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Publication numberUS1708578 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 9, 1929
Filing dateMay 7, 1927
Priority dateMay 7, 1927
Publication numberUS 1708578 A, US 1708578A, US-A-1708578, US1708578 A, US1708578A
InventorsFredrick Hyde Tamble
Original AssigneeFredrick Hyde Tamble
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Surgical instrument
US 1708578 A
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April 9, 1929. T. F. HYDE SURGICAL Ing'rnuusm Filed May' v, i927 Tamm@ F25@ altalena.

Patented pr. 9, 1929.



Application filed May 7,

My invention relates to improvements in surgical instruments, which, while capable of use for many purposes, is particularly designed for use in veterinary operations where such an instrument would prove useful, practical and desirable.

The leading object of my invention is the provision of a simple, inexpensive and efiicient device which will permit the holding of the part to be operated upon in the most accessible position, while prmfiding` a means which will permit the sharpening of the knife or cutting instrument upon the surgical instrument, thus renderingit unnecessary to remove the hand from the instrument while perforn'iing the cutting operation, thus insuring a sayingin time, and ease of operation and naturally a. high degree of service of this character.

To attain the desired object my invention consists of surgical instrument embodying novel features of construction, arrangement and adaptation of parts substantially as described and claimed and as shown in the accompanying drawing, wherein Figure l represents a side elevation of the surgical instrumentconstructed in accordance with and embodying my invention.

Figure 2 represents a top plan view.

Fig. 3 represents a front elevation.

Fig. el represents a detail view of a modified form of means for retaining the shank in the handle, and

F ig. 5 represents a detail view of a modied form of connecting the hook to the handle, to permit use of Various implements in the same shank, according to the operations to be performed.

In carrying my invention into effect it has been my object to produce an extremely simple device, and in accordance with my invention such instrument or device, consists of a suitable shaped handle or grasping portion l, which is provided with a socket 2, to receive the inner end 3, of the shank 4, which shank may be rigidly secured in the handle 1927. Serial No. 189,586.

by a through fastening 5, or by a screw 6, asshown in Fig. 4.-. The shank is provided with an abraded surface 7, which forms a sharpening medium for the knife or cuttin@- implement while the other end of said shank is formed with a holding hook 8, which may be formed integral or which may be detachably secured by a tenon 9, and binding screw 10. as shown in F 5, the latter construction permitting the use of other implements in the performance of various operations.

ln use, the hook engages either the pari to be operated upon or a contiguous part to insure ready accessibility while the knifeI is readily sharpened upon the abraded face of the shank and as will be understood, this provides a novel combination which permits the veterinary or operator to work in the most effective and rapid manner, and such an instrument will commend itself as highly useful and desirable in 1performing numerous and many veterinary operations.

I claim:

l. A surgical instrument, consisting of a grasping member having a socket in its inner end, a. shank having one end fitting and detachably secured in said socket and haringl a knife sharpening surface, and a hook meinber at the free end of said shank.

2. A surgical instrument, consisting of a grasping portion, a shank having an abrading surface and having its inner end detachably mounted in said grasping portion. and a surgical implement detachably mounted in the free end of said shank.

The surgical instrument herein shown and described, consisting of the grasping portion, the shank having one end fitting in said grasping portion, having an intermediate roughened sharping surface af socketin its outer end` and fitted and secured in said socket.

ln testimony whereof l hereunto adir; my signature. i


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U.S. Classification600/217, 606/1, 600/226
International ClassificationA61D1/00
Cooperative ClassificationA61D1/00
European ClassificationA61D1/00