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Publication numberUS1707762 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 2, 1929
Filing dateFeb 5, 1926
Priority dateFeb 5, 1926
Publication numberUS 1707762 A, US 1707762A, US-A-1707762, US1707762 A, US1707762A
InventorsJohn G Homan
Original AssigneeJohn G Homan
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Medical capsule
US 1707762 A
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April 2, 1929.

J. G. HOMAN MEDICAL CAPSULE Filed Feb. 5, 1926 Patented Apr. 2, 1929.


MEDICAL Application filed February The present invention relates to medical devices, and is for a capsule for use in the treatn'ient of orifices or the body.

Various forms of dilators have been pro- '5 posed. for eiliecting mechanical dilation of body orifices, more especially rectal dilation, and for various treatments in connection with such dilation. Many of these devices are provided with some heating means or medium, and it has even been proposed that some of the devices apply medicating substances during the treatment.

Such devices, by their very nature, require that a period of time be devoted to their use, and. their use is therefore accompanied with considerable inconvenience.

Various forms and kinds of suppositories have also been proposed for the treatment of orifices of the body. Such devices have nearly always been of a kind that absorbed heat from the part of the body being treated to reduce them from a solid form and render them etl'ective.

It is quite generally recognized that heat is a desirable therapeutic aid. Because heat stimulates vasomotor reaction and enhances local circulation where applied, it is quite generally believed that medication applied under the influence of heat is of increased 30 effectiveness. The suppositories of the type above referred to are incapable of the liben ation of any heat, and consequently do not beneficially stimulate local circulation or apply the medicament under the conditions generally recognized. as being most favorable to their use. A great advantage 01E such. suppositories, however, resides in the tact that their use is accompanied by no inconvenience.

According to the present invention, it is proposed to provide a capsule capable of applying heat to the body either with or without medication.

It is a further important object of the invention to provide a capsule of this kind where the application of a beneficial amount of heat may be accompanied by the application of medicament contained in the capsule.

A further important object of the invention is to produce heat within the capsule through the harmless reaction or" chemicals, and to provide a capsule where the heat producing chemicals may preferably come into actual contact with the tissues to be treated, and thereby afford the most efi'ective heat stimulation While utilizing the GATPSULi-E.

5, 19538. F'etcia]. No. 88,183.

stimulating properties inherent in the chemicals en'iployed.

These and other objects and advantages are secured by my invention, which may be readily understood by reference to the accon'ipanying drawing which illustrates a preferred embodiment of my invention, but it will be understood the drawing is to be considered merely illustrative of one enibodiinent thereof and that various changes and modifications n .iy be made without departing from the spirit of the invention.

In the drawings- Figure 1 is a vertical section through a capsule embodying the invention; and d Figure 2 is a view similar to liigure 1 showing the capsule separated to permit insertion of water or other substance to start reaction.

In the drawings, 2 designates the lower portion of a suitable capsule-like body of any desired shape. I prefer that this body he oi the soluble gelatine kind, but it may be of a permanent nature, it desi One advantage of the gelatine capsule is the fact that it is cheap, and the patient is not bothcred with any sterilizing, cleaning and refilling thereof. The capsule has a cover section 3 of any desired shape and capable of fitting onto the open end of section 2. In the side walls of the section 2 are a plurality of small holes 4;. The cap 3 also has at least one outlet hole 5 in the top thereof.

lVithin the body 2 is a lining or shell 6 of a suitable medicament vehicle, preterably cocoa butter, which may contain any desired niedicating substance. in the chan1- ber within the shell (5 is a mass 7 of normally inert chemicals adapted to react to 95 liberate heat upon the addition of water or alcohol or other sul'istance thereto. These chemicals are those which are ha inlcss to body tissues, or which, upon reaction, produce substances which are entirely harmless. .As a matter of fact, they may he entirely beneficial. They are selected to produce only a mild degree of heat and to react without violence. Any selection of chen'iicals obvious to those skilled in the art inay be employed. I prefer to use a mixture of powdered metallic magnesium and copper oxide. A reaction would be started by the addition of water thereto. If desired, sodium bicarbonate and tartaric acid could be 110 used. This would liberate a considerable volume of gas.

