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Publication numberUS1708271 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 9, 1929
Filing dateAug 6, 1927
Priority dateAug 6, 1927
Publication numberUS 1708271 A, US 1708271A, US-A-1708271, US1708271 A, US1708271A
InventorsJensen Karl E
Original AssigneeInd Gloves Corp
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US 1708271 A
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April 9, 1929. K. E. JENSEN LEGGING Filed Aug. 6, 1927 .fut/6h15?7 Karl E Lncen.

Patented AApr. 9, 1929.




i Application filed August 6, 1927. Serial No. 211,021.

The invention relates Vgenerally to a `legging and more particularly to a legging l adapted for use by workmen in industries in which flying particles of molten metal or the like create a need for leg protection.

An object of the invention is to provide a Vnew and improved legging adapted to lprotect the leg and foot of the wearer.

Another object is to provide a legging in which a protecting covering may be removedA from a supporting means for repair or replacement thereo A further object is to provide a legging which may be manufactured at a low cost and in which'parts thereof may be interchanged, replaced, or easily removed for repairs.

Other objects and advantages of the invention will become apparent in the following detailed description when taken in connection with the accompanying drawings in which:

Figure 1 is an expanded plan view of the inner side of the preferred form of the invention.

Fig. '2 is a side elevation of the legging khaving one part thereof folded over to show the manner in which the parts of the legging are assembled.

Fig. 3 is a perspective view of the frame upon which a protective covering'is mounted.

Fig. 4 is a section taken along the line 4-4 of Fig. 1 looking in the direction of the ging to be readily slipped on or removed from the leg of a wearer but which provides the necessary support to hold the covering in proper position.

As shown in the drawing, the legging comprises an upper or body section 8 and a lower section or flare 9 suitably secured together -as by stitching'. Preferably both are of leather or similar flexible substantially impervious material which may be readily worked and yet will provide a high degree of protection against flying particles of molten metal or the like. A closingap or tab 10 may be provided at'one side of the body section 8 of the legging which flap may be folded over to close the gap in the rear of the legging when the legging is in place. The flare 9 is arranged to overlie and protect the wearers foot and the upper part of the body section may be drawn inwardly in any preferred manner as at 11 in order to insure that the upper partof the legging will closely hug the wearers leg.

In the present embodiment, the detachable resilient means 7 comprises a metal frame shaped to conform to the leg of the wearer and which is arranged to be detachably secured to the body section of the legging, thereby providing a support for the legging by which the legging may be readily secured 1n proper position about the users leg. As

may be seen in Fig. 3, the frame preferably comprises a pair of vertical side stays 12, a shorter centrally positioned stay 13 and two substantially Usshaped spring steel clips 14, 15 all of which are rigidly secured together with oneclip 14 positioned transversely of the stays at their upper end and with the other clip 15 extending transversely of the frame at the lower end of the shorter stay 13. Since the vertical side stays 12 are longer than the central stay 13, this construction provides a pair of downwardly extending portions or legs 1G for a purpose to be presently described. Tli'e proportions of the frame are such that the lower clip will be positioned a substantial distance above the ankle of the wearer of the legging.

In this type of legging it frequently becomes desirable to remove the outer protecting cover from the metal frame for repair or replacement. To this end, the legging and the metal frame are separable units which are adapted to be readily assembled or taken apart. As herein shown, the side edges cf the body section S are provided with reinforcing strips 17 sewcd thereon. The strips 17 are slotted, as at 1S, and, with the body seetion, provide an elongated pocket 19 at each side and near the lower end of the body section. These pockets 19 are adapted to receive the extending portions or legs 16 on the metal frame 7 to provide an engagement between the legging and the lower end of the frame which will hold` the flexible covering snugly against the users leg at a point about the ankle without interfering with the freedom Vof movement 'of the ankle.

