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Publication numberUS1708786 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 9, 1929
Filing dateFeb 11, 1928
Priority dateFeb 11, 1928
Publication numberUS 1708786 A, US 1708786A, US-A-1708786, US1708786 A, US1708786A
InventorsRubin Cohen
Original AssigneeHaymon Krupp & Company
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Shirt pocket
US 1708786 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

6 oo 7, 8 0 7, l

R. COHEN April 9, 1929.

SHIRT POCKET Filed Feb. 11. 1928 Rbin Cahen Patented Apr. 9,1929, f


RUBIN COHEN, or' EL'PAso, irnxAs, AssIGNon To nAYMoN Knorr a coM'PANx, or EL PAso, TEXAS, A CORPORATION or TEXAS.


' Appu'catio med February 11, 192s. serial No. 253,759.

'lhis invention relates to shirts and more particularly to shirt pockets.

'lhe principal object ofthis invention 1s to provide a pocket comprising a plurality of sections or pockets, one' of these sections Or pockets heilig superimposed on the other section or pocket and adapted to receive Cigarette packages or other articles that are 1n constant use.

Another object is toI provide the superimposed pocket or section with a pleat so that when the same is not in use it may be folded back against the lower pocket or section.

Jfurther object is to provide means for causing the superin-iposed pocket to fold and at the same time t'o secure the same in a folded position.

Another object is to provide means forsecuring the lower and superimposed pocket in closed position and permit the Closure means on the superimposed pocket to be folded back and secured bythe securing means on the lower pocket, when ready access is desired to the superimposed pocket.

lt is highlydesirable in certain types of shirts. to have several pockets of different sizes adapted for dilferent purposes. Applicant has avoided the waste of space and the useless multiplicity of several pockets by forming a composite pocket by superimposing the small pleated pocket suitable for cigL rettes on top ot' a larger pocket for general use.

lt is well luou'n in the art to have supplementary pockets, and also to have securing and closure means to said pockets; it is believed to be new and novel, however, to place a pleat in the pocket so that the pleat will coordinate with securing and closure means so that when the contents of the pocket is re-\ moved. the same will be Caused to fold against the shirt front and be held securely in this folded position. It is to be noted further, that the closure member of the bottom pocket acts as a protecting cover for the superimposed pocket and that the closure means of the. superimposed pocket may be folded back so as to be engaged by the securing means of the bottom pocket.

Further objects of the invention will be found in the specification and claims.

Referring to the drawings:

Figure 1 is a side perspective of thepocket` showing the pleat extended;

Figure 2 is an elevation of the superimposed pocket with a portion broken away;

Fieure 3 is a side elevation of the superimpose pocket partly in section;

Figure 4 is a side elevation of the superimposed pocket in section showing the closure member in dotted lines;

Figure 5 is a side elevation in section ofthe superimposed pocket in Collapsible position;

Figure 6 is a top plan of the superimposed pocket;

Figure 7 is a top plan of the superimposed pocket with its contents removed; and,

Figure 8 is a bottom elevation of the superimposed pocket in collapsed position with a portion broken away.

In the drawings similar parts are designated by like numerals. Numeral l refers to a shirt of the working type to which is attached a pocket 2 having a Hap 3, secured in a closed position by a button 4:. superimposed on the pocket 2 and adjacent to the fiap 3 is placed a pocket 5 having a pleat 6 formed along the bottom and sides thereof, with a strap 7 secured to the pocket 2 beneath the flap 3 at 8, said strap 7 passing across the open end 9 of pocket 5. On the face of the superimposed pocket 5 are two buttons l0 and 11 in spaced relation to each other, said buttons being the same distance apart as the width of the pleut 6.

Upon the superimposed pocket 5 being filled, the pleat 6 will be expanded and the strap 7 will be secured to button 10, thus securely holding the contents in place. Upon the removal of the contents of the pocket, the strap 7 will be pulled downwardly and fastened to button 11, thus holding the pocket as nearly flush with the rest of the shlrt front as possible. This is highly desirable, as it does away with the bulging sagging appearance so common with pleated surfaces and presents a neat attractive appearance.

It will be noted that the top of the pocket 5 is open and only a strap is utilized to secure the contents. This arrangement permits ready access to contents of the package without removing the same from the pocket. Especially is this true in the case of cigarettes` Where it is very common to tear one end of the package open so as to expose the ends of the cigarettes. By having the strap pass only across the top at the middle, both corners of the pocket are left exposed.

I t is to be further noted that the three buttons 4, l0, and 1l, are all in line and when desired, the strap 7 may be turned up and atocket 5 flush against the pocket 2 and not or purpose4 of adjustment to vaccommodate various size packages. v

Knowing that certainchanges and modifications may be made, I do not limit myself to the exact constructionshown herein, but include any such changes which may fall within the spirit and scope of my claims.

Having described my invention, what I claim as new and novel is:

' 1. In a pocket, a plurality of compartments formed by superimposing one upon the other, securing means for the lower pocket positioned above the vmouth of the superimposed pocket, means for the superim d pocket placed rectly in line with and low that for the lower pocket, and closure means for said superimposed` com artment, said closure means fixed in line with both of said securing means `and adapted to engage either v one of said securing means.

2. A pocket comprising a plll'ality of sections, one section superimposed on the other, a flap secured above the lower and superimposed sections, a strap secured to the lower section forming securin means for said superimposed section, saidz flap of a length to rest on saidstra clear of said superim d pocket when sai superimposed pocket 1s expanded and adapted to form a protective covering for said superimposed section when said superimposed section is contracted.

In testimony whereof I aiiix my signature.


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