing dateJul 8, 1927
Priority dateJul 8, 1927
Publication numberUS 1706341 A, US 1706341A, US-A-1706341, US1706341 A, US1706341A
InventorsItzick Zussman
Original AssigneeItzick Zussman
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Umbrella attachment
US 1706341 A
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March 19, 1929. ZUSSMAN UMBRELLA ATTACHMENT Filed July 1927 jzz'lesman .NVENTDR AI'IORNEY Patented Mar. 19, 1929. v

mines STATES Araiar Fr es.



Application filed July 8,

1 the umbrella, thereby preventing'it from dropping upon ones clothing. I

Another purpose is to provide a canal or trough which may be attached to any type of umbrella or may be made as a part of the umbrella, the material such as fabric or the like, forming the trough may have, a coat ng of any suitable water impervious or water proof material to prevent the water from seeping through. r

Another purpose .is to provide a channel or canal having a. plurality of U-shaped pieces which may be detachably connected to or made a permanent part of the ribs of the umbrella, the fabric on the umbrella to engage with the ribs and then disposed to conform to the U-shaped pieces, thereby producing a channel or canal of substantial arcuate formation in cross section. 1- a A further purpose is to provide a channel or trough constructed with a double wall, the U-shaped pieces being located between the two walls so as to hold them spaced apart, in order that the lower wall will not become wet through the medium of contact with the wall above, the two walls being for the purpose of safe-guarding against the water seeping through.

It is to be understood that the particulars herein given are in no way limitive, and that 7 while still keeping within the scope of the invention, any desired modification of details and proportions may be-made in the construction of the appliance according to circumstances.

- taching' one of the U-shaped pieces to the spherical. head of the rib.

1927. Serial No. 20 5344.

Figure 4 is a sectional view through the U-shaped piece and illustrating the rib and also showing the attaching construction for the piece.

Figure 5 is a view in section of a modified construction, wherein the U-shaped piece is made a part of the rib, and wherein the fabric of the channel is attached to the rib and the U-shaped piece by stitches.

Referring to the drawings, 1 identifies the stick of the umbrella and 2 the ribs and 3 the covering, which is applied to the ribs in the approved way.

For illustrative purposes the covering has a window light 1 to enable the user to have vision through the covering when the upbrella is held close down over the head.

Asshown the ribs have attached to their outer terminals either by threads f as shown in Figure 2 or by means of a ball and socket connection 5 and 6 shown in Figures 3 and 4, or such U-shaped member may be formed as anintegral part with the rib as in Figures 5 and 6. Y

The covering 3 stretches over the ribs as illustrated and then conforms to the U-shaped members, as shown clearly in Figures 2, 4; and 5. In Figure 2 (which might be considered the preferable arrangement) the covering conforms to the U-shaped member on the inside thereof and then engages over the upper edge and downward and under and, conforming to the outer portion of the U-shaped member, the part 8 of the member is fastened to the U-shaped member by means of male and female snap fasteners 9 of any approved type. The idea of arranging the covering to conform to the inside and outsid of the U-shaped member is to permit the U- shaped member to hold the inside and out- U-shaped member 12 in Figures 5 and 6 have openings 16 to receive the stitches 10 while the stitches 3.1 are simply about the lower part of the rib Where it merges into the U-shaped member.

In Figure 4 thecovering 3 of the umbrella conforms to the inside of the U-shap'ed member 17, and the upper part 18 of the covering is fastened to the lJ-shaped member by means of male and female snap fasteners 19 of any approved type. It is possible to apply stitches at any suital. le'location preferably as indicated at 20 to hold the covering in position..

In Figures 3 and 4- the ball 5 eno'ages within the socket, thenthe upper part or the wall of the socket is clinched about the rib, rendering the connection secure. The trough or channel as shown in Figure 1 has an opening 21 in tho-bottom to permitthe Water to run off, though it is possible that the user may every now and then tilt the umbrella to one side and discharge the water contained in the channel or canal. Vl hcre the covering of the umbrella conforms to the ll shaped members to provide the channel, a coating of suitable water impervious material may be applied to the covering forming the canal or channel, so as to render the canal or channel impervious to water, yet the canal would be sufficiently flexible to permit the umbrella to close and yet not be bulky at the point where the canal is constructed. I

The invention having been set forth What is claimed is:

The combination with an umbrella. having ribs, of a plurality of U-shaped members, one operativcly and rigidly connected to the oute' end of each rib, a covering for the umbrella conforming to the ribs, the outer marginal portion of the covering; extending into and conforming to the inside of the U-shaped members, with its extreme edge portion op: eratively connected to the-upper extremities of the outer arms ofthe U-shaped members extendinga substantial distance upwardly beyond where the U-shaped members merge from the ribs to insure preventing the rain water from over flowing the trough formed by the covering conforming to said members, the two arms of each of members being substantially parallel and depending from the umbrella in a direction substantially parallel with the stick of the umbrella, to prevent the rain Water from splashing and over flowing.

In testimony whereof he atlixes his signature.


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