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Publication numberUS1707677 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 2, 1929
Filing dateNov 28, 1927
Publication numberUS 1707677 A, US 1707677A, US-A-1707677, US1707677 A, US1707677A
InventorsDonald Mackay
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Golf club
US 1707677 A
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April 2, 1,929. Q MACKAY 1,707,677

GOLF CLUB Filed NOV. 28, 1927 31A/neuken atfornnf Patented Apr.l 2, 1929.




Application filed November 28, 1927.

This invention relates to golf clubs, it more particularlyrelating to a club, the head of which is provided With a metallic reinforcing plate or sole.

5l rThe object of iny invention is to provide a sole for a golf club heed so constructed and applied as to he held rigidly 'in position against impact or the iforce ot' inertia; also one Which will afford a Wide Wear i rtaee for l0 the under side of the head; and also one which Will he so applied Ato a inortise or recess in the head as to eliminate square corners to thus ohviaite the tendency or' the head to check or split and thereby shorten the lille of the headu A. further object of the invention is to provide Yfor Weightingi` 'the head in such a manner that the Weight is concealed and held in position in a siinple and effective inanner.

ln the acconipanyingl drawings:

Fig. l is a perspective view of a golf club showing my improvements applied thereto.

Fi 2 is bottoni plan View of the saine.

3 is a section on the line a-ai of Fig. 2.

Fig. el is zin elevation or the sole plate as viewed from the heel end 01"' the head.

Fig. 5 is a 'front elevation ot the sole plate.

Fig'. 6 is an elevation of the side edge of the sole plate as Vieived frein the toe of the head.

Fig'. i' is a bottoni plan of the sole plate.

fietst-rin to the drawings, l represents the head of :i @rolll club, 2 thc socket and 3 the shaft. The `nder surtt'ace or the head is recessed to receive a solo or weer plate d of pccnliar construction. The side edcs or this Wear plate nre 4"' arcs or circles; -the orined on ii-x edge sejacent he heel oitl the head being oi zi sinziiier :irc than that of the edge 6 adjacent the toe or the head duo to the 'tact that the heed tro? i the heel to a point adjacent the toe increases in vi'idth. The Yloi'vvnrd edge of 'this plate is i'orined on :1. substantially straight line as indicated at .7 so es to stand flush with thc torivzirtl substantially flat face 7 of the head.

Ylfhe under surface of the head is foi-ined with a niortise or recess conforming to the shape oit the plate, the plate being secured in the recess by a series of screws 8 Which pass through openings 9 in the plate and are se- 50 cured into the Wood of the head, the openings 9 being countersunk to receive the heads of the screws.

Serial No. 236,060.

comptelycovered sind held in position ly the l.veer prete atter it hes been applied.

By the arriingenent described it Will be seen that a vfear plate provided oi' s. double Wedge-shaped character embedded in a siinilarly igor-ined recess in the head so that the screws or other fastening; devices arc relieved from the strain of impact in the event of the liorivnrd tace T oi the, plate striking the ball, or from the vtorce or inertia when the hall is struck conipl elv by the ilioriverd 'iaco the head. Fnrthi t will he that the walls or the rec foi-ined in the head are free from sharp corners or angles ,so that the danger oi splittingl or checking eliminated and the life 'oil the head thus materially prolonged. Further, the shape or the plate not onli7 enables it to he held securely against inipact or the :force ot inertia but also a Vlords a large weer surface to protect the under surface of the head against ivear 'from abrasion With the ground. rllie device also one which can lie econo really nimiutactured and readily applied in a simple and econ .anical manner to the head ot' the club. Tl e arrangement also e Ar-.hles the head to be weighted with a Weight which after the vicar plat, is appiied is corn cealed from viciv sind hold liroln dis nient. A 1 llzivingf; thus described my invention, U Lillll le a goti ciuh providwl with :i hea-d, :fr ineiailic Wear plate t'or the lnder surface oli' snid hem! said heed lncrcas s in width i heel 'i have hereunto set niy hand this 26th day of November, 1927.


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U.S. Classification473/344
International ClassificationA63B53/04
Cooperative ClassificationA63B53/04
European ClassificationA63B53/04