In the present instance, means are provided which serve thedual function of securing the clips 14, l5 to the vertical stays l2, 13

and of mounting thereon one part of a means by which the covering 6 and the franie7 are detachably secured'together; As shown in Fig. 4, one part of a snap fastener, in this case the female member, is secured at each intersection of the clips and stays. Preferably this member is secured thereon by means of a headedvshanl: 2l which extends through registering apertures in the stay and the clip to sec-ure the clip, the stay andthe femalemember rigidly together. l Male inembers 22 are suitably mounted upon the cover" ing 8` in appropriate positions and are adapted to. engage the female members 2O on the [metal frame thereby detachably securing the covering to the frame. ln this manner an attachment between the inetalframe and the flexible leg covering has been provided which permits the spring frame to hold and clamp the protecting covering closely about .thev

users leg.

From the legs from the pockets to remove the metal frame from the protecting cover in order to replace or repair' either part. Furthermore u a legging has been provided whichV may be used with great ease and facility, which may be cheaply manufactured and which serves as a complete and adequate protection for the wearers leg.

I claim as my invention: 11A legging having, in combination, a

flexible leg protecting covering, a metal frame shaped to fit a wearer-s leg, said'frame comprising a pair of longitudinal side stays,V a shorter central stay, andV aplurality Ofspring clips spaced one above the other transl versely of said stays, female members of a 'fastening means mounted at rthe intersectionsv of the stays and the clips, a single fastening means at each intersection arranged to secure the stays, clips and the female members rigidly together, complementary ina-le members of Y the fastening means disposed about the inner i Gisurface of said leg protecting covering and arranged to engage said female members detaehably to secure said leg covering to said metal' frame, said side members of'said` frame extending below the lowermost of said clips,y

andV pockets in said flexible covering adapted to receive said projecting portions'of said frame. j

Q 'A legging having, in combinatiom'a metal frame shaped to-fit a wearers leg, comprising a pairof vertically spaced spring clipsand a plurality ofV connecting stays rigidforegoing description, it will be. apparent that'a legging has been provided ly secured thereto, certain of said connecting stays being arranged to extend beyond the lowerniost of said spring clips to provide projections thereon, a flexibleV leg protect-ing covering having elongated pockets 'therein positioned to receive the projections on said frame, said flexible covering and said frame having complementary snap means appropriately mounted on said frame and said flexible covering whereby when said projections have been inserted in said pockets the covering frame.

, Il. A leggingcomprising, inV combination, a flexible leg protecting covering having pockets therein, a resilient metal frame shaped to fita wearers leg having projections thereon arranged to bereceived insaid pockets in the covering, and complementarysnapl fastening means secured to said covering and said frame for detachably securing one to the other.

5. A legging having, in combination, a flexible covering and a `frame adapted to support said covering in position on the Wearers leg, said frame comprising a pair of spring clips, a plurality of side stays, means for securing said clips and side stays rigidly together, and complementary fastening means for detachably securing the frame and the cover together, one part vof said fastening means Y being held on said frame by said securing means.` Y j.

6. A legging comprising, in combination, a:v flexible leg protecting covering, vmeans shaped to ifit a wearers leg and, adapted to support said flexiblecovering upon the leg, said means having projections thereon adapt-- ed loosely to engage the flexible covering, and means providing ak detachable engagement between said covering and saidV supporting means.

7. `A legging having, in combination, a flexible covering, a metal frame shaped to fita wearei"s leg, a. plurality ofproj ections rigid with said metal frame, said` flexible covering having a pluralityof pockets therein each adapted to receive one of said projections, and means providing a detachable engagement between the flexible covering and the frame.

8. A legging having, in combination, a i'eniblecovering, a metal frame lia-ving parts thereof loosely engaging appropriately formed parts of the covering, and a plurality of complementary snap. membersV mounted'V 10. A legging comprising, in combination,

a pliant leg protecting covering and means 10 detaohably secured thereto affording rigid support for said covering, and detachable therefrom as a unit.

In testimony whereof, I have hereunto afilixed my signature.


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