The lilmraitiim of ,gas may be desirable as a means of getting a lmrmless and gentle dilation of the colon in the tr ailment of constipation.

It is proposed that just prior to the insertion of the a psulc, the rap be lifted, as indicated in Figure 2, and water. alcohol or other subsiani'ie added, after which the cap is replaced and the insertion of the capsule made. The h mt resulting from the reaction of the chcmic: ls will be tarricd to the body tissues for its remedial ellcct. t will be obvious that the capsule may be beneficial for its heating properties alone.

llowcver, in order tijrincrmise its utilitr, the hell (3 is provided. 'lhis shell, which, as above stat d, preferably carries a medicating substance. is melted by the heat of reaction and is forced through the holes in the c: psule to the snrrimnding body tissues. in the arrangement. shown, the chemicals f reactiim and the resulting salts, as well is any gas generated, may also be forced out of the capsule with beneficial results.

if the casing of the :apsnle is of gelatin or the like, it will gradually dissolve. if it is of a permanent nature, it may be cl ancd and refilled, and refills could even be farnished for this purpose. The device can be used either with or without the shell 6, and this shell, ins-itcad of being of a substance such. as cocoa butter that is melted by heat, could be of a soluble nature instead.

Til, advantages of the invention arise outof the fact that a capsule capable for complete or partial insertion is )IOVltlQtl which is :apable of libe 'ating heat at a substantially constant temperature for a definite period of time, with or without medi *ation of body tissues, and ei'itirely without the inconvenience attached to ordinary forms of heated dilators.

I claim:

1. A rapsule of the shape andv size suitable for orilicial insertion in the body. including a. perforate casing and a. mass of chemicals 'apable of liberating heat on interreaction in the casing.

2. ft capsule for the treatment of body tissues, imzluding a. medican'icnt containing shell having normally inert hiat libe 'ating chemicals therein. said shell being of a substance which br \alcs down when the chemicals are active, and a casing through which the medicament containing shell may pass when such shell breaks down.

3. A :apsule for the treatment of body tissues, including a medicament containing heat softened shell having normally inert heat libcratimg chemicals-i therein, said shell being of a. subz-itance which 'melts when the chemicals are active, and a perforate casing through which the medicament containing shell may pass as it breaks down.

5 ll. capsule for the treatmentof body tissues, inchu'ling a. medicament containing shell in ving normally inert heat liberating chcmicals therein, said shell being of a substance which breaks down when the chemicals are active, and a perforate casing through which the mei'liaiment containing shell may pass as it lncaks down, said casing being of a soluble material.

A mass of material for application to body tissues. having a supply of magnesium and a metallic oxide for reaction with the magnesium therein.

6. A miss for the application of hcit to body tissues, including a casing having magnesium and a metallic oxide therein.

7. A. mass for tha appli cation of heat to body tissue", including a casing having magnesium and a metallic oxide therein, said :asing being perforate.

8. t mass for the appli ration of heat to body tissues, including a casing having magncsinn'i and a metallic oxide therein, said casing being perforate, and a. mass of medicating vehicle in the casing within which the magnesium and metallic oxide contained.

9. lifleans for eliciting oriticial treatment, including a perforate casing, a cocoa butter liningwithin the casing, and normally inert chemicals having an atlinity for each other within the cocoa butter lining.

10. Means for effecting orificial treatment, including a soluble casing, a cocoa butter lining within the casing, and norn'ially inert chemicals having an atlinity for each other within the cocoa butter lining.

ll. Means for cilecting orilic'ial treatment, including a soluble and perfo ate raising, a. cocoa butter lining within the casing, and normally inert chemicals having an ai'linity for each other within the cocoa butter lining.

12. i -leans for etifecting oriticial treatment, including a, perforate casing, a cocoa butter lining within the casing, and normally inert heat liberating chemicals having an affinity for ach other within the cocoa butter lining, said casing having a removable 321.1).

In tcstin'iony whereof I have hereunto set my hand.


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