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Publication numberUS1708156 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 9, 1929
Filing dateJul 11, 1927
Priority dateJul 2, 1927
Publication numberUS 1708156 A, US 1708156A, US-A-1708156, US1708156 A, US1708156A
InventorsPhilip Scroggins
Original AssigneePhilip Scroggins
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Hockey boot
US 1708156 A
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man 9, w29. P.' scRGGms www@ l HOCKEY"v BooT 'Filed July 11, 1927 Cil :Patented pr. 9, l929?.





Application filed July 11, 1927, Serial No. 204,972, and in Canada July 2, 1927.

This invention relates to laced boots used for skating and provided with an ankle support inside the boot adapted to be snugly secured about the ankle of the wearer, and my objectis to devisemeans for securing the ankle support adjustable after the boot has been laced up and which has also a tightening' effect on the upper of boot.

I attain my object by employing a canvas support connected to the shoe at its lower edge and at the middle of 'its back to the back of the upper` of the boot. The forward edges of the support are provided with leather' re-inforcements provided with straps extending through slots in the front of the upper adjacent the lace holes. The

straps at one side are provided with buckles and at the other side with 'tongues for engagement with the buckles. The tongue, as usual, underlies the lacing and the ankle support is buckled over the lacing.

The invention is hereinafter more speciiically described and illustrated in the accompanying drawings in which Fig. 1 is a side elevation of a hockey boot constructed in accordance with my invention; j

Fig. 2 a longitudinal section of the same; and

Fig. 3 a cross section of the upper and ankle support.

In the drawings like numerals of reference indicate corresponding parts in the different figures.

The boot l is in general of ordinary construction and is provided with the padded tongue 2. The opening in the front of the boot is provided with the usual lace holes 3. The ankle support L will usually bc formed of canvas, and is shaped as usual to follow substantially the contours of the rearward portionof the boot, extending of the instep. The support is secured to the boot along its lower edge, preferably also down the middle of the back.

At eich side the forward part ot the ankle support is formed by a leather re-inforcement 5. rihe leather reinforcements are each provided with one or more straps G, 7, two at each side being shown in the drawings. These straps will. usually bc formed .integral with the rc-inforcements. rlhe upper at each side, behind the lace holes 3, has slots 8 formed therein through which the straps 6, 7 are passed. rlhe straps 7 are provided with the buckles 9, and the straps (5 with the usual holes l0. The straps may thus be secured together over the front of the boot. lt will be understood, of course, that any form of detachable fastening means may be provided for the straps.

What vclaim is:

A boot formed with a front opening having a slot formed in its upper at cach side of and adjacent its front opening; an ankle support of substantially the saine shape as the rear part of the upper and secured to the boot around the heel and up the back, its opposite sides being substantially similar and terminating at the front behind the slot; a strap secured to the forward edge of each side of the ankle support and passing through the adjacent slot, the said straps being positioned to draw on lines extending diagonally up from the lower rear part of the support; and means for securing the straps together outside the boot whereby each half of the ankle support may be evenly and simultaneously tensioncd without stressing the sides of the upper.

Signed at Galt, Ontario, Canadm this 11th day of May, 1927.


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U.S. Classification36/89
International ClassificationA43B5/00
Cooperative ClassificationA43B5/00
European ClassificationA43B5/00