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Publication numberUS1707581 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 2, 1929
Filing dateNov 7, 1927
Priority dateNov 7, 1927
Publication numberUS 1707581 A, US 1707581A, US-A-1707581, US1707581 A, US1707581A
InventorsShaffer Glenn A
Original AssigneeFort Howard Paper Co
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Package of interfolded sheets
US 1707581 A
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April 9 G. A. SHAFFER 1,707,581

PACKAGE OF INTERFOLDED SHEETS Filed NOV- 192' 2 SheetQ-Sheet l INVENTOR. dlennAJ/kafkr ATTORNEYS April 2, 1-929.


BY w 7 ATTO EYJ Patented APR 2, 1929, 1 7 UNlTED STATES PAT-Eur QFtFI-EE;

GLENN A. saunas, or GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN, ASSIGNOB 'ro rem. now aan: rarnn serum, or GREEN BAY, wisconsima CORPORATION or wrseeit' PACKAGE Ifi'LIlItIiOLLDED SHEETS.

Application filed November 7, 1927. Serial 1T0. 231,549.

The invention relates to sheets as napkins:v superimposed upon each other in succeeding or the like and has as an object the provision napkins of the package and below each tab 11 ofa package made of sheets folded so as to or 12 of each napkin after the first, there is expose two tabs upon the same side of a body enclosed between said tab and the body 10, the

ortion 'and inter-folded whereby the removal tab 12 or 11 of the preceding napkin and the so of the outermost sheet may pullout a tab of body 10 and tab 12 or 11 of the succeeding the succeeding sheet in the package to be napkin. This arrangement is partly shown grasped by the user for its removal. in Figure 2 wherein'the tab 12 of the napkin It isa further object of the invention'to pro- 13 encloses between itself and its body per- 10 vide a package of interfolded napkins, intertion 10, the body 10 of napkin 14 and the 5 folded after a manner applicable to a variety tab 12 of napkin 14 and also in the full packof folds having two tabs on the same side of age will enclose the tab 11 of the next napkin a body portion. behind the napkin 13 superimposed upon the It is a further object of the invention to setab 11 of itself.

15 cure the advantages of an interfolded pack- With this arrangement and with the outage in the use of substantially triangular side tab of the first napkin in the package profolded napkins. ecting from a slit in a fixture, when the pro- Further objects of theinvention will ap- ]ecting tab is pulled upon the napkin will be pear from the following description when withdrawn carrying with it the outer tab of 20 read in connection with the accompanying the succeeding napkin. drawings showing illustrative embodiments 4 and 5 illustrate the invention apof the invention and wherein lied to a substantially triangular napkin Figure 1 is aperspective view partially ex-- which fold is produced by first folding the panded of a package of interfolded cornunapkin upon a diagonal line and then upon .J l copia folded napkins; a line perpendicular to the apex of the tri- Fig.2 is a front elevation of a package angle thus produced, the final fold being pro- 5 showing the first napkin partially removed duced by folding the napkin upon lines rafrom the package to more clearly illustrate dieting from the apex of the triangle last the manner of interfolding; produced to points spaced from the intersec- 30 Fig. 3 is a plan view of the package shown tion of a perpendicular to the base drawn I in Figure 1 not expanded; through the last named apex thus producing Fig. 4 is a view similar to Figure 1 showa fold having the pro ecting points 15,16 and ing a different form of substantially trianguthe tabs 17 18. lar napkins, The intertold in this form of the inven- 35 Fig, 5 is a, view similar to Figure 2 illustion is precisely the same as that already detrating the form of package shown in Figscribed, the tabs 17 18 being reversely superure imposed in succeeding napkins of the pack- Fig. 6 is a perspective view of a rectangular age and the outer tab of each fold enclosing fold having two tabs on the same side of a between itself and the body of the napkin, 40 body portion; and first one of its own tabs, second the outer tab' Fig. 7 is a face view of three of the folds of the preceding napkin, and lastly the bed of Figure 6, interfolded and pulled partly of the succeeding napkin and the .inner ta' from position. thereof. The d spensingof napkins frgm As shown in Figs. 1 to 3 inclusive, the inthe package of this forni of 'the jinafentionigis 45 vention is applied to a cornucopia fold comprecisely the same as that from the form prising a napkin first folded to quarter fold shown in Figures 1 to 3 inclusive. J rectangular 'outline and then folded from F gs. 6 and Tillustrate an -einbegliment of one corner of the rectangle upon lines extendthe invention applied to a recta-nghlar fold ing from said corner to a point between the having the two tabs 19, 20 folded upon the opposite corner and the adjacent corners sameside of the bod portion 21 and, as shown whereby to provide what is usually termed in Fig. 7, having t eir edges lying adjacent a cornucopia fold and providing a body poreach other and he center of the sheetbut tion 10 and a pair of tabs 11, 12 upon each not overlapping each other. It is obvious fold. For purposes of interfoldin the fold that this form of the invention w ll 'apxpl illustrated, the tabs 11, 12 are a ternately equally wellto a rectangular foldin w 10 the tabs a e Substantially equal in :tvi'dth' to the body portion'and overlap each'otherrin alternately superposed relations.

Inlthe embodiment of the inventionof- Figembodiment of the invention withinthe scope of the appended claims withoutdeparting from the spirit thereof.

I claim: l. A package of interfolded sheets-comeach other and lying on the same side Aof'the bodyzportion, said 1 units interfolded in such manner that a tab of each unit after the-first Irene-loses between; itself and. its-body portion .::the body portion of the next succeeding unit, ure 7 the folded sheet to theileft has; between-1:; its body 21 and its tab 19, a portion of the body 21 of the next. succeeding foldxanditherLstab- 19 thereof and the body portion; :21 of said succeeding sheet'overlaps;20.of.- the sheet preceding the one to the leftvintthe figure and also the tabVQO of saidzsheet to:; the left in the figure. Minor changes may be made in the'physical;

and second thecorresponding tab of said succeeding-unit.and -insuch manner that the body portion of'such succeeding unit overlapsfirstthe opposite-tab of theeunit preceding sai'dr'first-namedunit and second the oppositetabbfsaid first named unit and third the body: of said" first named unit;

24A package of. triangular interfolded units, ieach "comprising abody portion and a substantially triangular tabs :alternately 'su perimposed uponsaid bod portion,the first tab ofaea-ch unit in the pacl "enclosing 1 between. itself and opposite tab ofv the unit in question, the opprising, in combination, a pluralit of units; each comprising a body portion and apair of" tabs extending from said body portiontoward age after the first its body the posite-tab. of a'preceding unit, the body portion-bf a succeedingunit and the correspondiing tab of' the succeeding'unit.


t L: f

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U.S. Classification221/48
International ClassificationB65D83/08
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