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Publication numberUS1708318 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 9, 1929
Filing dateMay 2, 1924
Priority dateMay 2, 1924
Publication numberUS 1708318 A, US 1708318A, US-A-1708318, US1708318 A, US1708318A
InventorsMellen Little Marion
Original AssigneeMellen Little Marion
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Game-table surface
US 1708318 A
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' April 9, 1929.


M. MELLEN, NW BY MARRIAGE M. M. LITTLE w an m www VApril 9, 1929.

33% 11A/M admi/76ML,

I ffentl? g.

Patented Apr.' 9, 1929.

muren STATES l s 1,708,318 PATENT OFFICE.



Application led May 2, 12.524. Serial No. 7l0,561..,

This invention is a game table surface for s use in playing a game of Chinese origin using tiles marked as owers, winds, dragons, seasons, etc., variously known .5 as Mah jongg, .Pun chow, etc.

rlhe table cover or ta ie top, accordmg to this invention, is provided with indlcia showing the score count, and the doubling score, so that the number of points made by a l@ player at the end of the hand may be very readily and quickly computed.

More specically, the table cover, or table top has the doubling score marked directly n it in any suitable way, one of these doubling scores being positioned in' front oi each of the four players.

rihere is also marked on the table cover the score count, oneof these score counts each being likewise marked on the table cover in iront oi' each of the four players.

With the score count and doubling scores thus continually before him, a player can readily and quickly decide what combinations it would be best for him to concentrate' moved, so that the tabie cover or tabie top.

may be used for some other game.

With a table cover thus marked, so that the score count or doubiing score are always betere each player, there is no necessity for referring to a beck showing such score count ordoubling score, or ier ioohing on the bottom of the racks where such indicia are sometimes placed.

The generai features oi the invention having thus been outlined, certain embodiments thereof are iiiustrated in the accompanying 5@ drawings, in which Fig. l is a pian view of a preferred torni of the invention:

l-lligz 2 is an enlarged view of the score count and the doubling score: Figs. 3 and 4 show two modifications.

Reierring now to these drawings in which similar reference characters indicate similar parts, the table cover made preferably of'- fabric material 1 is cut away at the corners, and provided with tapes 2 having Weighted tips 2a and an adjusting ring 2b. The cover may be secured to table tops of diierent sizes by means of the tapes 2 and adjusting ring 2b.

In order to indicate the location or placement of the wall there are provided lines 3, 1n form of a centrally placed square or rectangle, which lines may be used to mark the inner or outer edge of the waii.

In front of each player there is marked 'a doubling score 4, and also in front or each; player there is marked the score count 5.

The particular indicia in the doubling score and the score count are weli known in the game, and the detaiis thereof need not be repeated here.

These markings d and 5 are preferably placed on the table cover in such a position that when racks are used to hold the tiles the indicia of the doubling score and the score count Vare visible. i

Fig. 3 shows a modiiication where a'strip 6 may be detachabiy secured to the table top or cover l for covering up the doubling score and score count, when itis desired to use the table cover for some other gaine such as bridge. Fastening elements Z on the strip 6 cooperate with corresponding `fastening elements 8 on the cover i for detachably securing the'strip in place. elements 7 and 8 may be of the weli known bali and socketl type, elements 8 preferabiy being the sockets.

Fig. 4 shows another modification where Athe doubling score 1G and score counts li are marked on a st ip of materie-.i 13 which is adapted to be detachably table top l by fastening eier/nente i2 which cooperate with the elements on the cover l similar to those shown at 8, Liig. 3. 'W ith this modification, when it is desired to piay some other gaine 'such as bridge, the

strip 13 1s simply removed.

These table covers, are .to be manufactured infany color and bound with tape, ribbon or other materials as desired.

``While I have illustrated a preferred form of the invention, in some detail, it should be understood that the invention is not limited to the details shown, but may be carried Y out in other ways as expressed 1n the scope of the following claims.

secured te the llO I claim as my invention v 1. As an article of manufacture, atable cover of fabric material, a strip of fabricmaterial adapted to be detachably secured to the table cover, one of the pieces of fabric material being provided with indicia theres on for use 1n computmg the score 1n a game of the character described, whereby the said indicia will be Visible or n0t,. dependent upon the relative placement of one fabric material with respect to the other.

2. An article of manufacture comprising a table cover consisting of two members, one

of which is adapted to be secured to a table top, the other being detachably secured thereto,indieia on one of the members being exposed or hidden according to the relative positioning of the members, said detachable member being attachable to the ot-her mem` ber so as to be quickly removable by a single movement of the hand.

3. An-article of manufacture comprising -two members consisting of a table cover, a

strip of material, snap fasteners on said members for detachablyv securing them together, indicia on one of said members for -aiding in playing aJfame, 'and adapted to cover for aiding in the playing of a game,

a strip yof material of a suitable size and. shape to cover sald indicia, and snap fasteners for detachably connecting the strip to the table cover.



In testimony whereof aliix my signa-I

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International ClassificationA63F1/00, A63F1/06
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European ClassificationA63F1/06